Lu Chen can feel that if the channel array becomes active and cooperates with these mysterious blood and true blood, it is impossible to survive unless he reaches the peak of the deep blood emperor in wartime.
Strangely, these true blood metaplasias, with their attacking and cutting forms such as fist, knife and sword, automatically retreated when they got closer to themselves, and instead of continuing to attack, they showed joy.
Lu Chen walked through the long passage followed by thousands of drops of condensed true blood in various forms, which were like his entourage.
After touching and testing, Lu Chen soon realized that these true blood didn’t attack himself, but showed closeness, not because he was a secret blood fighter, but because he had their familiar breath or homologous breath.
His deep blood emperor once made Xia Mi communicate with the forbidden art during World War I, and the spirit of the ancient secret blood warrior came to him at that time. The spirit of the secret blood warrior was so strong that he almost took possession of himself. In the end, the other party seemed to give up the competition voluntarily, leaving a sigh and no longer interfering with his own main consciousness
After the first world war, Lu Chen felt that there was something left in his body, mostly the residual breath that let him through the tunnel.
Lu Chen guessed that I was afraid that Xia Mi had communicated that the secret blood fighter was the strongest secret blood fighter in Archaean times and also the owner of Xianwu ruins.
It’s not a waste to think that he’s been waiting for 5 thousand years. Although he shows that this era does have such a great opportunity as the remains of fairy weapons, he can’t get in at his own time
Besides, I can’t get the key by myself, because the purple monster has been hidden and has strong strength. That is to say, many arrangements of the remains of Xianwu are not our own bureau.
Swire secret blood fighters residual breath bless Liu Chen soon through the screening channel arrived at the second hall.
As soon as Lu Chen walked out of the passage, his pupil shrank because he saw a man in black and white clothes sitting there with his back to himself in the middle of the hall of this terracotta-cotta-colored cave.
There is a thick fog on the ground, and the source of the suffocation comes from that man.
What’s going on ? Swire secret blood fighters haven’t been dead to hide the remains of Xianwu! ?
Lu Chenxin was shocked and saluted at once. "The younger generation Lu Chen’s secret blood ancestors came to visit their ancestors!"
When he spoke, he particularly emphasized the tone of’ Lu’ and emphasized that he was an atavist, that is, the descendants of the other party
Because Lu Chen feels that the man in front of him is very bad, the breath is strong and the threat brought to him is far more than that of the deep blood emperor.
After Liu Chen saluted, he heard a toothache, bone and muscle friction, and saw the man sitting there with his head turned straight for a hundred degrees and looked at himself.
Lu Chen is also a person who has seen big waves. Generally, he will never be scared, but seeing the right side at this time still makes him feel a little infiltrated.
Because that face is covered with mysterious blood forbidden magic lines, a pair of eyes really seem to be as bright as a lava crack flowing from a cut.
Lu Chen can see through Yu Guangke that there is a black blade with a handle across the man’s knee, and the style is quite similar to that of regicide.
It’s even more bizarre to observe the costume carefully. Lu Chen feels that the material and shape of a man’s gray-black coat are very similar to that of dusk. He wears a god-eater ring on his right hand, which is exactly the same style.
What makes Lu Chen feel the most creepy is that if this man’s face is removed, it will look exactly like himself!
What’s going on? Liu Chen is sure that this man is definitely not himself and will not be himself in the future.
What the hell happened to you! ?
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and fifty-four You are weak
"There you are."
The man sitting in the middle of the hall with a mouth sound like Liu Chenren.
This strange scene is far more uncomfortable than letting Lu Chen see something indescribable like ancient gods and ghosts. He feels cold at heart.
Lu Chen closed his face respectfully. "Who are you?"
He knows his own state and wants to know if he is under illusion, and at the same time, he will reach the peak in this moment.
But even though he initiated the mysterious blood ban, he didn’t realize that there was something wrong with himself. At this time, many functions of Xianwu relics were isolated, and he couldn’t know his state with the help of menus.
"Your ancestor Lu Xingtian just saw it a while ago."
The slow rotation of the male body is accompanied by a sour sound, and the matching of the head position and the body finally looks less weird.
However, the lava-like pupil still gives people a chilling feeling. After careful observation, there is still a slight difference between the magic lines on the face and the mysterious blood of Lu Chenren, and the other side is slightly sparse.
Liu Chen smell speech indecision "elder you …………."
He wants to ask the other person that he looks exactly the same. This is a communicative and offensive gesture that makes him feel a little relieved, but he still feels a little diaphragmatic.
If the secret blood originated from one’s ancestors, then the former Emperor Wudi was indeed the source of the world’s secret blood, and if he continued to trace it back again and again, he would be the owner of this fairy relic.
I’m a descendant of the other side, but I can’t always look exactly like the other side. I’ve been separated for so many years. The old Lujia gene can’t be so powerful, can it?
"You saw yourself, didn’t you?"
Sitting there, the man has no eyes in his mouth, but it gives people a feeling of insight into everything
"I am the same as my predecessor in my eyes."
Lu Chen nods, his eyes are full of doubts.
"Because you are afraid, you will see what you fear most here."
Liu Chen is exactly the same. The male mouth touches the knee and kills the king.
"I’m … afraid?"
Lu Chen felt ridiculous. "I will be afraid?"
He feels that the other side is cheating himself and joking about who he is. He never shows fear in the battlefield and dares to charge against strong opponents. How scary the ancient gods are, his eyes are just so.
"Yes … I said that all living things will see what they are most afraid of when they enter the ruins of Xianwu here and cross that passage."

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