It was because of their efforts that the Five Emperors completely fought the situation.
It can be said that san huang is a rich generation. They have built a huge foundation from scratch.
And the Five Emperors are the rich second generation, because of their ancestors’ efforts, which saved them the time to accumulate original resources.
Step by step, step by step!
With the ancestors’ endowment, the five emperors can easily fight the situation, and the difficulties they have to face are naturally much easier than san huang’s.
At the very least, there were not so many strong men in san huang.
In the early days of Shao Hao’s reign, a strange system was established, and the specific division of labor among various birds was carried out according to the characteristics of different birds.
Phoenix is in charge of birds, and then Yan is in charge of spring, Shrike is in charge of summer, parrot is in charge of autumn, and golden pheasant is in charge of winter.
In addition, he sent five kinds of birds to manage daily affairs.
Filial piety is in charge of education
Fierce birds are in charge of the military
Fair cuckoo in charge of the building.
The majestic eagle is in charge of the law
The eloquent turtledove is in charge of speech
In addition, there are nine kinds of housebirds in charge of agriculture to keep people from lewdness and debauchery.
Five kinds of pheasants are in charge of carpentry, lacquering, potter, dyer and tanner respectively.
This is the original system of Terran, and it is also the source of various official positions of Terran in later generations.
It is relying on these systems that Terran Shao Hao’s governance is developing in an orderly manner, and its strength is growing rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.
Terran prosperous time from this!
Of course, the development of Terran at the same time, Shao Hao has not forgotten the ten thousand families
The difference between Father Xuanyuan and Emperor Xuanyuan is that he did not blindly suppress Shao Hao, but tried his best to promote them to integrate into the Terran and jointly create a prosperous world.
According to their different characteristics, Shao Hao arranged them one by one in suitable places, and their unique ability contributed to the great cause of the Terran.
For example, Shao Hao, who was born with a panacea, arranged for them to go to the Terran to cultivate the daily needs of the Terran.
Shao Hao, who was born close to the earth, asked them to comb the terran to create a large spiritual field
There are also Eldar Shao Hao who are good at controlling fire and fire, so they are sent to the refining device or an alchemist Terran warrior to make it.
And so on.
There are simply too many.
Every race
Shao Hao can find suitable places for them.
Don’t let them idle and let the Terran cause shine.
Of course, Shao Hao didn’t just oppress the ten thousand people, but he collected some rather than several.
If you do this, even the Terran will rebel.
Is leek.
You can’t cut it too hard
Otherwise, you’ll be in trouble if you hurt your roots.
Leek is still like this.
What’s worse is ten thousand families.
For ten thousand families
Shao Hao still needs to appease from time to time.
After all, Xuanyuan suppressed ten thousand families so hard that it almost broke their roots.
Nowadays, with the rise of terran and the decline of ten thousand families, that set is a bit outdated at this time, which is inconsistent with the present situation
After Shao Hao succeeded to the throne,
Terrans’ attitude towards all ethnic groups has changed greatly.

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