Chapter 9 If you run into Bai Re
"Xueyan … wake up …" Lin Xueyan opened her eyes wearily and found calling her Long Xiaofei. Lin Xueyan gave him a white look and muttered, "What a bad guy! You took me through a maze all night, and I’m exhausted." Then she still went to sleep.
"Snow geese what are you talking about? Who took you through the maze for a night? Don’t sleep. Wake up. "Long Xiaofei shook her shoulder desperately. Lin Xueyan naively opened her eyes again and looked around and asked inexplicably," Where is this? "
Long Xiaofei sighed. "I really don’t know what happened to you. Isn’t this your home room? Today, I came to your house and found the door wide open, but you didn’t know where to go. If I hadn’t found you when I arrived, I didn’t know how long you were going to sleep here. "
Lin Xueyan woke up and the horse got up from the ground. "I said why it’s so cold. It used to be a concrete floor in the basement." She walked out of the basement with her arms trembling.
Lin Xueyan lives in this old house left by her parents. These buildings have some history, and each family will have a basement to put some sundries. Her basement is full of unusual things that don’t come in once every few months. She can’t figure out why she came to the basement in the middle of the night.
Lin Xueyan and Long Xiaofei returned home behind them. Long Xiaofei carefully checked her room and stopped at the bedside table.
"The residue on the bedside of this cup is light yellow. It seems that you drank the contents. What did you drink?" Long Xiaofei fiddled with the bedside cup with white gloves.
"I took it out of the refrigerator before going to bed. I still didn’t come to drink it a few days ago because I was too thirsty and tired to think about it. It felt like orange juice, but it was too sweet." She recalled what had happened and told Long Xiaofei everything in detail as far as possible
"I remember that day I went to the workshop with you to find a stranger who broke in. Later, you said that when you went back, your sister-in-law had come back from work. Your door was unlocked. Tintin was sitting alone crying. Oh, Xueyan, I doubt that your lock is wrong. Your horse had someone change all the locks." After that, Long Xiaofei put away the Lin Xueyan cup and said, "There’s something wrong with it. I took it for testing." After that, Long Xiaofei still went to the window and looked at the outside window with trepidation. The guardrail was intact. Long Xiaofei shook every steel I really don’t know what’s wrong with you this time. How can I relax and go home? "
Lin Xueyan gave a wry smile. "All right, Long Xiaofei is sure that the window is safe. I’ll go to the locksmith and change all the locks. It’s good to make you worry so much. I’m sorry. I may have really made a bit of a terrible maze in Mengmeng. Maybe I really got sleepwalking. I went to the basement when I slept, but I couldn’t find the exit and slept there."
"Do you have a history of sleepwalking?" Long Xiaofei turned to ask Lin Xueyan
"Never." Say that finish Lin Xueyan looked up at the sun outside. When she picked up the mobile phone that put the coffee table, she didn’t expect to sleep until noon.
According to Long Xiaofei, they have found Lin Xueyan’s painting by the public security network. As expected, he is a fugitive from the net. Although he knows the origin of this person, he has not found his portrait. All the brothers in the traffic police team, police station and community have sent manpower to help find it, but it seems that Xiaogengen has never been here.
After all this, Lin Xueyan’s heart is a little confused. In the video a few nights ago, Uncle Hu was seen sitting at the door of the store selling cakes, but at that time he was already a mutilated corpse with his hands sawed, which brought great psychological pressure to Lin Xueyan. Every time she walked out of the workshop and looked at the closed door of the pastry shop, she broke into a cold sweat.
At dusk, Lin Xueyan came to a bar on the street with anxiety and chose to sit opposite the door and ordered a freshly ground cappuccino.
Most people have this experience. If someone stares at you hard behind you, there must be a burning feeling behind you. Now Lin Xueyan is being burned by someone who doesn’t know, and her back itches. She turned around and looked for it for a while, and finally found the one staring at her at a table in the corner.
At the corner table, a girl in a white dress is almost the same age as Lin Xueyan, and there is a little illusion in the mirror that they are dressed in the same style. The girl is wearing a white shirt with a white skirt, but Lin Xueyan’s white shirt style is almost different from her. Lin Xueyan is wearing a pair of white trousers.
Ten seconds later, the girl showed a familiar smile. Lin Xueyan heard her call her nickname Xueyan, but she still couldn’t remember who the girl was.
The girl quickly came and sat opposite Lin Xueyan. Lin Xueyan opened her lips and called out the girl’s name with great strength. Bai Ruo’s memory suddenly opened the floodgate at this time. Lin Xueyan remembered that this was her childhood playmate, because two people looked particularly like a pair of twin sisters. At that time, they asked their mother to buy a dress, pants and shoes. It was not until the fourth grade of elementary school that their family moved from the countryside to the city that they parted in tears. Later, after several years of communication, they gradually lost contact because of the long separation day. Unexpectedly, after more than ten years, they would appear in this small bar at the same
They told each other about their respective experiences for more than ten years. Before you know it, the night has deepened, and there are few people in the hall. Lin Xueyan invited Bai Re to live with her, and Bai Re readily agreed to them. They rushed to check out before the bar, only to find that the bar was like this.
Lin Xueyan wanted to find someone to ask where the cashier was, but it was strange that when she looked back, the clerk and the customers didn’t know where they were. There were some tables left in Nuoda Bar, and they didn’t finish their drinks. The hot air didn’t dissipate, but the drinkers didn’t. Did they all check out?
With purple lampposts, their heads swept silently, and there was a faint smell of lavender in the air. Lin Xueyan’s heart suddenly became nervous. It was the first time to stay here so late. I never knew that this bar would have a game of missing people in the middle of the night.
Chapter 1 Unwanted Tenants
"Hello?" Lin Xueyan looked around while calling.
"Are you looking for me?" Suddenly a deep boy sounded behind them.
Lin Xueyan and Bai Re jumped up at the same time. They were scared to death by the sudden sound. When they looked back, they saw a rather pale face. The man’s mouth was painted scarlet, his mouth was messy, and his hair was dyed red, yellow and blue. His hair must have been sprayed with a lot of hair gel and smelled of heavy chemicals. His beard told them that he was a big man, but he was not like a man or a woman, especially that malicious face made people want to slap and fan the past.
"We … we check out …" Lin Xueyan became a little stuttering.
"Sit down for a while. The special program in our store will start after midnight." The pale face with lips moved them to suspect that he was wearing a mask.
"What program?" Lin Xueyan curiously asked 1
"Midnight ghost, of course. It’s quite exciting. Do you want to stay?" That annoying face said quietly
"No, we’re sleepy. Go home and sleep. You’d better find a cashier to settle our bill quickly." Lin Xueyan refused.
"One person is 200 yuan". The pale face seems to be a little unhappy, and the tone of voice is a bit ironic. The expression is more than a smile.
Lin Xueyan quickly pulled out four hundred-dollar bills from her bag and put them on the bar. Bai Re’s arm seemed to escape out of the door and walked to the door. When she walked to the door, she looked back. A few blurred people came out of nowhere. The atmosphere here was really weird. She vowed never to come to this abnormal drink bar again.
This bar is about 100 meters away from the building where Lin Xueyan lives. Because of poor planning at the beginning, it is not very neat, which is a bit like a maze. If you don’t stay here late, you will probably get lost.
Bai Sensen street lamps lengthen their shadows for a while and shorten their shadows for a while. Lin Xueyan is choking with gas. "It’s just a long time after drinking two cups of coffee. That can’t be so much money. It’s so scary that I can’t even bargain."
At this time, she didn’t notice Bai Re when she was angry with the bartender. When she found Bai Re abnormal, Bai Re returned her hand and grabbed her.
"Don’t look back behind someone followed us.
"oh? Are you sure you are following us? "

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