Lin Jin, a veritable flat breast, not only doesn’t need clothes now, but even that kind of children’s vest is not enough. After all, the poor chest can touch a little soft meat when taking a shower.
The former black cat awards were all props with strange effects, such as memory bread. This time, I actually awarded an expensive one, but there was no clothes at all …
"It’s not all there is." The black cat explained that he wanted to feel more. "Do you think you can just put on a few more chest pads?"
Lin Jin thinks that black cats are getting more and more pitted …
"What about weeks?" Lin Jin looked at the black cat in the mobile phone with her hands on her cheeks. "Don’t give me any more mess, can you?" When you send it, you should also confirm whether it can be completed. "
"Hmm …" The black cat cocked its head and looked soft with a round head. After thinking for a moment, the black cat snapped its paw and said, "Got it!"
Men and women eat every week!
I need a goddess who can eat both men and women, so you need to admire a younger sister and raise her affection to 7 o’clock. Pay attention to treating you as a girl [you will have two weeks to finish it because of the New Year’s Day party on Monday]
Bonus bone remodeling program! Feminization transformation degree +5%
Punish the choice of a roommate.
Lin Jin’s face is black again.
What is this kind of strong punishment? And how does the reward feel nothing? Although the skeleton is really like a man, he doesn’t need to make his skeleton as slim as a girl, okay?
"I’m good to you? ! In order to let you concentrate on completing the chain, I gave you a week! " The black cat held her head high and boasted confidently, "I don’t owe it to cats to be so kind!" "
"Then why don’t you give me a little cash reward?" Lin Jin qi put his head aside.
Speaking of it, Lin Jinlai should not be short of money, but now he is becoming more and more feminine and beautiful. Sometimes he will be so beautiful that his roommate can’t help thinking about him, so he is now considering renting a house next semester.
It’s less than a month before the holiday this semester. As far as Ann knows, it usually takes at least half a year to rent a house, and the rent in Xiamen should be very expensive, right?
Plus, he usually has to prepare at least 3,000 yuan for a set of roads, and now he has only 1,300 yuan after working. He can probably get 5,000 yuan for the New Year’s Day party and then work for another winter vacation, and maybe he can get 7,000 yuan.
Half to buy a mobile phone for my brother and half to rent a house.
Hmm … Lin Jin suddenly felt like a brother-in-law, thinking about his brother’s mobile phone now that he was going to rent a house.
"pick up hot chicks," Lin Jin put her mobile phone on the pillow and put her hands on her cheeks. "I’m still asked to eat for both men and women, and I want that woman to look after me … then I’m not looking for a lily girl?"
The black cat nodded "yes"
Lily girl? When Lin Jin was in high school, she didn’t know that lilies were popular in her school. One class had two or three lily girls, but she hasn’t heard of lily since she came to college.
Those girls in the class know that Lin Jin is a man even if they have lilies. They will not treat Lin Jin as a younger sister and say that he still needs to go to his major to find a younger sister.
Naturally, Lin Jin remembered the "rabbit" she met when delivering takeout food.
"I’m still very fond of you. You’re a little tired of flirting. I’ll give you a pick up hot chicks." The black cat said I’m great. Come and praise my expression. "If you can finish it, you may not get another base!"
"What is the base?" Lin Jin is stupid.
"It’s just a slap in the face." The black cat is extremely obscene, and the whole mobile phone screen in front of Lin Jin’s mobile phone is its wretched smiling face. "But if you can’t finish it, you will be slapped."
"Don’t be a lily girl, okay?" Lin Jin is said to be a little moved. Since she is destined to become a younger sister, it should be good to get rid of the virgin title before becoming a younger sister, right? Can also experience a …
Anyway, after the completion, my sister’s goodwill is nothing. At 7 o’clock, my goodwill is enough to make a less reserved sister want to go to rolled sheets, although Lily thinks it should be ground glass.
"no! That’s too much! " Jin-yi Lin is words rejected the black cat.
"Then you are still drooling?"
"Ah?" Lin Jin quickly wiped her mouth and found that there was no saliva.
"Follow your heart!" The black cat sage seems to have told Lin Jin a lot of great truths, and finally slipped away and said, "I still lack a human reproductive research in my video collection."
“NMMP!” The thought of a black cat may also monitor Lin Jin when the time comes. What’s the difference between being with * * * like that?
However, normal H is for people to see if he shoots for cats …
Chapter 11 1 Women are terrible.
It seems that Wu Min is still playing outside with Feng Jing, and I don’t know whether they will finally choose to be together because of playing together today. Anyway, it is good for both of them. Feng Jing likes Wu Min and Wu Min urgently needs a woman who can make him forget his ex-girlfriend.
Wenxuan’s words seem to have gone to the cinema with 434 classmates. Anyway, Lin Jinban returned to the dormitory at three o’clock until it is past four o’clock now, but he has never been seen.
Well, let’s take a shower first!
Lin Jin took out his pajamas from the closet, one of which was a wide white shirt, which was a little yellow, but his father stopped wearing it as pajamas for him, and it was also wide trousers. Although it might be a little hot in summer, it felt just right to wear it in the dormitory in winter.
It’s just that the shirt is a little too big. He is less than 1.75 meters tall, but his father is 1.75 meters tall with that round beer belly. This shirt has three additions, and he usually wears it in size M or L.
Nowadays, taking a bath is the last thing that Lin Jin likes to do. After all, her body is becoming more and more feminine. Touching her body is almost like touching a girl who is very well-kept, and she has breasts, which you can’t see at ordinary times, but you can really feel two soft breasts when you take a bath.
Plus, my little brother, who was weakened by three centimeters just a few days ago, felt his heart throbbing when he looked down at the huddled guy.
MMP! If the black cat hadn’t made a mistake and made an impossible one, it wouldn’t have been so miserable.
Lin Jinman thought about how to retaliate against the black cat, but the black cat will appear illusory in his mobile phone and brain. If it is not the reward and punishment that is really changing him, I am afraid that Lin Jin is not willing to believe that he has met a black cat.
After taking a shower and wearing pajamas, Lin Jin came out of the health with a yawn and saw at a glance that Cai Jianlai was waiting at the health door.
"I said why do you lock the door when you take a shower?" Cai Jianlai couldn’t hold back at the door and said angrily, "Shall we leave the door unlocked when we take a shower?"
"You are you, I am me." Lin Jin turned his eyes and was invaded by Wu Min in the shower, but it is still fresh in his memory.
Because it happened to be at the time when the old work was finished and the new work was just finished, Lin Jin was quite busy today. Thinking of the New Year’s Day party at the weekend, she began to think about whether Chen Xinya should be found out and rehearsed well.
His program has been selected, so he can’t find a quiet corner to practice himself as before. The school has arranged a small classroom practice room for him, but Lin Jin has devoted himself to completing the great cause without going there several times, and the new deadline is unexpectedly wide, which finally gives Lin Jin time to rehearse.
I sent a message to Chen Xinya, and he was lying in bed doing everything.
When the appointment was made, it was at six o’clock in the evening. After dinner, Lin Jin planned to have a good sleep at noon. I didn’t know that she slept for nine hours every day, but Lin Jin always felt sleepy when she arrived at noon.
Maybe it’s estrogen?
During this period, he also looked at some Baidu encyclopedias and made some guesses about the transformation base of black cat feminization. It should be that the black cat doesn’t know what principle and means to inject estrogen into him, and at the same time, the estrogen and androgen of the other body should be normal women after the androgen of the other body is reduced to 100%.
It sounds like the black cat method is quite scientific, but the feminine transformation seems to slightly transform some skin and things, but it is not very obvious to look at yourself every day.
"I’m back." Wu Min pushed the door with a lovely face and came in tired. He looked like he had moved bricks all day at the construction site. He sat down in his chair and sighed. "Women are terrible."
"What’s the matter?" Lin Jin looked at him curiously. "Are you being * *?"

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