Aung San scratched his head before saying, "I heard that the yellow-tailed giant bee is a group of first-class Warcraft tail poison needles that can poison a beehive with a strong warrior. There are at least hundreds of giant bees, and every beehive has a queen who should belong to the second-class Warcraft category, but I usually see this kind of Warcraft and take the initiative to avoid it, so I don’t know the real strength of the yellow-tailed giant bee."
"Come on, what shall we do?" Surdak asked Aung San
Aung San pointed to two indigenous warriors and said, "They will draw the yellow-tailed giant bees out, and then ask the marksman to kill them with one shot. The weakness of the yellow-tailed giant bees is in the abdomen, and the fine steel arrow can penetrate their bodies. If you nail them to a tree, they will break free."
Then Aung San said, "The only trouble is that the queen bee not only flies very fast, but also shoots stingers at the outside, but I think you and your hands should be able to beat it."
Surdak saw Gullit’s eagerness and thought a little before saying
"I think we can try!"
Two hours later.
Just a towering tree is littered with the bodies of several yellow-tailed giant bees. Almost all of these yellow-tailed giant bees have been shot through their heads with an arrow. Although they want to fly with their wings, they can also bump around like flies.
Two indigenous warriors are holding spears. These giant bees with yellow tails can’t fly. They make up the last stab.
Samira’s right arm has a clear magic pattern, and the waist arrow pot has already shot the whole arm completely, and the blood vessels of the arm have ballooned, and the arm has also presented a crimson color, which has obviously reached the limit of her body.
Since the colonization of the Great Ape King, Samira’s physical strength has never been so exhausted.
Half-elf archers sweat from the tip of their noses and foreheads, and their cheeks are red.
Surdak’s bloody crescent moon chopped the head of the queen bee, and the wings behind the queen bee slowly stopped shaking, and the whole body curled up and kept twitching.
The dead yellow-tailed giant bees are scattered everywhere. These yellow-tailed giant bees are even bigger than adult fists.
Gullit, the ogre, crouched aside and asked Aung San to help him pull out some stingers stuck in his shoulder.
The yellow-tailed giant bee venom is nothing to a strong ogre, which can make his shoulders swell up a big bag. But when Aung San helps to pull out the stinger of the queen bee, the ogre Gulitem can’t wait to pick up those yellow-tailed giant bees from the ground and string a fine steel arrow shaft.
He also said to Surdak cheerfully, "If this thing is baked, it should be tasteless, but I think it can be fried …"
Surdak split the queen bee’s head, and there was indeed a magic nucleus inside. This queen bee belongs to the first-class late World of Warcraft, and it was lucky to find such a magic to verify.
However, those yellow-tailed giant bees are not Class I Warcraft. They can be regarded as variations. killer bees’s body magic lines are not fully developed. Except for a poisonous needle, at most, they are huge and have strong vitality and are extremely aggressive.
Two indigenous warriors climbed the towering tree, tied the beehive rope a little and hoisted it to the ground.
Peel off the beeswax on the outside, and the bees are densely arranged in hexagonal arrangement. There are even many eggs in the bee room, and the pupae keep crawling.
Two indigenous warriors happily split the hive in two, wrapped their own carefully wrapped banana leaves and made a huge package. The honey on their backs was fingered and put into their stomachs.
There are magic boxes and ordinary boxes in Surdak’s magic pocket. These honey mixed with bee pupae and beeswax are actually packed in a whole box.
Chapter 723 Da Cuny Tribal Transaction
"You can always find some magical herbs here, but it’s a little dangerous to come here." There are some regrets in Aung San’s words
Surdak and his party returned to the south bank of the canyon on the cableway of the indigenous tribe crossing the mountain stream and canyon.
When he felt that there was such a deep valley, it might block the red ants with ghost stripes from the north bank of the canyon for a while, Surdak felt that he could finally breathe a sigh of relief.
The price of getting rid of this huge hive is that Samira overstretched her arm again, and despite the holy light and the blessing, her arm could not be restored quickly.
Back to the cliff where the aboriginal tribe lived, the elder of the aboriginal tribe once again met Surdak, or the highest floor of the aboriginal crypt. The elder of the aboriginal tribe sat in front of the bonfire and saw the honey bee pupa brought back by Leto and Bale Muller, so people found two clay pots to put it in. This honey is not sweet for the natives at ordinary times, but a rare medicinal material.
It was this joint expedition to the Dark Worm Valley that established the most basic trust between the two sides.
"You mean you are willing to send someone back to Duodan Town with me to do some business?" Surdak asked the indigenous elders
He knew it was imminent, but he didn’t expect the indigenous elders to be in such a hurry.
Indigenous elders curled up and nodded to the side, looking down at Surdak and saying,
"Yes, we are willing to take out some of this spar and exchange some winter materials from you, which is very important for our Dakuni tribe."
Surdak saw some magical herbs on the wooden frame behind the indigenous elders. He seldom saw the silver leaf grass, the flower of the god of peace and the kudzu root from the shelf. He could identify these magical herbs. These herbs were almost completely out of stock in the magic market of the Green Empire.
At this time, of course, Surdak will not choose those magic spar that continue to depreciate. He nodded to the indigenous elders and said

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