Take back the look at the waning moon. It seems that Luo Yu’s heart has calmed down a lot at the moment after venting.
Then he stretched out his hands and pulled back his messy long hair. Then he looked at the old Qinglong apologetically and politely. He asked strangely, "You are an old-timer who is the guardian of the East, but you didn’t stop the clothes from destroying the hibiscus tree?"
Old Qinglong doesn’t seem to be able to reflect who Luoyu said clothing knows the world!
Luo Yu smiled bitterly. "Knowing the world by clothes is what you said about the great awakened one."
The old dragon suddenly sang, "Although I am a god beast, I am old ~ Besides, I am not an opponent in the fairy procession even in its heyday. Now that procession has swallowed nine hibiscus fruits from the sun, it should have entered the fairy procession by now. I’m afraid people can be enemies in this world ~"
Smelling the shocking words of the old Qinglong, Luo Yu suddenly thought that when he entered the dreamland of the sea of clouds at the bottom of Tianchi, his face was stained with ink, and he called the clothes knowing the world a fairy. I didn’t expect the clothes knowing the world to be such an enemy in this world! Isn’t that something that mountain and sea people can control?
Thinking of this, Luo Yu is more and more curious about this fairy and the awakened one.
After asking about the old dragon, the old dragon was also quite patient and talked about it. "There are five immortals in the world …"
It turns out that the five immortals of heaven and earth are the great boundary division theory of race …
A ghost fairy
Ghosts and immortals cultivate the soul, but the soul can’t be extinguished. Extremely different spirits and immortals cultivate the five immortals, and the five immortals are also detached from the gods in the shade. The name of Sanshan is not a ghost. Although he can’t die in reincarnation, he can avoid misfortune, but he can’t return to his final destination. If he can turn away the demons and reshape the golden body, he can also rise to Xianbang column with great sleep.
The evil cultivation of the evil spirit that swept through the mountains and seas 100 thousand years ago belongs to the ghost fairy school, which suddenly reminded Luo Yu of Todd’s obsession.
The two immortals can cultivate monasteries, cure diseases, prolong the life of disasters, and so on. The five immortals can multiply and cultivate the truth, and the one skill in the dharma is not true. The confidence and hard work will not be lost in the end, and the five elements of qi will be misunderstood, and the evil and epidemic will not harm more security and less illness. It is called the fairy.
Obviously, fairy refers to the fact that monks in the realm of mountain and sea are divided into seven realms.
The immortals of the three places are considered as a kind of immortals in the immortal spectrum. They are also known as the immortals who know the great consciousness all over the world. The immortals are the immortals who cultivate their way of life. Wan Li is not afraid of fire and water in cold and hot weather. A world with magical powers is a semi-immortal, but it is hard to understand the source of the road. Only the immortal can live forever and not die in the land.
The four immortals and immortals are divided into Jin Xian Daluo Jinxian. The highest level of cultivation is to be wonderful in form and spirit, free from the constraints of life and death, and free from fatigue. You can gather and disperse the gods of Yuan at any time and anywhere. There are two types of immortals: those who live in the afterlife of two immortals and two immortals can cultivate the realm of Daluo.
The five immortals and immortals include the divine king, and the gods will be stationed in Shoujiang. There are all kinds of laws. The magical powers will live forever. They can’t get rid of the reincarnation. At the end of the immortal life, the immortals are tired of living in the world, and the five gases are full of glory. The fetus is self-absorbed, the yin is pure, and the body is detached, the gods are exalted, the gods are extraordinary, and they refuse to return to the three mountains. That is to say, the gods in the celestial world are the gods.
Through the old Qinglong, the immortals are divided into five categories. The first three belong to the world ghosts. The immortals don’t show who is higher and who is lower. Although the immortals are in the fairy state, they live in the world. Because they seize a world of nature, they often guard one side’s achievements and don’t ask the world’s dust.
And the fairy fairy is obviously divided into two worlds.
Because of the law of boundary force, immortals rarely appear, even if they are forced, they will be bound by the law, and the realm will be forcibly suppressed to a lower level among immortals
This is simply a seasoned road for Shou Yuan’s fairy gods! Because if the world meets a fairy who is difficult to talk to and is a fairy! Then they are very likely to be taken away by the other party …
Although Luo Yu knows these ordinary people don’t know, but at the moment he still can’t afford any interest, because his long-awaited Fusang fruit has long been plundered by the evil clothes and the last one is still missing!
Don’t say it’s hibiscus fruit, even the hibiscus trees that have been taken out for nine minutes are withered and dying!
After asking the old Qinglong, Luo Yu found that she still overestimated the clothes and knew the world!
Yi Zhishi took away nine points of life from the hibiscus tree and left a chance to be a man. There is still a little bottom line, but I never thought it was because the hibiscus tree is the cornerstone of the eastern center of the mountain and sea boundary! If he kills the hibiscus tree, the mountain and sea guardian enchantment will break down, and those exiled Mohling people in mainland China will make a comeback in they nest.
Then it will be a mountain and sea disaster!
Obviously, this dress knows that the world is inferior to the extreme.
Los feather uncomfortable to a fuso tree muttered "clothes know you are a beast! I actually took nine points of life from the hibiscus tree, but I can’t stop even if I come! Why don’t you just get the whole score? How can I be so kind? "
Old tsing lung looked at talking to himself and boasting at the same time, which was not much better. Luo Yu’s eyes were wandering and he dared not say or ask. He watched quietly for fear that this madness would take the last breath of life from the hibiscus tree!
When both sides calmed down, the old Qinglong looked up at the giant hibiscus tree in the hidden fog and sighed, "If only the fairy cave hadn’t taken the Mu Lingzhu! If you want wooden beads, you don’t need three hibiscus trees to revive. "
"Huh?" Luo Yu seems to have found something? He looked back at the old Qinglong in amazement and asked, "What kind of wooden beads?"
Old Qinglong recalled and explained, "It was the last time that the’ Sun’ took the orb and it was shot down by Yi. That’s what Mu Lingzhu seems to be called … Mu Yuanling, um … it was Mu Yuanling."
Old Qinglong must be old, and the sound is like the music to Luoyu at the moment.
His face was so excited that he suddenly grinned out a row of neat teeth, and then he jumped up and hugged him. He was caught off guard and forced the old Qinglong to "yum" with a mouthful.
Soon after, the old Qinglong was kissed again!
Before the old dragon can react, Luo Yu has laughed … Crazy again! He cheered, circled, scampered … and got carried away!
"Ha ha ha ~ clothes know the world! Karma! Karma! Karma! "
Old Qinglong seems to have been used to it for a long time. Maybe he is in his twilight years. He looks a little sentimental and looks at the crazy Luo Yu with pity and sighs repeatedly …
Chapter 24 Ten Twin Fusang Fruits in the Sea of Pain (6)
Yun Liang Zhou Wan Li Yunhai
At dawn, Dongyang is like jumping out of the sea, golden carp spilling golden light, instantly dispelling all the darkness of heaven and earth, and the sky is as blue as a wheel mirror, and Fang Yunhai is like Jinbo and Wan Li chasing waves …
It stands tall in the sea of clouds and crosses the mountain top as if it were also covered with a layer of golden armor and rays of clothing, and it is like a fairyland in Lingshan.
I don’t know that the peaceful white-browed old man over the mountain is still fishing quietly in Daoyin Chi Pan with a bamboo fishing rod in his hand, no matter the wind and the sun or the changes of seasons, or it seems that he has nothing to do except fishing in the pond with that bamboo rod in his hand day and night!
Today, however, it is different, because there is a beautiful man in red beside him, who is not in a hurry to brew tea overflowing with flowers. The man in red seems to be in great awe of the bridled old man, and he always looks into the calm water beside him from time to time.
In other people’s eyes, this pool may be ordinary pool water with golden waves, but it seems to him that every drop of golden pool water is blended by arcs and flows slowly into Shui Ze!
This is a bay of thunderbolt snakes condensed and squeezed to calm the water, which seems to be calm’ water surface’. He can feel that this pool seems to be full of mysterious power that can communicate with heaven and earth.
This man in red is the immortal who knows the great enlightenment all over the world.
Yi Zhishi arrived at the top of the mountain a few days ago, except for making tea all day, and then he did something else. In the past few days, the white-browed old man has not talked more than ten sentences in total, as if waiting for something.
At this moment, the white-browed old man bathed in the golden sun and smiled more solemnly than peacefully and asked, "What are you looking at?"
Yi Zhishi gently put a small carved kettle, as if afraid of breaking the tranquility of this mountain. He replied casually, "See what you catch."
The white-browed old man’s figure is vain. It is more like a phantom to know that it is not an entity. When he shakes and hangs over the big sleeves, he reaches out and caresses the white beard like a Sanskrit. "Holding the pole and sitting hand in hand, Chi Pan is a fish, Gu Laotou and so on. Which fish are you destined for?"
"Can there be fish in the pool? The younger generation doesn’t know the world. It seems a little puzzled. He naturally saw that this pool is a domain. How can there be fish?
"Are you still ignorant in this world?" While the old man with white eyebrows smiles peacefully and seems to be ridiculous.
Clothes know the world just a meditation look and then return to the plain way "I don’t know, I don’t know the cause and effect."
The old man with white eyebrows laughed heartily. He seemed to answer irrelevant questions and said, "You have outstanding qualifications, but you can achieve an immortal column once in a hundred thousand years, but do you have any resentment?"
Yi Zhishi was silent for a moment, but he smiled with relief. "The cat was not allowed to have its own cause and effect, and Yi Zhishi complained and regretted it."
"Regret …?" The bridled old man nodded his head in a tone "clothes know the world!" This name is good. "
Clothes know the world’s eyes trembled. He looked at the old man’s white figure fluttering in front of him and finally sighed, "If you are a fairy, you should break the world. You don’t miss mountains and seas. You have a fairy clothes to protect the mountains outside the mountain."

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