Su Yonglin smiled and saluted Zhao Kaishan.
"The grand marshal will only do his duty when he is over-praised."
Zhao Kaishan slightly leng leng immediately laughed.
"Ha ha ha ha ha! Not the kui is a good brother! You did a good job. Well done! "
Zhao Kaishan was very happy that the cronies around him would compliment Su Yonglin even if Zhao Xiang, regardless of whether he thought so or not.
In the end, it was the real knife and the real gun that fought against the gold people and killed so many gold people. How can it be fierce to sweep away thousands of gold people in just a few days?
At first, this group of people didn’t think much of Su Yonglin.
Su Yonglin is only twenty years old, so he can’t be said to be a mature and reliable person.
He has a good complexion, white skin and bright teeth. At first glance, he is a well-off and inexperienced man, and he is not like a hard-working and capable person.
If he hadn’t grown a beard, he would have looked like an uncrowned child
It was Su Yonglin who brought a lot of weapons and equipment that they urgently needed. He was the first to advocate the rebels. As soon as he mobilized intelligence forces, he helped Zhao Kaishan. He was located in Zhao Kaishan and the rest of the people were not opposed to this matter.
But at the beginning, Zhao Kaishan’s cronies felt that Su Yonglin was not a small man who could fight, but at most he was brave and ruthless.
In this way, he also brazenly said that he would train soldiers and asked Zhao Kaishan to give food to the Ministry for three meals a day, saying that he would certainly be able to train a good soldier, and many people were waiting for embarrassment.
As a result, he is really not a good-for-nothing but a soldier who can fight.
It’s less than five days since the uprising, and all the 27 Jin villages and two town defense forces in Yizhou have destroyed his hand.
Chapter 44 I can also be emperor?
Everyone knows that Zhao Yucheng is just a gimmick in this military operation.
It is Su Yonglin and his own troops who can really fight.
This pretty boy is really a cruel man!
It’s just that more than 1,000 people really cleaned up so many gold people.
A group of people, look at me. I’ll look at you. You have a little understanding of Su Yonglin’s leading troops to fight, and you have put away your contempt for him.
At the same time, if there is any tension in my heart, it will fade a little-
We also have fierce people who can fight, don’t we?
If this gold man calls, it’s not impossible for us to call.
Their idea is inseparable from Zhao Kaishan’s pre-meeting meeting.
Former Zhao Kaishan has held a meeting with his cronies to talk about some things.
Although he attacked two counties, Zhao Kaishan didn’t feel strong.
In the city, the resistance of 8 Jin Army is not very large, and most of them are shooting grain troops. There are a few female real soldiers, and Zhao Kaishan killed all the preparations to the extreme, and it is not difficult to fight with the leader of 8 Jin Army.
Although the Eye Rebels took Yizhou, the Jin people did not fail. They are still very strong. Once the news goes out, the Jin people’s army will definitely come to quell the chaos.
The real danger will be then.
Zhao Kaishan told the problem in vain to let everyone not take credit for themselves. As a result, he said, don’t say that the ministries were frowned by him, and he was a little nervous himself.
More nervous than before
Because the goal of attacking Yizhou has been achieved, he suddenly felt a little uncertain about how to continue walking.
Before, he and Su Yonglin discussed going to Jinan, but Jinan is an important town in Shandong, and the prevention of Jin people is definitely not comparable to a small place like Yizhou.
Do you really want to fight … and win?
Zhao Kaishan fell into self-doubt, feeling that the main force should not go to Jinan, but should go to other places to expand his power first, and then talk about his avoiding stimulating the Jin people too early.
Otherwise, the rebel forces are so weak that they have no chance of winning the 8 Jin j behemoth
Zhao Kaishan thought about it for a long time, and he felt uncertain. He just learned that Su Yonglin had cleared away the great victory of the Golden Village, so he was so happy that he quickly called Su Yonglin.
As soon as Su Yonglin came to Zhao Kaishan, he decided to speak out his worries and ask Su Yonglin what he thought.
He remembered that Su Yonglin had written a letter beforehand to make him think about what the rebels should do afterwards.
But at that time, his mind was full of rebellion first, and he didn’t think so much. As a result, the first stage was successfully completed and the second stage was imminent.
Su Yonglin thinks that if not.
Rebellion is not simply murder and robbery. It needs a correct strategic plan. You always need to know what you should do, how to do it, and what you should accomplish at each stage.
How can you take things one step at a time in such a life-and-death situation?
But the former Zhao Kaishan didn’t think so, so he was a little panicked.
Su Yonglin looked at this group of rebels and felt nai.
But I have to say it.
"Brother, my idea of going to Jinan should insist that what we need most now is not to hide ourselves, but to try our best to let everyone know that we have rebelled and defeated the gold thief and won."
Zhao Kaishan froze and others followed.
Zhao Kaishan reacted quickly.
"Good brother, this … this is not so good? Although we said that we took Yizhou, Yizhou is a state, and our troops are still too few to confront the gold thief head-on. Shouldn’t our eyes be accumulating strength? "
Su Yonglin shook his head.
"Brother, how long will it take us to save our strength to fight against the golden thief army alone?"
"This …"
"Brother, maybe we can finally save enough strength, but once the gold thieves know that we are rebelling, they will immediately send troops to attack us. When they won’t give it to us, we don’t have enough strength at all."
Su Yonglin’s words are to the point, and everyone with a clear head knows that this is even more frightening to them.
Zhao Kaishan thought it was so anxious.
"Dear brother, what do you think we should do?"
"Brother, we can’t think about avoiding the gold thief’s sharp terrain in Shandong, and we can’t avoid it. We must meet the difficulties and call on everyone to fight against the brother. The gold thief is not alone.
They include Hebei, Shandong and the whole Central Plains. There are people who are extremely dissatisfied with the gold thief. Don’t they want to resist? I also want to know why I have no leadership or feel that I am not strong enough.
Because of this, we have a very broad foundation of potential allies. We must let these people know that we are resisting. We have taken the lead in resisting the golden thief. It is not terrible that the golden thief can be defeated. We must call on all those who are willing to stand up and resist together! "
Su Yonglin looked at Zhao Kaishan with his fist clenched.
Zhao Kaishan blinked and his mouth was slightly open, and he couldn’t say a word.
"Brother, it’s over. We have no turning back. We have to go all the way to black. Anyone who hesitates a little will die! We must keep running forward! "
Dead and buried?
Zhao Kaishan shivered unconsciously.
When I look at Su Yonglin again, my eyes are different.
"Dear brother, do you mean that we should send a campaign to all places to call on Shandong heroes to rebel together?"
"yes! You should do this! "

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