At the same time, the law of the sea, the ups and downs of the three vessels, the slightest trace of chaos, was stimulated by the law of heaven and earth, and now it has given birth to a little vitality.
Li Yu clearly felt that the three devices were more lively than in the past
This is a pregnant fetus, which is a necessary step. To reach the level of the world’s holy soldiers, you need to conceive your own "God" in the device.
The evolution of Baptism Avenue is an indispensable step.
In ancient times, this god did not count the three-wheel crazy absorption and imitation, and I don’t know how many marks gradually grew up.
"This transformation is remarkable. I’m afraid it will be close to the semi-sacristy in a while."
Duan De’s lightness is not the kui, but the material is extremely high, and the law of absorption and branding of God’s gold is several times faster than that of ordinary antiques, and the promotion is smooth.
This central battlefield, 500 miles in Fiona Fang, is full of ancestors’ laws, and the Daoguang makes the Dragon and Han Banner, the Heavenly Knife and the Seven Killing Monuments rise and fall here for a while, and maybe they can all reach the level of semi-holy soldiers!
"If you have a holy day in the future, you can try to come to this ancient battlefield. It will be of great benefit if Du Jie can survive it."
The black emperor suddenly interrupted his mouth and mouth, and a few lines of saliva dripped from the head of the good Taoist priest. It was very serious and he made a suggestion
In ancient times, the terrible World War I happened. At least there are hundreds of saints here. The strong have fallen, and the gods will not be scattered today. If this is the case, Du Jie is equivalent to pulling these spirits to share the light with all the ancestors. The law resonates with hundreds of saints and Du Jie.
In this way, the thunder robbery will be more horrible, but the same harvest will be hundreds of times! At ordinary times, it is impossible to achieve such means because people are not willing to make such personal contributions because they can’t cooperate.
"What do you want to let the holy soldier directly change? All the law departments swallowed up the fruit of the ancestors during the Archaeozoic War. "
Li Yu’s look suddenly turned white.
According to it, hundreds of saints and gods in the furnace of heaven and earth chopped down the essence of fire and heaven, which made the host of the ancient utensils struggle together. This is indeed a road to strong transformation, and the spirit of the pregnant and reproductive organs has grown a hundred times.
But the problem is also obvious. It is impossible for a lightning robbery to be easier than the robbery of hundreds of ancient ancestors Wang Lei on one person, which is probably devastating.
However, if we can get through it, it will be a fate for the robot, and it will be the same in ancient and modern times.
"I guess this is also because you practice immortality, and it may not be lifeless to try it, otherwise there is no need to take a path of death."
Although he told this method before the Black Emperor, I still hope that Li Yu will grasp it carefully.
After all, Lei Jie also varies from person to person. This guy is so abnormal when he comes. If Lei Jie is superimposed hundreds of times, I really don’t know if a saint can resist.
"I know I have my own thoughts when I am sanctified."
Li Yu had some meditation, and when he knew it, he simply sat here and waited for the transformation and refinement of the three devices.
The blood gas of the king’s own body is also released to wash and sharpen the traces of the ancestors’ fighting spirit
"Young Master, the direction over there is still far away from something with a good breath of Hengyu. He has already cut the road. It will be dangerous if he doesn’t come forward. We don’t see him in conflict. There is no need to meet each other too early."
Not far away, the original lake team appeared and stayed without being close to some fears.
"Cut the road … can’t stop me from exploring his place first?"
Yuan Gu’s face became more and more indifferent. In the left eye, the dark sun was beating, and in the right eye, the blood moon was shining faintly. He was like a statue of a ghost.
Bronze skin has lines, disillusionment, thick black hair, and virtual integration. He is also unwilling in his heart, but after all, he recognizes the gap in the situation and turns his way.
Fifteen days later, Li Yu’s three devices with eyes open have been transformed, and they have rushed up from the sea of laws, with a hint of transcendental charm as if they could create a small world from the virtual.
"Hush, three pieces of Hwa-Sung Do’s semi-holy soldiers are enough for you to step directly into the realm of the Holy Way."
The black emperor couldn’t help but look at it twice. This place is a killing field and also an accident. The laws left by the 100 ancestors have been refined, and the three kings have turned into semi-holy soldiers.
Normally speaking, the major of instrument is quite rare, but it will be much bigger.
"Tao Ye has also gained a lot. These laws of ancestors and kings have been engraved into the array to be equivalent to getting a holy kill array in vain."
Duan De is also smiling, and all the people here have gained something. It’s really a treasure.
Woo hoo!
At this time, the distance in the center of the battlefield is a gust of wind whistling with some crying sounds, which is very strange.
"Half a month later, did the royal family finally find something?"
Li Yu’s look moved immediately and manipulated the dragon car to rush in the direction of the move.
It’s strange all the way, but it turns out that the evil wind is howling and the blood is pouring down. This scene of heaven and earth is amazing, like a terrible hell, like a broken world, and the world has come to the end of destruction.
"What’s the matter? The hell node was beaten again?"
Duan De frowned. This gloomy appearance reminded him of hell.
At the beginning, there was a node here that was crushed by the old Taoist priest himself, and the town should be sealed by law.
"It’s not hell, it’s resentment, and it’s mostly the holy spirit that was obliterated by the holy emperor in the past years, and it was found by the royal family."
Li Yu saw the past scene here and made a judgment.
Hoo! As they approached, there was a yellow whirlwind and then it turned black. The heavy rain was full of smell and it was blood rain.
It’s like ghosts crying, and one god after another roars and struggles out of anger. Heaven and earth roar at Cangyu.
"In the past, the evil thoughts of the Holy Spirit were inspired. It was terrible to slaughter!"
Not long ago, convenience came, and many ancient creatures were scarred and fled for a while.
What happened ahead is so terrible that everyone’s scalp is numb. No one expected this kind of chaos to happen. Without order, everyone fled.
That’s worth fighting for. Holy Spirit, resentment will last forever, and it still does!
Moreover, the blood and rain falling from the high sky is so corrosive that it will be broken down and destroyed, which is unbearable.
"What on earth inspired the resentment of the Holy Spirit to be so fierce?"
"Someone must have touched something before us."
"This breath is a bit like Terran, but it is a bit specious."
A huge rift valley in front of us comes into view. The original lake, Xuehuang Mountain, Huolin Cave, and Wanlongchao Royal Family all appear, and they are coping with resentment to produce magic objects.
Looking closely at this rift valley, it is very strange, just like a cracked head. A crack extends from the appearance of the celestial spirit to Pakistan, and the whole canopy of the celestial spirit has been knocked out with a big crack.
"This isn’t the holy spirit’s head cracked by the holy emperor, is it? Is that Sendai?"
The black emperor is a little indecisive. If you look closely, it really looks like a head, but it is too big.
Is it that the so-called immortal obsession is the chaos that has been born since Sendai, the Holy Spirit?
"If the skull of the Holy Spirit is so cracked here, Sendai will be pregnant with the greatest accident."

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