"It would be nice to have a knife."
When the knife swung out, someone was sighing at the top of the main hall of Hulong Mountain Villa.
Four bearers were like catkins falling and stepping on the roof tiles of the temple, sighing that people were sitting in the sedan chair.
The white curtain of the sedan chair turned slightly, and a wind blew from the top of the temple to the square
When this wind blows to the top edge of the temple, there are already many determined tiles, leaving insignificant scratches.
There is a pool of blood beside Su Penghai’s body in the square. When the wind blows, the blood produces slight ripples. When the ripples break like the wind, a knife is pressed to cut the blood.
The pine dust and others just woke up from that sudden absence and felt slight pain.
Master Juechen’s palm quivered, and when he raised his hand, he saw how many red scratches appeared on the edge of his tail finger.
There are also many people around them who make light calls. They are inexplicably scratched by hard objects, including their faces and necks.
When these winds blow from the top of the palace and the edge of the square, they can leave traces of blood, tiles and human bodies, but when these winds gather to Fang Yunhan’s position, the air flow has almost condensed into a semi-transparent blade visible to the naked eye.
At the moment, the wind coming from the wide area of the square is all from the knife.
The closer the real air knife gas is to the target after squeezing and twisting, the greater the knife gas density will be.
When I really came to Fang Yunhan’s side, thousands of semi-transparent blades had occupied every angle of Fang and almost squeezed into a crystal ball to cover Fang Yunhan’s figure.
Sharp feeling approaches the eyebrows Fang Yunhan’s eyes reflect ten thousand points, such as broken crystal light, and he is eager to sign a fanatical look, and the center of his eyes reflects outside generate.
In the face of this Yellow Wind Gorge, the sword spirit has been sublimated, and this method avoids attacking him. He screams with one arm and points to the sky like a sword.
Boom! ! !
At this time, when Miyamusashi swung out the knife just after a moment’s play.
People with poor eyesight see that Yunhan’s body is replaced by a crystal sphere with a wave of his knife, and his figure is blurred, distorted and absurd in the refraction of the sphere.
Then there was a tremor in the eardrum, which shocked the heart and gallbladder and shocked the whole body with 4 thousand pores.
Like breaking thousands of crystal cups, and like Gu Qingshi, it suddenly smashed thousands of hail.
That’s the collapse sound of the knife gas sphere and a burst of thunder.
The bright light was reflected in the eyes of the people during the collapse noise.
Although the crystal like a knife gas is still somewhat sunken than at first sight, it has become more like a tall human figure from a sphere, but it has not completely collapsed and shrunk after all.
And that light chop from the sky directly explodes the top of the knife gas crystal.
Thunder is a very brilliant light in nature, but it is also very short. In the brilliant clouds, heaven and earth pass by in a flash, but today this thunder lasts for a long time.
That snake connects the clouds and the top of the knife gas crystal. It seems that the power of lightning is constantly pouring through this trajectory.
At the top of the crystal, it broke out and stabbed the heavenly sword. It was discovered that the ray was connected by the fingertips.
Booming …
The dense crystal has light seeping out, and the knife gas gap reappears, and the figure of Yunhan, who is closely connected, becomes clear again.
"What’s that? !”
"Four images of God’s will"
At the main entrance of Hulong Mountain Villa, the foreign official Haitang looked at the top of the palace and the bright figure in the field, which was a little overwhelmed and pulled back to look at Xiao Wangsun.
"Isn’t that the last layer of God’s wrath in the four images of God’s will?"
She also studied the stone tablet carefully. "Even if a person with advanced skills practices other martial arts by analogy, it will get twice the result with half the effort, but this kind of magic will not reach the top overnight, right?" !”
"According to the stone tablet, even a hundred years ago, Ling Shuang Jian didn’t really become a god’s anger. Only with the help of Ling Shuang Jian can he occasionally display it."
"He can’t help but mean that Fang Yunhan can’t stop talking. Who said that if you want to practice God’s wrath, you must practice everything step by step?" Wangsun Xiao casually dispelled doubts in the gaze field. "The idea of the four images of God’s will is that the four images are divided and changed to simulate the invincible trend of God’s will. It is only necessary to have a pure mind and realize the power of nature."
"And since the mind is pure, what order will it be? Can you tell who comes first and who comes later?"
"Hey, since everyone can practice from any floor, isn’t this martial art …" Cheng Shifei calculated and quickly gave up the exact number. "There are many ways to practice?"
Wangsun Xiao shook his head. "It’s not that for ordinary people, the degree of fear of wind, fire and thunder in their hearts is gradually followed by wind, fire and thunder, and the order is not wrong. Maybe it’s just for the convenience of ordinary future generations to change the four images of providence."
The old man in yellow clothes pointed to the field. "When he was introduced, he went hand in hand with the four elephants. In my opinion, that is the initial practice of the four elephants of God."
A few questions and answers outside the stadium. Those semi-permeable knives have been defeated by stray light.
Fang Yunhan stamped his left foot, and three streams of air, blue, red and purple, emerged and spiraled around his body to converge his sword fingers.
Four images in one, and the thunder finally cut off Fang Yunhan’s finger stroke.
From the direction of his sword command, three firm but gentle scattered blasters burst out.
A firm but gentle through the palace musashi chest.
A firm but gentle shot at the people in the sedan chair at the top of the temple lifted the curtain, flew out and folded the fan to hold this firm but gentle wrist. The firm but gentle deflection of this fan was thrown into the distance, and the white man also returned to the sedan chair with this shock force.
Curtains swung around the car, and the people in the car sighed and unfolded the folding fan. "You go first."
Four bearers jumped from the back of the top of the palace without saying much.
The third shock wave crossed the whole square and shot into a courtyard on the side of the square.
More than ten people chased the firm but gentle direction and saw it pass through the wall, and then the wall collapsed with a crashing shock.
Out of the smoke came a tall, thin man.
The man came out from behind the collapsed wall and looked down at his palm before raising his head so that everyone could see his face.

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