Because Liren suggested looking for a suitable pet in the file after several hours in the distance.
What kind of pet would a cat like?
No, it’s not imposing enough
It’s imposing, but not special enough
No, it feels bad
Not very common.
After thinking for a long time, I chose nearly a hundred pets and still couldn’t find the right kind.
Just as Yao Ri wanted to harass Liren again and ask him for advice, an image suddenly flashed in his mind.
That’s right The cat once said "it" is cute! If it was "it", the cat would like it …
After deciding the goal, the program will be converted immediately.
When he finished everything and didn’t close his eyes for several days, he finally lay in bed contentedly.
Then I waited for the cat line and explained things to her …
But what if I don’t happen to be on the line or she doesn’t want to talk to me?
Leave a message in official website or in the guild, and she will see it
By the way, before that, let her know that the role and thunder have been restored.
Thinking about all kinds of things in his mind, he slowly fell asleep. He was full of expectation that when he woke up, the cat had returned to the game and was willing to listen to him say what he wanted to say …
Chapter 12 Chapter 1 Return to Sniper
Although it was a bit forced to leave the game, since I didn’t enjoy my stay inside, I … decided to leave.
In order to stop arousing emotions, stop being attached to this game, and stop hesitating, I simply blocked all contact information so that no one could find me.
I don’t want anyone to find it these days.
Now I don’t want to listen to questions, talk to people, and explain everything … I want to have a good rest. I want to be completely quiet.
This self-isolation is a few days later.
During this period, I spent every day watching, watching and listening to music without touching the internet.
Although I often waver in my heart to see my friends, chat with them, and know their recent situation … I finally put up with it.
Brother seems to have noticed my abnormality. Although he didn’t ask anything in front of me, I think … he should have heard something from the audience.
Otherwise, he has always been in the workshop, but I suddenly appeared frequently in front of me after leaving the game, chatting with me about trifles, and then he even shouted for me to help him sort out the information, but he never let me insert the manual!
"Mustard ling, did you play the planning table? "Brother ran into my room and asked.
"All right"
I handed him a stack of printed documents.
"Thanks! "Brother leafing through the files to check one by one.
"I’ll help you sort these out later. I want to collect them." I didn’t good the spirit.
It took me two days to sort out this pile of information he threw me. I’m exhausted.
"Good," my brother promised to be very frank. "I will ask you to help me sort out a copy of all the social data and plans and give you 5 thousand yen."
"… don’t"
Although my brother pays a lot of money, I really don’t want to touch that pile of annoying things again
"Do me a favor," my brother looked at me piteously. "I’m dying of this pile of things these days. Can’t you see that my dark circles are getting heavier and my face is getting haggard? 」
"You have always been like this, haven’t you? I don’t hesitate to refute, "Besides, these projects are the data of your workshop and game company. I am an outsider and it is not appropriate to touch these."
"Oh, no! It is also said that it can be … "
"You have asked them? "I questioned the rhetorical question when I heard my brother say this.
"I, I mean flame star they all know you and you are friends, they don’t mean these! "Brother a face of unnatural smile at me.
I always feel strange … Brother’s attitude makes me feel a little unusual.
"You should not be with" someone "hand in hand to do some plans? 」
"ah? What someone? What are you talking about? "Brother grabbed messy hair line of sight drifting.
"What do you say? 」
I stared at him and waited for him to confess to me.
Although I can’t shut down the communication mode, he knows my home location. He can’t ignore it these days when I disappear. Even if he wants to do so, others can’t let him not take action. At present, I can live so peacefully. Someone must have blocked them from harassing me. I can do this. I can’t think of anyone but my brother.
When I asked my brother, he looked a little erratic, and the two of us were so quiet for a while.
"Forget it, you should go to work."
I found that he didn’t seem to have any intention to confess, so I grabbed a magazine and leafed through it to end the conversation.
"Other people have come to me to ask about you." Brother finally said, "It’s not that you are extraordinary with ronin from a distance, and you are fighting with them … It’s strange when you became so familiar with them? 」
I heard everyone, I was worried about things, and my heart was touched.
For my sexual departure, they can be so considerate of my difficulties, and this kind of thinking about everything makes me feel even more sorry for them
"By the way, that overbearing woman has been asking when you will go back."
"Bully woman? 」
"That’s the guy named Ziyue. She’s haunting me almost every day now …"
"Wait for purple he? "I interrupted my brother." How did you get in touch with Ziyue? When did you meet? 」
"This, this is because …" Brother looked unnatural and scratched at his hair, then in turn accused him of saying, "It’s all because of you! 」

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