"This is an investment. Fuxi the Great Man is the King of Man. I’m afraid this dragon tablet will eventually belong to him. At that time, there will be one more pulse behind him, which is a powerful ally for my wind family. "
Aside from the wind clan, the Taoist priest shook his head, and the dragon tablet left a shock in their clan, so it was hard to move, but not so, to fight for a brilliant future.
People who bet less on the king will never lose money. Even if something goes wrong, there are two emperor soldiers in the Jiang family of Gu Hua Dynasty. It is not difficult to add a complete Fuxi Dragon Monument to support them with three emperor soldiers.
"It’s just that karma comes and goes. Isn’t this a natural cycle?"
The wind clan leader silently watched this ancestral land stand for ages without saying anything, and turned it into a huge divination map and disappeared into the virtual channel.
At the same time, the people of Fengzu also felt this change, with different looks, some disappointed, some puzzled, some sighing.
"There are advances and retreats in the great struggle for the world"
The magic of the ginger family slowly walked out and looked at the foot of the dragon tablet. The divine power of the sun was too yin and yang to interweave into a bridge of yin and yang, and the sky went straight to the direction of the wind family.
"Ginger home risk? Is this going to Fengzu? Is the alliance true? "
"Psst, a great sage came down in person. Do you pay so much attention to it? What is the wind clan?"
This gesture has naturally attracted the attention of many people, both ancient and terran, who are closely watching to know what happened to the wind clan, and some ancient monuments will be broken away.
When I saw the monster coming in person, the wind clan owner also breathed a sigh of relief. This wind clan is one of the chariots of Hengyu to see where it can go in the future.
At this time, the ancient tribes are nervously plotting another great event, that is, the expedition to the eternal main star, and even the Wanlong Nest Golden Cave has taken the initiative to be the first explorers.
There are two royal families taking the lead, which has attracted many great families to send troops to seize the evolution fluid. They will gain a lot by carefully analyzing the news captured in their minds and recognizing that there is no problem in killing them in that ancient star field.
On this day, several of the most powerful royal families in Taikoo and the royal family secretly planned an expedition to dispatch people.
"I am willing to send two ancestors to skyclan."
Skyclan ranks among the top ten royal families in ancient times. This is not the top ten fierce families, but one of the top ten royal families outside the royal family.
"My royal family can also send two grandfathers."
Another ancient creature is also a fair-skinned Terran. The difference is not big, but there is just a god ring in the back of his head.
Except for the ancient royal family, the top ten royal families claim to be the first, which is much better than skyclan and Dali Niu Mowang.
This time, Huolin Cave, Xuehuang Mountain, etc. chose to test for the time being, and each of them had two ancestor kings coming out, while Wanlongchao Golden Cave solemnly had a statue of Taikoo ancestor king, which was comparable to the sage king.
On this day, they didn’t disturb the Terran, but quietly set out to set up a platform to send the array. At first, they received the five-color altar and shuttled away.
"Wang! This help the ancient clan really took action, and then the emperor wanted to see the drama. "
A big black dog wearing flower shorts and a bald tail outside the territory stood up with a cheap smile on his face and was actually manipulating a silver-white flying saucer to cross the stars.
If the ancient clan saw this scene, I’m afraid it would be silent, and it would be too shocking. They also honestly used magic weapons to cross the altar, and even a dog was spaceship. It’s hard to say.
After jumping for a while, the ancient ancestor of Wanlongchao suddenly felt the change of the altar, which immediately excited a group of ancient creatures.
What does this mean? They are close to the original expedition, which has been calling but has not returned. The strong people have a weak response. I didn’t expect to see them here!
"There were expeditionary warships that almost exhausted the three ethnic groups!"
The Archaeozoic King of the Golden Cave pointed in one direction, where there was a purple and gold warship floating in the virtual stack, and I don’t know how long it has been wandering. The dim light is full of traces of time, and it is as silent as broken death.
There are a lot of Bing Gu’s gouges and big holes in Zijin warships, and I don’t know what a world-famous war they have suffered.
"It’s true that I was constantly pulling but there was a weak response. Most of the state was not very good. Fortunately, we rushed!"
Wang Zhenfen, the ancestor of all ancestors, regretted that the expeditioners obviously didn’t succeed and didn’t really hit the ancient star field of Ziwei, and they were exiled to the universe.
Years of love, covered with cosmic dust, have long lost their luster. Hundreds of thousands of years have passed, and it is simple and simple.
They approached all the way and finally boarded the ancient ship. They saw a large pile of gods and still had a weak life.
The creatures in the divine source are very different. There are faucets, long eyes and terrans. They all have scary momentum. Although they are motionless, the essence of life dries up, but the charm is still terrible.
In addition, although they have different postures, they also have one thing in common, that is, they are all skinny and exhausted like dry wood.
There is also a treasure hall in the depths of this ancient cabin, in which there are three sacred blocks standing on the high platform of the ancient hall like statues.
"It’s" Three Great Sages "! They are really alive, but they are in a bad state. No wonder the response was so weak. "
When all the ancestors came here, they felt the oppression of terror, and even the two saints and the ancient ancestors felt the power of terror.
The first divine source was sealed with an evil deity with red hair like blood and a thousand arms sitting cross-legged, like a Buddha with a thousand hands.
In the second sacred source, there is a tall and strong ancient creature with thick blond hair and a pair of golden dragon horns. Except for those dragon horns, there is no difference between terrans, which is terrible.
The third divine source is an ancient creature whose silver hair is as long as his waist, and his face is carved like marble, with a diamond-shaped white scale on his forehead, which can vaguely combine with the terrible divine light.
Three Great Sages! They are the most terrible three ancient places born out of ten thousand families, and they can’t come over with three statues. You can imagine how difficult it is to make them.
Great Sage, this is a kind of high address. Only a few people came out of several different ancient star fields years ago. Among them, three Great Sage expeditions attempted to develop into another ancient paradise, but failed.
"I have a suggestion that the essence of life of the predecessors who went on these expeditions in the past years needs to draw a lot of life essence to recover and return to Beidou. This move is bound to be targeted.
So we can go to eternity! Anyway, we are going to plunder and revenge, so let this ship recover from the essence of the planet from the ancient ancestor king! "
The king of Wanlongcao Taizu’s eyes lit up with a sneer and thought of a wonderful idea.
There are too many strong people in Beidou, and the three great sages have absorbed the essence to make Guxing dry up, but eternity is different. They just want to conquer!
In this way, the three great sages and one ship ancestor king can all return to Beidou music at the peak, but not?
"Three Great Sages and one ancestor king, let the eternal star field be their graveyard of return!"
"If you return to Beidou with such a force, you can imagine that it will be a great contribution and will inevitably change the pattern of our grievances!"

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