I’m afraid the invigilator has already seen through that ugly and lame acting.
What’s more, the invigilator is the class leader whom he respects most.
But at that time, the teacher gave him a look, sighed and didn’t expose him.
At that time, Russell felt that the whole world had left him, and he felt a very strong and overwhelming sense of guilt and self-loathing.
Since then, Russell has never copied a job or cheated once.
In this life, he got a double master’s degree by studying hard and taking an examination of Sogo University with his own efforts.
He thinks his head is not so good … His former roommate and most trusted senior is much smarter than Russell. He can do this because he doesn’t like "self-deception" and everything comes from his feet on the ground.
This time, Russell, who came by the back door at his mother’s behest, was also very guilty. He was very afraid that someone would come out and shout at him, "You back door loser" or that his colleagues would be respectful to him, but they were actually alienated and laughed at …
Now Russell is relieved that the back door failed because of psionic awakening.
-that’s great
The head of the special execution department also said that he was ready to face the danger, even if he faced the airship gangster shotgun again, it would be better than facing those false respectful smiles-at least in this way, he would get respect from his work step by step.
Less is much better than pushing yourself to the hero position on a bad day!
A bad day is really bad!
Russell sighed in a very complicated mood.
On the one hand, he wants to complain that bad days have given him this sense of insecurity, but on the other hand, he is not ungrateful.
Objectively speaking, the name of "hero" is really a good thing, and it is a real kindness to give him this famous opportunity, and he has indeed benefited from it.
If Russell doesn’t thank others properly, he will be unkind if he complains about him.
It’s Mr. Inferior-if he had been in that situation, he would have done better than himself.
It’s not that he doesn’t have the ability to be a hero, it’s just that he lacks the opportunity to play that key.
But at this moment, another doubt came to Russell’s mind.
So what ….. So excellent and inferior, he gave himself a replacement number, but he called himself "inferior"?
Soon they came to the room.
What a shame … It is from the right side of the first floor around the big stairs to the left side and knocking on the door numbered B-2 [Special Execution Department].
The inferior seriously sounded "I brought a new person to report"
There came a girl sighing.
"Come on in …"
The locked door suddenly hit itself.
There is only one person in the room.
It was a young girl lying in a chair with her hands in front of her abdomen in an almost "serene" posture.
She has long pure white hair, which is similar to the soft ears of a fox, and wears a blue cloak, which is similar to that of a poor model.
But she obviously made much less cloth than normal after personal tailoring.
At the moment, she is slumped in the office chair, narrowing her light blue eyes, and her soft pure white long hair has become a little fluffy and lazy because of sleepiness, which makes people think that she has slept in the past.
It is almost the opposite of those who are always serious and indifferent.
She chuckled and rolled up her messy hair.
Get up from the chair
At that moment, her temperament changed-from that kind of lazy feeling to a package and calm.
Although Russell’s height is almost the same as Russell’s, he is even more immature than Russell, but it gives Russell a mature feeling like a mother, a teacher and a senior.
"Hello, Russell. I know your name."
And look a little upside down. The fox-eared girl looked at Russell with a gentle and steady voice. "Please just find a place to sit. Don’t be a bad learner and keep introducing yourself. My code name is Delphine … I’m twenty-two years old, the executive director. Just call me Delphine directly. Don’t learn that guy.
"Ah, by the way, the delphinium is not a bird, but a flower."
It doesn’t make sense for her to say this.
Because her light blue pupil really reminded Russell of Delphinium for the first time.
Russell can nod gently.

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