Su Chenyuan was going to the airport, but he was stopped by another partner of the law firm.
Su Chen had something to deal with and had to go back to the law office.
After taking this very annoying remark, Su Chenxun entered the role of nagging wife at the airport, but Su Chen’s face was a little thin, so he would look far and see Chen Kexin and could not say anything.
Chen Kexin saw a good sister with a look of "not at ease" and smiled, "Don’t worry, your home is far from me!"
Su Chen muttered, "I just don’t trust you!"
Chen Kexin naturally heard the look very calm. "If you don’t trust me, I should also trust your family far away."
Su Chenwen glared at the distance and said to the distance, "Don’t touch flowers and grass outside, you should pay attention to your image, okay?"
Far from laughing.
"Don’t laugh!" Su Chen light drink a way "woman intuition told me a good.
Going out is often accompanied by an affair! "Speaking of which Suchen has pouted.
Far from laughing, "You can solve your problem in about three or four days when you are busy. Just come back then."
Su Chen’s eyes lit up and said, "Yes, you take your time. I’ll come over in a minute. You must wait for me at that Fanjing Mountain!"
"Well, we will wait for you! We will visit the processing and production base in the provincial capital and the city in the next few days, and finally go to Vatican Mountain, which is the last trip to the southwest. "
"Yes, Kexin, let’s go and see the mountain you mentioned!"
Chen Kexin glanced at the distance. "God Yam is more wonderful than our group company, but it has always sent people to look for it, but it always comes back for various reasons. This time, I also want to borrow it. I believe that if there is a gentleman here, I will definitely find God Mountain Suchen. Come here quickly!"
The three of them said goodbye for a short time. Chen Kexin went in and boarded the plane. Suchen was very sad when she looked at it from the outside and went in. Soon she packed up this idea and went back to the lawyer’s office to deal with the fortifications quickly.
Just when I was flying in Chen Kexin, the streets of Fanxian County, three thousand miles away, were busy at the moment.
Fanxian county is surrounded by mountains, and a small concave county is built. The whole county is in the shape of a "well" with four streets.
The main road of the county can be seen from the east at a glance. There are good roads leading to the outside world in the west county, so it is not isolated from the world. However, it is difficult for the county to go to the townships. It takes two days and two nights to go to the farthest towns.
It’s noon now, and the street is almost half of the city. It turned out that two villagers were parading with a dead tiger.
Although the county seat is small, it is like a sparrow, and soon the comrades of the Forestry Bureau came over and stopped the two villagers to ask what was going on.
Two villagers are short and capable, with dark eyes and bright eyes. Let the tiger go unhurriedly. "We didn’t fight this tiger, but died by ourselves." The villagers have a strong accent. A person from the Forestry Bureau just transferred here, and some people who didn’t understand it played Mandarin and translated it again.
The villagers knew all about the cause and effect of the tiger, but this tiger died of natural aging when it was old. It happened that they were collecting medicine in the mountains, so now they are carrying it to see if there are any departments in the country to collect it.
Soon, the only veterinarian in the county came to the left and checked again, but there was no problem. Finally, it was concluded that the tiger died of natural causes because he was too old, lost his teeth and was hungry and sick.
Veterinarians explained that the two villagers got rid of suspicion, and the forestry cadres naturally took them to the county foreign trade company to sell the tigers.
Street people look at the excitement, and they will be scattered one by one.
The two villagers got a total of 1000 yuan, and they happily turned back and soon got out of the county seat. A mountain road soon went again, passing through the intersection of two green hills and mountains, and disappeared into the vast forest in the blink of an eye.
At the moment, the main peak of Van Gogh Mountain is also the most heartland of Van Gogh Mountain, and a Miao village called Dongjiang is rising everywhere.
The village is not big, about 50 or 60 people’s houses are all made of wooden structures, which are generally three floors. The first floor is for livestock to accumulate debris, the second floor is for people to live in, and the third floor is often a granary with beautiful women to lean on.
Dongjiang Village is located in a remote place, but now it is a tourist destination. From time to time, several donkey riders come here, and most of them will be greatly praised by the original scenery and human feelings here. The "cannon" in their hands keeps aiming at the beauty and the beautiful Miao girl.
Dongjiang Village is on the first floor of a diaojiao building in the gradual progress mountain forest near the north end. The most famous hunter in those days is now a herb farmer. The locals in Li Jiu are all called Grandpa Nine.
Grandpa Jiu is packing up the herbs he has collected, and his little Sun Xiaobao is helping.
Nine grandfathers and children have gone to work outside, some have gone further in the county, and some people in the mountains have more or less some impulses, that is, to go outside the mountains. Nine grandfathers also walked when they were young. He knew that after walking around, he would know whether it was better to stay at home.
There are mountains, grass and trees. Grandpa doesn’t feel lonely. More importantly, there is little Sun Xiaobao
Xiaobao said the big tiger while helping grandpa.
Grandpa nine, a big tiger, used to see how much it was not surprising that he also hit Xiaobao. At this age, the wild animals in the forest saw how much tigers were rare. Two days ago, the two brothers, Sanyong and Wuyong, said that they were very proud of being carried to the village with the tiger. They said that they had found a dead tiger. Grandpa nine saw it at a glance and knew that the tiger had been poisoned by these two little poisons, but the tiger had no strength to jump out of the trap after eating toxic food, and finally starved to death. These two guys were also fine poisons, but they all went to the wrong place because of Sanyong and Wuyong.
Sun Xiaobao has never seen a gorgeous tiger. When you are excited these days, you don’t talk about it. At this time, you hear Xiao Sun mumbling, "Oh!"
"What did Grandpa say?" Xiaobao lift up a pink face like a full moon.
The sixth volume Bias to Hushan Travel Chapter V Wish a doctor
Yong Wu Yong two brothers have been to the county seat for two days and haven’t come back. Li Jiu has traveled from Dongjiang Village to the county seat. The average person needs one day and one night. Three Yong and Five Yong brothers have their feet. Li Jiu thinks that they should be able to go back and forth in a day. The mountain people seem to take a flat road. Worse, these two brothers have got 40% or 50% of their father’s success.
Li Jiu ye heart faint some bad feeling.
Master Li Jiu was a doctor in Zhaili, and in ancient times he was a wizard.
The wizard is almost the most prestigious person in the village. According to the current words, the knowledge in the village is divided into knowledge points.
Knowledge is power, so many important activities in the village must consult the wizard.
However, this knowledge is somewhat different now. Li Jiu often judges things based on feelings and experience. Li Jiu has a bad feeling now, but he can’t say anything if he wants to ask.
In the evening, it was dark everywhere, and soon there was silence. Occasionally, I heard a few dogs barking Niu Jiao. Suddenly, a sound broke through the silence, and there was something of anxiety and panic in the night. Grandpa Li Jiu immediately moved a little, unlike the 60-year-old man. When he rushed out of his house, he clearly heard the villagers shouting, "Three Braves and Five Braves are back!"
Soon Li Jiu arrived at the entrance of the village, and he saw that there were villagers around there.
Li Jiu dialed the crowd and saw two people lying on the ground. It was Sanyong and Wuyong. Obviously, the two of them were injured and the last section of the road seemed to climb back because of Wuyong’s ten fingers bleeding.
Master Li quickly ordered, "Bring it to my house!"
The seven hands, three feet, three brave and five brave were carried into Li Jiu Ye’s house.
By the light, I can see clearly that two people are bruised all over, three brave ones are heavier, and half of their faces have lost their bones and three broken ones; Wuyong is better physically injured, probably dragging Sanyong back to the village to climb the ground.
After Sanyong was in a coma, Wuyong immediately knelt on the ground and begged Li Jiu to save his brother.
Li Jiu Ye also didn’t listen to his bothersome words, and immediately took out a clean bowl and put it on the table. Xiaobao was very clever, and the horse added his own steamed liquor of more than 50 degrees to the bowl. At this time, Li Jiu Ye had pulled out a piece of yellow paper, and the villagers seemed to see that the old man was mumbling, and his fingers were drawing on paper, and his expression became more and more dignified. The whole brow bone became more and more dignified. Li Jiu Ye finally lit a "ha" sound, and the yellow paper was burned in the bowl, and the yellow paper was quickly turned into ashes. Li Jiu Ye stirred his fingers and let the ashes all the
They should have a tight pry at Sanyong’s mouth. Li Jiu Ye took the bowl and slid down Sanyong’s mouth. Soon Sanyong’s face and body were still bleeding, and the villagers immediately stopped the blood. It is not strange to show that they have seen Li Jiu Ye’s magical means many times. The villagers did not know that Li Jiu Ye was actually a means of wishing doctors.
Seeing blood stopped. Li Jiu didn’t take it lightly. He quickly ordered people to clean up the wounds of Sanyong and Wuyong. The wounded herbs on Li Jiu’s side were also mashed up. Soon, the wounds were carefully wound layer by layer and then bandaged.
After dealing with Sanyong, I will deal with Wuyong and Wuyong. I don’t know if it hurts. I keep asking, "How is Li Jiu?"
"The situation is not good. Can you survive these days? !” Li Jiu ye calm face said.
Wuyong wants to kneel down again because they have a grudge against this Li Jiu grandfather. These younger generations know that it is a great kindness for Li Jiu to save their two brothers.
Li Jiu quickly stopped and asked, "Did you meet a black bear on the road?" Sanyong’s half face is obviously taken off by a black bear.
Wuyong immediately nodded and explained the matter in detail.
It turned out that they were very happy when they got the money, and they didn’t put the money. The bank used to go back with the money.
This road can be described as striding back. I don’t want to go halfway. First, I was always haunted by a clever leopard. Then there was a group of wolves calling from left and right. Two brothers were also artists. I dared to speed up. I didn’t want to be attacked by three black bears in the forest. Wu Yong said that their Miao family beat back the black bear and ran away. So did he and his brother.
It’s very simple to say. In fact, it’s thrilling. Li Jiu can imagine that if Sanyong’s face was hidden a little slower at that time, his eyes would be gone. Li Jiu sighed, "Wuyong, go to the mountain temple and kneel for a day and a night to beg his old man’s forgiveness!"
Wuyong should have staggered up and left the door without daring to ask more questions.
In fact, the mountain temple is a simple wooden house with three stones in it to represent the mountain god at the intersection of the village, so that the villagers can make a mountain and worship at any time
Wuyong knelt down outside the mountain temple. He knew he was stupid and didn’t know what he had done wrong. Anyway, Li Jiu, if you are well, you must have done something wrong. Pray to the mountain god and ask for forgiveness for his brother’s mistake.

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