Yuan also got up and went back to the third floor, still sitting cross-legged, almost sure to come, and his heart followed suit.
Fang Ya Jia
It is difficult for Fang Ya to fall asleep in bed for a while. She seldom has a good sleep, which is a necessary condition to ensure her energy during the day, but she is a little different tonight.
First, I thought about what grandpa said
As soon as people are born and grow up, they will be instilled with all kinds of truths. There are some truths in Fang Ya’s head, and these truths exclude what the master said. But personally, Fang Ya believes in Grandpa, so Fang Ya’s mentality is really contradictory
It’s difficult to take the red chamber and let the other party hand over this.
Fang Ya is not afraid of difficult things. On the contrary, she likes challenging things. But this time, she feels that it is more appropriate for her grandfather to go out. After all, his Qin Bo is a peer and is more communicative.
After tossing and turning, the distant face suddenly appeared clearly in front of Fang Ya.
Fang Ya now remembered that this person named Yuan was indifferent to her beauty from the beginning to the end.
Fang Ya so angry up this angry mouth du up this state Fang Ya which or that can let the day put panic afraid to serve the boss? !
He’s probably still smiling. She’s a big lady, but she’s never seen the world full of babies. She doesn’t know her, but she wants to knock down other people’s houses. She still wants to pay them 30 million. Fang Ya has to sigh that she was so humiliated for the first time since she debuted in Fang Ya.
This field must be found back one day!
I meditated at about three o’clock in the morning, and now my surroundings have changed.
Far feel a little strange, what is pulling him?
It’s like people often say after sneezing, who is thinking about me? ! Or who is cursing? Ordinary people’s mind is actually a kind of force.
But it’s unusual to be able to pull yourself away from sitting still. Of course, it’s not harmful to the distance, so he also lets himself be pulled. He wants to see what is pulling himself.
Soon he came to a villa. From a distance, all the objects are transparent now, showing the basic lines of the objects, so he saw the scene in the room at a glance.
I smiled at a distance. It turned out that he came to a person’s dream, and he came to this dream because this person was "himself" in the dream.
It is a great power, especially when sowing seeds. It is like a Tai Chi diagram. The scene of Yin and Yang embracing each other forms a vortex due to rotation, and life is born in the center of that vortex.
If it is far from centering, it will naturally not attract him, but when he is centering, people "miss" him so much in their dreams, and he is the closest fighter in his life, so naturally he will feel an idea and come and see what is going on.
The heroine is none other than someone who appears in the daytime. The lady actually treats the sky and men as things, Fang Ya.
After seeing it clearly from a distance, she felt a little heart-broken, because in such a struggle, in the dream, she imagined herself to be a soft egg and was being bullied by this strong woman one-sidedly.
It’s an evil thing to have a yin god in the evil path and then attach it to a woman’s body, but it’s far from the same situation. Obviously, people are doing the first day of junior high school and then they have to do the fifteenth, which greatly satisfies the vanity mentality of womanism
This kind of mentality is either corrected or the principle of mentality is far away, and the situation is suddenly reversed.
In fact, this wisp of mind is only to lift the "self" created by Fang Ya in the dream up like a bucket. Strictly speaking, it is far away after that. The whole process, such as hi, he didn’t participate or perceive that it was created by Fang Ya himself, so it is not considered that he violated Fang Ya.
At four o’clock in the morning, Fang Ya was awakened by his own scream.
Just after calling the door, I "banged" on Li Shu’s stereo. "What’s up, Miss?"
Fang Ya’s forehead was sweaty and he quickly said, "Li Shu had a nightmare."
"Oh, well, call me anytime."
Listening to Li Shu’s footsteps, Fang Ya finally relaxed.
She has just been completely nervous and has some convulsions.
Fang Ya touched his blushing and burning red badly. This slight feeling made him feel like he was fishing up in the water. Fang Ya said, "Ah," and immediately he was washed to health.
The hot water melted the rain line and drenched Fang Yashen, and she felt a complicated and unutterable feeling in her heart.
God himself had a spring dream! And the hero is the one who doesn’t grow very far when he sees it during the day.
The scene in my dream gradually became clear-I was the queen, and that far away was naturally a bitch, trying to please myself in every way, but then suddenly it changed. He was suddenly more brave than himself, and the feeling was more humiliating than pleasure.
Fang Ya washed her mind and body, but it’s a dream, or she will jump the Huangpu River!
Fang Ya is lying in bed again with beautiful eyes open. She is very puzzled why she dreams far away. ! Then with him? What? How is that possible? ! What did you eat wrong last night? !
After Fang Ya chanted for several times, he finally couldn’t help but come out of the middle. He thought that he deserved it on a whim. Although it was a little mental connection, it would eventually lead to some cause and effect. It was already a fairy realm, and his face could not help but show some rare colors.
Chapter 14 All for you
At three o’clock in the morning on the third day of renting a house, I suddenly turned over and went to the stairs, and my heart could not help but feel slightly sad.
I know that just now the old man in Qin Zhenhua left.
Far to the door of Qin Zhenhua, I pushed the door gently, but I left the door unlocked and went in and saw the old man lying in bed at a glance.
Although the room was dark and far away, I could see clearly that the old man was wearing a brand-new Tang suit and went to the bedside to see clearly the old man’s face. The old man’s face was slightly smiling and his body looked very good.
Far mouth then murmured something softly.
Read it is far from being somewhat booed, because at this moment, he once again feels that the boundary between life and death is so clear.
It’s warm to touch the old man’s head far away. He’s probably gone to two worlds. It’s reassuring to know where he’s going. He thinks of the reality.
Qin Zhenhua left, so I don’t think I can live in such a good house. I think I should find another place and then slowly find a job.
Far is not going to leave at dawn because he has to watch Qin Zhenhua.
Although Qin Bo is gone, if he is tossing his body for more than ten hours, he will feel the pain far away. Of course, he will repay Qin Bo these days.
This is his blessing. When he left, he had a monk to "help him walk".
As far away as Qin Bo’s room, when I sat at about ten o’clock, I heard a crisp knocking at the door, and I knew from a distance that it was a beautiful lady.
I think of Qin Zhenhua talking about this the night before last. Sometimes people think that the person who Qin Zhenhua entrusted to arrange the funeral came.
I was surprised to see Suchen when I hit the door far away.
Su Chen’s hand stopped in the rack of the wardrobe’s daily suit when he was leaving to change clothes.
Finally, my eyes stopped at two sets of professional suits, one of which was slightly pink and somewhat active, and she personally preferred the other one was dignified black.

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