After a while, I heard Su Chen’s "Deng Deng" building, and soon I heard Su Chen’s voice "Go Jianghu for emergency!"
It’s as far as sitting still as a bodhisattva, watching your nose and heart.
Suchen came and dragged away. "Why are you still sitting here?"? !”
Far lazy way "how river’s lake emergency again? Don’t go! "
"Let’s go" Suchen leaned over the far ear and suddenly whispered, "I’ll stay at night."
"Well, you say it!" Get up far away
Suchen pecked at the far face. "Aren’t you a big fairy? Why this bite? !”
Far smiled and laughed. "What’s on your mind?"
Su Chen straightened his chest and said, "Isn’t it?"
Let’s go. Don’t keep that unlucky young talent waiting for a long time.
Su Chen’s mind was a little restless when he was driving. He asked, "Who made the noise?"
"There is also a strong man who walks with me outside the top three men. Recently, he has been in the United States for a lawsuit. He just came back yesterday. He called one after another and said that he had something important to talk about when he met." Suchen said it in one breath.
"How does that compare with those three?"
Suchen thought for a moment, "It shouldn’t be so annoying, because some topics can still be talked about by colleagues." After a pause, Suchen took a long look and said, "Well, this other person is quite funny."
Far heart, it seems that Suchen still has a good impression on this person, but it’s a pity that he was so completely ruined by his horizontal knife.
"Don’t think about it!" Seeing the strange look on his face, Su Chen immediately said, "I have nothing to do with him but I can still chat with him."
Far smiled "I don’t want to even have no confidence in you.
Have confidence. "
"Hum!" Suchen vacated his right arm and pinched it at a distance.
Ten minutes away, I saw Suchen drive to Sinian University. It can’t be here, can it? I was thinking that Suchen suddenly stopped the car and thought about it with his head sideways, then turned his head to the distance and said seriously, "So you can go to school first and have a look first."
"I’m afraid of a you to you so English SHEN WOO is not a big blow to each other? ! If it seriously affects each other’s lives from now on, I don’t want to bear this responsibility. "
Far smiled "you have so good? !”
"No, he’s not Gechuan, they’re colleagues, and after all, they’re my predecessors. I used to be very fond of me, too. How about I talk to him first and then call you back?" Seeing the distance is still there, Chi Suchen is coquetry. "Go on, go to your alma mater and turn around for half an hour."
"Where is the place?"
"It’s the birch forest cafe outside the school. Aurora University knows it!"
It’s a coincidence to pull the door when you are far away from "Oh". "Then I’ll go first!" When he said it, Che Suchen shouted "Wait a minute!" Far away, Su Chentou leaned in and kissed him quickly on the far face. "Go around and look around your eyes and don’t aim at those beautiful girls!"
Far smiled at the car.
Suchen looked at the far back and there was a sweet feeling on her head, but on second thought, I wanted to see that guy, and I couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed. In Suchen’s heart, this same persistent guy did take up some weight. This person’s attitude was sincere, and he was also a good lawyer. He could see that he was infatuated with himself. Gechuan and others seemed to be so affectionate that they really wanted to lose their minds completely. Their horses would think that it was easy for them to immerse themselves in another joyous event because of their status, but if this one told the fact that he already had a boyfriend, it was estimated that the fragile little heart might be
At this time, barrister Song was waiting anxiously at Baihualin Cafe.
On the third day of returning home, I asked Suchen out, which made Song feel a little excited and confused. I don’t know if Suchen will actually give him a blow.
Let’s talk about walking on the campus of Aurora University. At this time, it is already dark, and students are going to study at night.
Far away, watching them walk and listening to them talk, the past years passed by like running water, and there was a fresh and familiar smell in the air.
How many times have Yuan Su walked side by side here at night, and his face smiled slightly sweetly. He couldn’t help thinking that their love was late in their senior year, so that they both chose to study at Aurora University as graduate students, which made their love mature, develop and mature until the back was unbreakable.
The joy of winning the grand prize is still fresh in my memory today. Su Ye, the first-ranked school flower in Aurora University, liked himself and surprised almost everyone. The only thing that surprised everyone was that he was very calm after accepting Su Ye’s love, and he did not live up to the names of the two monsters in chemistry at that time.
Walking far away, I came to the library unconsciously.
I wonder if I will happen to meet Feng Yu in the silver fir forest opposite the library. Just like this, I think that there are more people in front of me, so I can see what a group of students are watching.
I left the past and was surrounded by classmates. It was a scene surrounded by police green and yellow streamers, and it was obvious that someone should have died in this place four or five hours ago because there was still a faint scent of blood in the air.
People are talking about it, and they quickly understand what it is. It turned out to be a male researcher who jumped from the library building five hours ago.
There was a trace of sadness in the distance, and he didn’t blame the suicidal classmate because he once had the same idea, and people wouldn’t abandon their relatives until one thousand.
Words flow in front of your eyes and ears. A simple and ordinary face presents an expression in front of you, but it seems to be an expression after liberation.
At this time, I heard a student say, "BBs: I still posted this guy, but it was deleted by the administrator soon."
"What did you say?"
"Without saying anything, I said that I lost confidence in life, and I felt that I had been trying to turn over from primary school to high school to college, trying to change my family situation and make my loved ones live better, but my major was not good, it was hard to find a job, and I felt too tired and committed suicide."
Another sighed, "It’s almost graduation."
"I can say that I can’t think for a while."
A road next to it said, "It seems that our school is going to be famous this time. Graduate students feel that it is difficult to commit suicide. What is the problem? Reagan is still in education."
At this time, some people said, "Someone posted a title in Tianya," The library jumped and the ivory tower collapsed! 》”
The rest of the people’s path "is not like this!"

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