Work is going on normally. In a short time, Yang Zongyin came to the door. Since Ruan Bin came, Yang Zong has become a shopkeeper of cutting and rarely comes to the place. Everyone is surprised.
Come with Yang Zong and Ruan Bin. They walked into the company together again. There seems to be something to talk about on the second floor.
Ruanbin saw Xia at a glance when he walked in, but he didn’t say that he was chatting with Yang Zong and went to the office on the second floor.
Colleagues talked about "How did Yang Zong come today? Did he talk about any big projects?"
"I haven’t heard of any big projects. I guess it’s going to give benefits to our employees. Jingjing, you must get the most."
Feng Jingjing looked proud. "That’s a must. By the way, I negotiated with Datong Project to have dinner with General Manager Gao today. You all go and support the scene."
"Do you still need us to invite Mr. Gao to dinner?"
"I didn’t invite Mr. Gao to dinner, but Mr. Gao invited our team to dinner at night. Whoever doesn’t go just doesn’t give me a high-end place."
At this time, Tian Li just came out of the office and heard everyone talking and echoed "I have to go or not to be absent from work today."
When she saw Xia, she casually asked, "Xia is in good health."
"yeah, okay."
"Well, let’s go together in the evening." Before Xia could reply, she left in a hurry. The second floor should have been called by two leaders.
Tang Sitian asked softly, "Can you really go to the body?"
Chennai said, "Director Tian said that. Can I not go? If it’s a big deal, I’ll show up and look for an opportunity. Anyway, the protagonist is not us."
"Yes, you think the same as me. Let’s go together then."
Feng Jingjing saw Tian Li and suddenly changed the subject on the second floor, saying, "Er, do you guess if Director Tian is going to get a promotion? Didn’t Ruan always say that he would leave in three months? Is Ruan always ready to go back to the capital?"
Colleagues are suspicious of this statement. "Well, it’s possible."
Xia bowed his head and said nothing, but his throat was still sore. Even his chest was stuffy. Is it because of me that Ruan always really wants to go?
Thinking has strength, and she is even less energetic.
She was sitting in the position, playing with a circle of friends with her mobile phone to hide her loss. Suddenly, she saw Ruan Bin update a message. Just three minutes ago, he said it was the new year from the beginning again.
She’s even worse. What does that mean? Are you really leaving?
Chapter 20 Dinner clearance (1)
Datong Tuangao has always been famous for his lavishness. He booked the most expensive box in the best Yixuan restaurant in Hang Cheng.
Besides its unique and first-class cuisine, the most important thing about Yixuan is its geographical location.
Yixuan is built on the back of the mountain and surrounded by water and lake on three sides. If you want to enjoy the scenery of Jiangnan, this is the best place to look at the bureau.
There are two big round tables in the box, and it is still very spacious. One table with the leader will be sweet, and the atmosphere will be active. The rest will accompany the leader. For example, Tang Sitian and Xia.
Tang Si said sweetly, "Do you think Director Tian and Feng Jingjing are like a pimp and a joke?"
In the summer, director Tian and Feng Jingjing took care of today’s protagonist, General Gao, with food and wine, which is really like it.
Tang Sitian added, "Do you think Yang Zong is like the big boss Ruan behind the scenes? It seems that he is not in the state today and is barely a guest?"
Xia couldn’t help laughing. He looked up and glanced at Ruanbin and nodded and said, "Well, your analysis is reasonable."
Ruanbin’s eyes just glanced at her at this moment, and she smiled half. She quickly closed her mouth and continued to lower her head to eat.
Eating Tang Sitian suddenly seemed to discover a new continent and said, "Wow, Zhou Haolin posted the coordinates of the night scene in a circle of friends, and the location is near here. Why don’t you ask him to come and lend us?"
"Don’t bother others," Xia decisively refused.
"Hey, tell me honestly if something happened between you two."
Summer playing dumb "ah no"
"Don’t lie to me. Before New Year’s Day, he took the initiative to ask me about you. After New Year’s Day, he didn’t have any movement. After all these years, I still know him a little. It’s not like him. Tell me quickly."
Xia was forced to say, "I told him I already have someone I like."
Tang Sitian stare big eyes incredibly asked "who"
"shh? ? Do you want everyone to hear you? "
"Then tell me who that person is." Tang Sitian was very excited and didn’t know where that person was inferior to Zhou Haolin.
Xia didn’t answer positively, but looked guiltily at Ruanbin’s side. He was chatting, laughing and drinking with Feng Jingjing clinking glasses.
Tang Sitian followed her eyes to see the people at that table. Is it pleasing to the eye that RuanBin looks at it? ? Tang Sitian stare big eyes again "summer should not be? ?”
Xia hurriedly covered her mouth. "Shh, please stop talking."
Tang Sitian wait for a while nodded for a long time and couldn’t react from the consternation. She looked at Ruan Bin again in the summer. One was a newcomer who just entered the society and the other was a mature and handsome senior leader. It’s really not surprising that Xia Neng likes Ruan Bin, but these two people should not go together, right?
Tang Si said sweetly, "Your eyes are really high. What about him? Is he interesting to you?"
Xia shook his head in dismay.
Tang Sitian patted her on the shoulder and comforted, "Alas, this is normal, so don’t be persistent. I still think Zhou Haolin is more suitable for you. People like Ruan have an unpredictable background and you can’t control it."

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