Chapter one hundred Shanzhai mad dog
It took Lazio more than 30 minutes to get used to the game against Rome.
This time they didn’t last that long, about ten minutes, when Lazio launched a threatening attack.
It was a chance to face Edwin van der Sar directly if Rio Dinande hadn’t ruined cazorla’s goal.
This attack was launched by Motta.
Changsheng saw this scene in your court. Although cavani didn’t score, he clenched his fist happily.
Then he went back to the coach’s seat and asked Rudy Gonzalez for a bottle of water and drank half a bottle at a time.
The attack returned to normal and he was relieved.
Then the Lazio offensive appeared one after another, and Manchester United was forced to shrink its defense and was pushed back by Lazio.
Ferguson’s brow wrinkled a little.
Lazio returned to normal faster than he thought, and he was a little surprised.
This team is really amazing, and that China is also amazing …
In seven days, he recreated a set of offensive and defensive tactics …
If he remembers correctly, this is not the first time that Changsheng has shown such a miracle, is it?
Lazio is so strong that Ferguson wants to beat this team even more.
Only by beating them can we prove that Manchester United is the strongest team, so that Manchester United can move forward and finally win the Champions League.
Sir Alex Ferguson has won a Champions League title in his life, which is a knot in his heart.
The coach who has become famous in Britain has not as many Champions League titles as bill shankly, like Bob Paisley and Brian Clough, who have at least two Champions League titles. Clough has two Paisley and three, and even if he is a root, there is one like Ferguson.
Now these strange coaches are retired and very dead.
Ferguson hopes to win another Champions League title and at least two Champions League titles, right?
Last year’s final was a great opportunity for him. Manchester United was almost at its peak that season.
The overall state of the players is excellent.
But lost to Lazio led by Changsheng in the final.
Ferguson was deeply grieved by this defeat. Although he never showed it, he never gave up the idea of seeking revenge from Lazio.
It is a great opportunity for him to win Lazio in the Champions League quarter-final.
Seeing Motta very active, Ferguson realized that it was impossible to continue to be suppressed by Lazio.
We must counterattack because the ball is in Motta’s foot and Motta is in the lower back.
We can’t let him hide in the back and control the ball!
Ferguson saw that Lazio’s tactical intention was to compress all three of his lines into one line and then … let them penetrate.
Because they have excellent breakthrough players like Gotze and cazorla in the frontcourt, plus Motta’s direct goal.
In Ferguson’s view, the most threatening person in Lazio is either Gotze, cazorla or Motta.
To freeze Mota Lazio’s attack is to liberate Manchester United’s attack when they can’t fight.
The attack that must be pressed out will burn the opponent’s half and can’t stay on his side.
He told his assistant coach Mullenstein, "Tell the boys to press out bravely to turn things around and let Carrick and Rooney attack Motta back and forth."
Mullenstein got up and walked to the sidelines and shouted at the stadium.
Soon when Lazio attacked, it was found that Manchester United’s resistance was more tenacious.
They have increased their interception and running, and they are found in almost every corner of the stadium.
This makes Lazio a little uncomfortable.
When they advance, they will encounter stubborn resistance and siege from each other.
After being destroyed by Manchester United several times in this way, the lazio players are more surprised and more uncomfortable.
They can’t say what it is, but they just feel uncomfortable …
This awkward feeling influenced them to play Lazio offensive and was gradually pushed back.
It’s hard to master the initiative and gradually fall behind.
In the deafening cheers at Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester United regained the wind and their offensive became fierce.
Lazio players feel uncomfortable. Why would they feel uncomfortable?
The touchline winner saw it clearly, and not only Rudy Gonzalez, the assistant coach next to him, also saw it. He suddenly snorted "That’s interesting."
Changsheng ignored him but turned to look next door.
Ferguson is still sitting in the coach’s seat. Assistant coach Moerens Teng has just returned.
Old Sir Alex sat in his position with his legs crossed and chewing gum in his mouth. He looked calm.
Changsheng smiled.
As Rudy Gonzalez said, this is really interesting.
I didn’t expect Ferguson to claim that the way to deal with Lazio turned out to be … give a man his own medicine!
Does Ferguson watch Draco, too?
Manchester United’s attack against Lazio is a preemptive attack.
Li Yuan ran to encircle Lazio and then suppressed Lazio with a powerful offensive.
Because of Manchester United’s offensive, they have more time to move in the frontcourt, and their players are closer to Motta, so they can continue to put pressure on Motta.
Even if they appear behind them because of this, they will not care if they may be countered by Lazio.
It seems that they know very well that Motta is the biggest threat to them, and Lazio players must put an end to Motta’s situation of hiding behind.
After being crushed, they ran for Motta and went.
Sure enough, what they did paid off.
Motta looked a little embarrassed when he was sandwiched between two or three people on the other side
Lazio’s attack suddenly became somewhat unsustainable …

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