"Don’t get me wrong, Miss Lin, I am!" See windson don’t cooperate with a burly middle-aged man jumped out of the crowd and said anxiously, "We’ll talk about it here or this safe place."
"We’re all right. Go and collect the body of that guy. There are no other snipers near the one hundred and third floor of that building on the right." Windson said easily.
Middle-aged people looked at the track, and finally Lin Feng got into the building on the right. As expected, he soon received the news. On the 113th floor, he found a body with a heavy sniper rifle and a big hole between the eyebrows.
"Master Lin is really a wise head makes a close mouth!" Ah gave a thumbs-up and praised again and again. "But it’s not clear whether there is another killer, Miss Lin, Master Han. Let’s go home first. There are so many people here."
Lin Fengwen looked at the two women around him and wanted them to make up their minds. Although Lin Fengwen was sure to protect them, I don’t know if they were interested in shopping after this assassination.
Chen Junya pursed her lips and thought for a long time. "Uncle, I don’t want to go back yet. I haven’t had enough fun yet! Besides, having a cousin to protect us won’t be dangerous. "
Han Yu seldom has the opportunity to go shopping with Lin Feng and doesn’t want to go back there.
After entangled with Ah for half a day, Chen Junya finally got his consent and had to continue to play, but to prevent another assassination, Ah transferred a large number of hands to follow Lin Feng and them.
Windson is very tired of bodyguards around him, but knowing that the other party is also kind can’t be casual. Han Yu and Chen Junya are used to it, so they don’t care if the bodyguards around them continue to go shopping with great interest.
Han Yu, wearing a purple low-cut evening gift in front of the counter of high-end women’s clothing, turned several times in front of Lin Feng and asked, "How about this dress?"
"Good, good, but the collar is too low!" Lin Feng said with bedroom eyes, "But you can buy it and wear it for me."
To tell the truth, this purple evening gift is like Han Yu’s tailor-made, which generally reflects her exquisite figure. With Han Yu’s mature, noble temperament, elegant and absolutely beautiful, the shopping guide ladies are envious and jealous.
"You want to be beautiful!" Han Yu Xi Xi smiled and just wanted to go back to the locker room, but now Lin Feng’s eyes are fixed on her.
Chapter two hundred and three? !
Jade turned her head and saw a tall, curvy young man with a gorgeous black dress coming out of the dressing room. This beautiful woman is cold and has a breath of rejecting people thousands of miles away. She has a shawl and a pair of rimmed glasses. Through the lens, she can see that she has blue eyes as pure as the sea, high nose and sexy lips. The facial lines are clearer than those of a hybrid of western descent.
May be noticed windson line of sight half-blood beauty eyebrows a wrinkly with disgust at windson suddenly look big leng after a few seconds turned and hurried back to the locker room.
"What’s the matter with the wind? Who is she? " Han Yu asked strangely about her experience and guessed that Lin Feng must have something special with this half-blood beauty. She couldn’t help sighing in her heart when she thought of this. "This little friend is really not worrying and I don’t know how many women he has outside."
"Nothing seems to be a friend!" Windson try to calm yourself and say
"Cousin cousin you look at my body this dress? Ah-"Chen Junya changed a white princess dress and even jumped out but accidentally bumped into the half-blood beauty.
Lin Fengnai stepped forward to hold the two people’s doubts and said to the half-blood beauty, "Sydney doesn’t have to turn around and go even if she doesn’t want to meet again."
It turned out that the half-blood beauty was in the underground world of clone star and Lin Fengsheng had Feng Xueli, who had not met each other for several years since the brain-addicted beast incident.
"This gentleman, are you mistaken for someone else?" Feng Xueli patted windson hand back two steps coldly say
Windson one leng shook his head frowned light way "is it? That is really embarrassed. "
Feng Xueli’s aversion to men is something that Lin Feng has long known, but he also heard Feng Xueli personally say that she doesn’t feel disgusted with Lin Feng’s touch, otherwise they wouldn’t have given birth to Feng Xueli’s previous expression. Lin Feng also clearly knew that she must have recognized herself, but she didn’t expect that she would turn against people and pretend to be a root and not know herself.
To tell the truth, Lin Feng has no feelings for Feng Xueli. He was born because of the other party’s initiative. He just showed up in the beauty. It is purely a need. Since the other party now pretends not to know himself, he doesn’t want to contact Lin Feng again. There is no need to go to a hot face and stick a cold ass.
Feng Xueli glanced at Lin Feng with her face upturned, and her look seemed a little flustered. She turned and continued to walk back to the dressing room.
The more confused Lin Feng is, there is no need to panic even if she doesn’t want to see herself again. Is she afraid that she will continue to pester her? What a joke!
At this moment, suddenly a crisp woman came from not far away. "Have you picked out your clothes for Sydney?"
Lin Feng and Han Yu turned around to see a pretty young girl coming with a little boy about 45 years old.
The little boy in the girl’s arms is very cute and looks like a tiger. He shouts, "Mom, mom, I want to eat ice cream! Sister Millie won’t buy it for me! "
Seeing this little boy, Lin Feng felt a quiver all over his body, and his heart couldn’t help beating fast.
Feng Xueli didn’t seem to hear Millie and the little boy shouting, but her feet were more urgent.
"live!" Windson suddenly low drink a Feng Xueli footsteps a lag but didn’t turn around.
"Ah Feng, what the hell is going on?" Han Yu watched the scratching his head and asked.
"Sister Yu, it’s a long story. I’ll tell you when I get back!" Windson patted Hanyu’s shoulder and no longer ignored Feng Xueli and walked towards Emily and the little boy.
"What do you want?" Emily saw windson stretched out his hands at the little boy and immediately took a step back and asked warily.
"What are you doing? I can’t hold my son! " Windson when’ tis once spoken everyone is silly except the little boy in a daze.
"Your son?" Or Emily to react first, she seemed to think of something and suddenly shouted, "So you are the one who abandoned his wife and heart breaker! Do you still have the face to come back and hug? "
Lin Feng is also stupid and scolded for being stupid. What is this and what?
"Table … Cousin … Sister Yu, is this girl serious?" Chen Junya was dumbfounded and asked
"I don’t know, but I don’t think Ah Feng will do this." Hanyu’s tone is not so sure.
Don’t be handsome, Hu Fei. People like you should be beaten to death! I tell you ….. "See windson not Emily also he consciously indefensible and more energised, just like eating stimulants, pointing to windson’s nose and constantly cursing like she was abandoned.
"Shut up!" Lin Fengren can bear to drink low, but it is not big, but it is like a bolt from the blue in Emily’s ear, which makes her face white and her feet soft and almost fall to the ground. Of course, she can’t scold.
Lin Feng continued to stretch out his hands to the little boy in the previous step and gently said, "Come to daddy!"
The little boy looked at Lin Feng curiously, perhaps because of some nature or blood connection. He smiled and spread his arms at Lin Feng.
"Lin Feng, what do you want?" At the moment when windson was going to hold the little boy, Feng Xueli rushed to protect him and Emily behind him and drink a way with great anger.
"You shut up, too!" Lin Fengwei held Feng Xueli in place with a little thought, and held the little boy in his arms. At the moment when his hands contacted the little boy, the feeling of blood connection was even stronger. "It was my son!" Windson was ecstatic and kissed the little boy in the face.
Lin Feng’s intuition is extremely keen. When the little boy appeared in Lin Feng’s sight, Lin Feng felt the feeling of blood connection and the feeling when he met light snow in Tran Star. It was easy to infer that Lin Feng remembered Feng Xueli’s words when he had a good time with himself in the underground world.
"My grandmother and mother both know my personality and often advise me not to lose confidence in men because of them. They all hope that I can lead a normal life …"
"But I never paid attention to what they said until my grandmother was still in my business at the moment before she died and worried that I didn’t want her to die with regret …"

"So I swear in front of my grandmother that this generation will find a man! If possible, he will give birth to a child! So grandma went to her heart … "
I remember that when making love several times later, Feng Xueli specifically asked not to take measures. At that time, Lin Feng was still "young" and agreed with a less clever attitude. I didn’t expect to win the bid in the end …
After thinking about it, Lin Feng smiled and looked at the son in his arms gently and asked, "What’s your name, son?"
Hear windson steady hanyu and clever Chen Junfei have the urge to roll their eyes. Being a father actually asks his son’s name. This is really shocking …
"My name is Lin Lei, and my mother calls me Xiao Lei." The little boy’s grandmother answered angrily and then asked hopefully, "Are you a father? I just heard you say it was dad! "
"That’s right! I am your father! " Windson turned to look at Feng Xueli, and his heart was unhappy and a lot less. Feng Xueli gave birth to his son, but he didn’t tell him. Now he is desperately trying to hide that Lin Feng is very dissatisfied, but when he heard the name of his son, it was a sigh of relief. She also admitted that Lin Lei was his own son and didn’t let him follow her surname, Feng. In this case, Lin Feng doesn’t intend to rename his son. The name Lin Lei is also good. It’s always the wind is thunder …
"Dad, it’s very kind of you to be a father! Dad, have you finally come back to see my mother and me? " Lin Lei cheered in windson arms.
Lin Feng was a little sad and didn’t know how Feng Xueli talked to her son, but she looked forward to her father’s appearance. "Well, dad is back, and dad will take you home now, okay?"
"Yes, yes, let’s go home together!" Lin Lei clap hands call way

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