Yang Xiu didn’t know how long it was before he stole, so he slowly approached Yang Xiu naked near the magic array.
Ten feet away from the magic array, I saw that his hand pushed a sharp knife wind and blew the magic array away. When he saw that there was no magic weapon of the ring and the magic weapon of body double, he couldn’t help but feel a heartache and secretly vowed to return everything twice today in the future.
Seeing that things have been picked up by the other party, he will stay here for a while and then leave here.
Yang Xiu banned the law department outside the abode of fairies and immortals and released Bai Zhi, the ghost king and Jiman from Gankun’s hand. Someone came around to disturb him.
After everything was done, he took out all the character bags, such as the ring and Yu Na, to see what was in them.
Na several character bags have not been checked because they were in a hurry to refine Yin Lingjing at that time.
It took more than an hour to sort out all the bags and the ring things stolen by the magic beggar.
I didn’t expect that this time there were more than 500,000 lingshi, not to mention the magic weapon materials of Dan medicine. These are also worth a lot of lingshi. Among these people, the beggar stealing God is the richest, and there are more than 300 lingshi in the ring of other things alone.
"I don’t know if he auctioned the blue-flame meteorite." Xiu Xi said in his heart
For those magic weapons, because he already has the blood tooth thorn and the purple jade gourd, he didn’t refine the others, but all of them were put together. After Ying and Wang Daoxian succeeded in building the foundation, they sent two people a few pieces.
When Yang Xiu saw the eagle hook flashing, he claimed to be full of spirituality. This is because it is a magic weapon for the thief to steal the name of the god, but the thief has not yet died, so it is not easy to accept it.
If you want to refine this pair of eagle claws, you will gradually quench your heart and refine it to its original owner, Yuan Jingxue, so that you can collect it. This is not a short time, even if you have to wait until next year.
Yang Xiu saw that this pair of eagle claws is often suitable for the attack mode of the ghost, and it is hard and sharp. Even Bai Zhi’s giant stick can’t be hard-jointed, so he left it to the ghost.
In this way, the ghost can escape into the virtual ability at any time, which is not even more powerful, but it will take some time for the ghost to refine slowly if it wants to see the effect
And that ring is a relatively advanced magic weapon. There are 50 cubic meters in it, so Yang Xiu gave it to Jimanlai. It was intended to give it, but I thought that it would bring harm to her only now when she was practicing.
[the second more]
Chapter one hundred and ninety-one Set out
The magic beggar stole God’s magic weapon of body double-the "patched gown" has a consumable magic weapon, which is less once (pm).
After Bai Zhi’s examination, it can still be used once, and it will run out of spiritual strength.
It’s not perfect, but it’s better than Yang Xiu’s. I refined it and put it on my body button, which can save my life.
But this "body double magic weapon" also has a defect, that is, when you make it, everything outside will fall off.
This is why the magic beggar stole the sacred ring and fell to the ground just now.
Even his life method fell because it was entangled in the bones of the ghost king.
Therefore, I dare not make body double’s magic weapon easily unless I have to, because he is not sure whether the things in Gan Kun’s hands will also drop after making body double’s magic weapon.
Otherwise, it would be a big loss if the magic beggar stole the same magic weapon as God.
And the magic weapon can be used once, and he can’t try it, so he has to use it as a last resort to save his life
Two months later, a sea-going ship made of pure iron sailed slowly on the sea surface of Biandao.
Although the ship is not huge, it is not small. There are twenty houses on two floors.
Moreover, several cannons were set up on both sides of the hull, and twenty sailors operated iron boats to move forward.
Suddenly, when the sea was calm, the wind and the big wave beat the boat and it felt like the horse was about to be overturned.
However, these sailors on the ship’s surface are obviously experienced people. Seeing this, they didn’t panic or do their own work in an orderly way.
And a man sitting on the deck of a ship with a big face and a rough face couldn’t help but cold hum. He got up and saw a flash of brilliance from his hand without shooting into the sea.
But for a moment, the sea was calm again, as if the vision had never been born just now
At this time, that Guanghua flew out of the sea again and returned to the big fellow’s hand, but it was an inch long and Jin Jian was still breathing golden light.
There were also 6 people in the ship room who came out to ask the big fellow what had happened.
"It’s just a’ two-winged carp essence’ equivalent to the foundation period. I have solved the problem of blame and fear." The big fellow said otherwise.
"Thank you, friend." A pale-faced, stooped old man said, "But now that there are more monsters outside the island, let’s not let our guard down."
Although there are some concerns in the words, its expression and tone are very cold.
"Don’t worry, Mr. Lin, if we don’t go deep into the overseas seas, we won’t worry about these places with so many monks." A stout middle-aged man laughed. "But Mr. Lin hasn’t told us where to go this time?"
Middle-aged Chinese a say that finish the rest of the people couldn’t help looking at the rickety old housekeeper-Lin is obviously very heart this problem.
When housekeeper Lin saw this, she said calmly, "Even if Deng Daoyou doesn’t tell me, I’m going to tell you today. Come with me into the cabin and I’ll tell you slowly."
They smell speech can’t help but face lit up hurriedly with Lin Guanjia into the cabin.
Sit quietly in turn. Butler Lin slowly glanced at the monks and said, "This time, the place we are going to is a famous island in Wan Li."
"Fifty thousand Li!" Deng Daoyou and other seven monks here smell speech look suddenly some rain or shine with a frown.
"50,000 Li is very close to the offshore area. The high-order monster beast in it is beyond our ability to deal with!"
A 70-year-old man with a dusty head in his hand murmured and showed a confused look, which was also very ugly.
Lin Guanjia saw the crowd’s reaction lightly. "Close is not to be careful. You won’t encounter high-order monster beasts, and even if you meet the monster beasts in Yuan infant period, how many of us are able to cope with it if we don’t meet them in droves?" They all have their own fields, so don’t worry. "
Listen to the housekeeper Lin said that they can’t help but still have some dissatisfaction. After all, all of you here are old monsters who have lived for so many years. Who knows! Even if there is a possibility of one in ten thousand, it will make everyone feel palpitation.
And the other party just told everyone now, which makes people feel quite hostile.
"So are we going to send you to the island and leave?" One of the female monks asked the housekeeper Lin again.
Lin Guanjia said, "There is a abode of fairies and immortals on the island. Just send us to the entrance of the abode of fairies and immortals."
"abode of fairies and immortals?" They smell speech in the heart can’t help but move up all kinds of thoughts and forget the dissatisfaction just now.
Manager Lin saw all this in his eyes and flashed a sneer at his heart, but he didn’t show anything.
"I wonder if housekeeper Lin knows if there is any danger on the island?" Another bald monk also asked
Lin Guanjia said, "That is a shortage of people."
There should be nothing else besides some monster beasts, but it is not clear because of my experience. "
"The island must have inhabited a lot of nearby monsters in the offshore waters and it is likely to be in danger of high-level monsters!" The hand dust old shake head a way
Lin Guanjia said, "There must be some risks. If it is a normal place, we will go there ourselves. Where do we have to invite friends from all walks of life? And we have invited so many monks to escort us just to minimize the risk. After all, we don’t want to encounter any accidents on the way. "
I feel a little embarrassed to hear housekeeper Lin say this. After all, the reward is not low this time. They also thought in advance that escort would not be easy and there would be some danger, but now they hesitate but do something.
"We can’t blame you if Mr. Lin didn’t tell us the destination in advance. After all, you have to keep it a secret, but the destination is close to the overseas sea, and the danger will be as simple as what Mr. Lin said, so we have to agree in advance that if there is any irresistible accident on the way, we can choose to leave and you promise us the reward, but what will happen?" The old man with a dust in his hand said

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