Let’s talk about Xia Yaoyu’s sudden illness, coma and sobriety. Suddenly he was bedridden for a few days, and people were as thin as firewood. All the doctors were helpless and said that his life was hopeless and he could write a testament.
Let’s not talk about the emperors and the major forces in the DPRK, secretly arranging and shaking the wind and rain, saying that Xia Yaoyu himself
Although his whole person is in a state of malaise, he is relatively awake for half an hour every day, but he is able to speak in his mouth and it is difficult to feel this silently.
And he didn’t feel well when he was in a coma.
It was dark around in his sleep, and the evil wind in the forest was miserable, and the shadows of the trees were dancing. Now he is old, and there is a fierce-looking monster who braves a ghost fire and is like a spectre. He won’t let go of him. Every time he feels that he will fall into the mouth of an evil spirit, he is so frightened that he can’t look back and run straight ahead.
He vaguely felt that there seemed to be another light in front of him. I don’t know if he thought he would run to the light, but the light seemed to be close at hand, but he could not reach it in the end
In this way, he repeatedly lingered in a coma, and when he was awake, he felt the pain and help of his body, as well as the cold sweat around him and the ministers, concubines and emperors who flashed their eyes, urging him to make a testamentary edict as soon as possible.
These people are buzzing in his ear like thousands of mosquitoes, which makes him dizzy and angry. He wants them all to stop, but he can’t even stop them. But there doesn’t seem to be a white man here who wants to kill all these people.
And after the coma, the nightmare continued to fall into fear and escape.
In this way, after half a month, Xia Yaoyu’s eyes are completely trapped, leaving a heart and bones, and a mummy model is alive. People who don’t occasionally tremble their eyelids will believe that this is a living person.
No one will believe that he will live again, but he dare not just watch him die. Therefore, every day, some precious supplements are used to hang his breath, and the competition among various forces in the imperial court is becoming more and more fierce. Xia Yaoyu says that he will endure pain and suffering every day.
Just when he was desperate, he suddenly stepped out of his whole body and was suddenly surrounded by a layer of white light. The shadows of the dark evil wind and spectre disappeared with all of them. Instead, it was a piece of golden light, and the fairyland fairy crane flew leisurely in it. The clouds glowed with the breeze, and the dragons and phoenixes were ringing and singing.
Just when he was at a loss, his feet suddenly moved, and a floating cloud actually held him up and flew towards the unusually bright but not dazzling white light in front.
From time to time, there are fairies with flower baskets and petals scattered on the road, so that the whole air is filled with a fragrance and refreshing spirit. Sometimes there are cranes with fairy fruits in their hands, and the entrance of fairy fruits will melt into nectar and dew, which will not be beautiful.
Just when he was intoxicated, his eyes suddenly lit up and he saw a figure about 100 feet high in a moonlight robe appearing in front of him. The figure was ethereal and ethereal, and he felt that he wanted to go away with the wind at any time, which made people unable to help but worship. That’s what Xia Yaoyu did, crawling to the ground like a devout believer.
He doesn’t seem to know that he is the ninth five-year-old statue and that he should do so at present.
The back moved slowly and turned his head. Suddenly, a breath of majesty spread out at his feet, naturally giving birth to auspicious clouds and falling petals. Yue Xian suddenly sounded, and in "Wonderland", all the fairies, cranes, dragons, phoenixes and beasts crawled to the ground towards this person.
"Er is people broke into my free and unfettered temple? And has left a soul four’ o should enter the hell "figure looked at Xia Yaoyu asked.
It sounds like thunder, but it’s not deafening. It’s full of pressure and it’s straight through the mind, so people dare not hide anything.
Xia Yaoyu was startled when he heard the place! Begged "ask for mercy in one life, ask for mercy in one life"
He looked at the "fairy" and knew that he could not give any reward. He kept repeating this sentence and begged the other party to be merciful.
Seeing "Fairy" is as beautiful as jade. It looks very young, but once you move your eyes, you can’t remember each other’s appearance.
"You have to do your best to change your life and go to hell to report it. It’s delayed for an hour." Fairy refused unmoved.
However, Xia Yaoyu’s constant pleading for tears is also grief.
"That’s all." Fairy seems to be deeply felt by the other party. "Since you can come to my happy temple, it’s also a kind of fate, so I’ll give you a chance to continue your life."
"Thank you, fairy, thank you, fairy. In the future, I will definitely wish to extensively repair the temple and carry forward the fairy’s kindness." Xia Yaoyu was greatly grateful when he saw the other party.
"At noon on Sunday, you send someone to wait for a Taoist priest passing by at Changqiao. That’s my reincarnation. If you can worship him, he will extend your life!"
"Fairy?" Xia Yaoyu also wanted to say something about thugs, but suddenly a cool breeze came and immediately sent him out of the happy fairyland. As soon as the scenery changed, she heard her ears screaming at the concubines.
"What’s the matter with you? Doctor Tai, come and see! "
"Why does the Emperor Cure too much talk in dreams?"
"alas! I wonder if I can wake up and make a will! "
Xia Yaoyu was annoyed when he heard the noise around him, but when he remembered the fairy tale just now, he couldn’t help but flush an excited color. This silk excited color fell beside these people’s eyes and caused a panic and confusion.
He is too lazy to argue with these people now, and suddenly he shouted, "Somebody!"
"The gods bless the emperor to speak!" A concubines excited way
"Emperor", a minister, went to listen to the question "Do you want to leave a testamentary edict?"
"I’m afraid it’s just a blip!" An old cure too much some worry way
"Shut up!" Xia Yaoyu shouted at the sound or some strength, so he lost a little dignity, but because of the usual backlog, he was still afraid to speak at once.
Seeing that everyone was quiet, he shouted "Yao Aiqing?"
"I am! I wonder what the emperor ordered? " The old man called Yao Aiqing immediately leaned down and answered
"Come here," Xia Yaoyu greeted him and said, "You immediately count the guards and get ready for the ceremonial horse to wait at Changqiao. Master Lian will pass by the bridge at noon on Sunday. If you see a traveling Taoist, please call him at once and remember not to neglect him and be sure to come, otherwise I will ask you! Remember? "
Hearing each other’s words, Yao Aiqing, a master and a Taoist, couldn’t help hesitating. I don’t know if the emperor is talking nonsense, but seeing the emperor gradually turn gloomy, Yao Aiqing immediately replied, "I remember."
"Remember that it’s always a bridge at noon, and don’t neglect it. Please come!" Xia Yaoyu woke up a little uneasy.
"I remember!" Yao Aiqing this time without hesitation immediately way
When Xia Yaoyu heard this, he nodded gently and said, "Go and prepare now." Then he pointed out, "If anyone tries to make trouble with the royalty, relatives, relatives, and prostitutes, they can act before they act!"
"I am obedient!"
Everyone in the room heard the cold meaning in the tone and was silent for a while.
Yang Xiu withdrew his knowledge of God and secretly smiled and continued to meditate.
The next morning.
Changqiao has been busy as usual, but today it is different that there is a large group of your honour from the bridge head to the end of the bridge, and I don’t know who is waiting for promotion.
"Yao Aiqing" Yao Zhiyuan’s eyes were swollen and he didn’t sleep a wink all night. He came here to wait before dawn in the morning.
In view of the sky, he felt that today passed very slowly, and looking at the crowds around him, he not only felt a little annoyed, but also how could others cross the road and no one cross it? Thought of here, he immediately told a deputy around him a few words.
The deputy was ordered to take a pair of guards to those onlookers immediately and shouted, "Everyone should cross the bridge, but don’t block it on the bridge deck again or all will be hell to pay."
At this point, the situation suddenly improved a lot. No one dared to have a hard time with your official duties. There were fewer people on the bridge deck, and they would rather detour than have any accidents from here.
As time goes by, the sun rises slowly and Yao Zhiyuan’s heart follows.
Finally, at noon, Yang Xiu’s body movement suddenly appeared on the street and stepped into the bridge.
Yao Zhiyuan looked back and forth at both ends of the bridge and couldn’t help thinking about what to do if no one came here.
However, at this moment, he felt his eyes shine. A Taoist priest in a moonlight robe and deer boots came into his sight, but what made him hesitate was that he was a little too young. How could he be Master Huang? However, the command was actually commanded by the emperor in his ear, and there was no one else here now, so he also had the courage to meet him respectfully and knocked at Yang Xiu, "I have seen the Taoist."
Yang Xiu looked at Yao Zhiyuan lightly nodded and asked, "I don’t know how to stop being original."
Yao Zhiyuan also has some bad words. It is impossible to say that your apprentice told me to wait for you here. Please come to the palace. He doesn’t believe that if you find the wrong person, it is a small mistake or a big mistake.
But in addition to this, he can’t find any other excuse. After all, he can’t be strong, so he can tell the truth. "The emperor sent me to invite the Taoist priest to the palace and hoped that the Taoist priest would go with me."
"Let’s go! Lead the way! "
Yao Zhiyuan didn’t expect things to be so easy, but he immediately reacted and said, "The Taoist priest goes first!"

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