However, at the moment, I suddenly saw the red beast tendon in the charm of the customer, saying that it was so difficult for the customer to find this demon material in his hand, so suddenly appearing in front of him naturally caught him off guard and moved his heart.
"Look at your eyes!" Ninety thousand know what’s going on and despise way
"That’s better than your greedy mouth!" Xiao asked casually to answer back and continue to argue with ninety thousand.
"Reputation! If you want to think about how to be greedy, the red beast tendon fairy will definitely not be refined, and then it will not be worth the loss to smash your signboard. "Ninety thousand continue to despise.
This surprised Xiao, saying that he was really not calm. Even if he could get a little red beast muscle, how could he be far from finding the demon materials needed for Qibao Xuanhuo Tower? Even if there is one difference, you can’t make a fairy, can you?
After a pause, Xiao Wen continued to look at the shenhuo double-ring refining method, and more and more felt that although it was a fairy, it was really extraordinary.
It’s definitely worth an alchemist!
"Good guys, I’m really sorry that this brother’s fairy is really good. It’s the type that Xiao Mou wants to refine. He won’t pick it up at noon today and refine it." Xiao Wen withdrew his mind from the resident charm and bowed his hand to those around him apologetically.
"Don’t! Master Xiao … "
"This …"
"Master Xiao, you’d better look at our fairy wares first."
"Yes, it’s not necessarily worse than that one!"
They all said noisily that the only young man who wants to refine Shenhuo Double Ring smiled and thanked Xiao Wen repeatedly.
"men! Master Xiao will keep his word. Now that he has said that he will refine Wang’s piece, he will definitely refine it at noon today. Don’t pester Master Xiao any more. Besides, after Master Xiao lives here for a long time, there are still many opportunities, so he must be eager for a moment? " After that, the young man thanked Xiao Wen for sending away those dissatisfied customers nearby.
"It’s nice of you to say …"
"I have to go today. I can’t wait …"
"Alas … Master Xiao, why don’t you have long hands …"
Someone sighed that the backcourt was full of laughter. Xiao Wen was also in distress situation. He didn’t good the spirit. "How long do I want to have? Can I still find a daughter-in-law in my life …"
As soon as I interrupted, the mood of those people finally stabilized. When Xiao Wen asked, he sat directly behind his simple refining platform and continued to study the shenhuo double-ring refining method. Once he had thoroughly understood it, he would immediately start refining.
Those who made a special trip naturally came at Xiao Wen, but at the moment Xiao Wen was immersed in the study of refining method, so he either chatted or looked around. It didn’t matter, so many people immediately noticed that Xiao Wen’s girl disguised as a male makeup boy on the right side behind him was really handsome and seemed to blush.
That blush is Duan Yan, of course, but this time the girl has lowered her head deeply and chanted some messy things in her mind in an attempt to divert her attention. This is because when Xiao Wen just joked with everyone, the girl thought too much …
"How long do I need? Can I still find a daughter-in-law in my life …" Xiao asked at that time.
Then Duan Yan automatically added in my mind, "How can I not be found …"
In the end, she didn’t want to go at all, because she had already realized that she was willing to be Xiao Wen’s daughter-in-law when she got here! This is the first time in my life that I have this idea about a man. It’s so embarrassing!
When she was young, she blushed when she was shy. At this time, she was afraid of being seen by others. Of course, she wanted to bow her head. But the emotion like shyness doesn’t mean that if she didn’t, she would try her best to divert her attention just like trying to hold back her laughter when she touched something particularly funny.
It was not until I remembered the rhubarb dog Duan Yan at home when I was a child that I gradually calmed down, but I still didn’t dare to raise my horse.
Someone in the crowd looked at Duan Yan not far away and sighed, "This little girl is really watery and hissing …"
"It’s not such a good cabbage. I don’t know who will arch it …"
"I think this girl must be interested in Master Xiao …"
The other Xiao asked to listen carefully, but he could definitely hear it, but at this moment he was absorbed in studying the Shenhuo double-ring refining method and knew nothing about the outside world.
The wang xing youth was afraid that everyone was clamoring for Xiao Wen and kept saying that they should be smaller.
A moment later, Xiao Wen finally released the resident charm and said to the young man, "All right, Brother Wang, bring your refining materials."
"So soon? Master Xiao doesn’t look at it any more? I also met a master in Ape Beijing before. As a result, he didn’t dare to refine it for me after watching it for a long time. Well, Master Xiao, I am by no means questioning your ability … "The wang xing youth suddenly reacted awkwardly and tunnel.
Xiao Wen nodded his head to show his understanding and said, "If it is broken, I will pay you according to the price."
Hearing this sentence, the wang xing youth was embarrassed instead. "I’m sorry … it’s really hard-won to refine this shenhuo double-ring red beast tendon … Master Xiao, please forgive me."
"It’s okay, bring the materials." Xiao asked if it happened, and the tunnel also assumed a business-like posture.
Guanghua lit up all kinds of refining materials and flew out from the wang xing Youth Ring and landed on the refining platform one by one.
At the end of the day, I suddenly saw the dark red light pouring out of the red animal tendon, the most important material for refining Shenhuo Double Ring, and finally flew out.
There are three animal tendons flying out, one big and two small, but the biggest is only two feet long and the thumb is thick. Each animal tendon is dark red, and the fire aura is very strong. If you whip someone, it is definitely a fire mark.
This is the seventh-order monster muscle! Only to be refined. I don’t know if it’s a waste of time …
Xiao asked a little distracted and looked at the rest of the materials again.
After reading it for a while, there was no problem. Xiao Wen solemnly said, "You Xiao Mou have refined it, but I hope you will not make a big noise."
"That’s nature."
"Master Xiao rest assured!"
"Who dares to yell at everyone to cut him together!"
Xiao Wen finally refined the first pure material and then fused the embryo, adjusted the distribution of various materials and built the array at the same time …
All the steps are being carried out in an orderly way, and more than half an hour has passed before you know it!
It seems that everyone doesn’t feel that time will pass, because it is a kind of enjoyment for them to see Xiao Wen’s refining device! It’s so skillful and obedient. It’s like working. It’s like demonstrating!
Nearly an hour later, Xiao Wen finally accepted the flame and spit out a mouthful of polluted air, wiping his forehead and saying "done"
"Thank you for your master xiao! Hard work! " The wang xing youth excited tunnel

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