Sun Chery, the head office of green gang, Guangzhou, southern China, listened to the report of Zhao Yuze’s record with the Mafia, and even himself was shocked. Six people went to beat more than 1,000 people and one of them died. The intelligence department told me that I was afraid of killing myself, and I didn’t believe it. This green gang intelligence was also extremely powerful. However, it consolidated the southern intelligence and led this intelligence department, Fang Yue Sun Chery, who was extremely convinced of him and became the boss of green gang. Sun Chery made a big change in green gang. This green gang’s strength was seriously damaged.
The team members of the Italian-Roman Wolf Group helped Rooney, who had already successfully contacted him, meet in Abigail, and the secret organization of the Heaven and Earth Society was ahead of the others by 100 wolves in all aspects. Now the urgent task is to wait, but God often doesn’t want it. Just now, the mafia has heard that the Heaven and Earth Society has landed in Italy.
Mafia is composed of five families, namely, gambino family, Bruce family, Buano family, Kolobo family and Genovi family, and these five families occupy a large position in the field of mafia control than the gambino family, which has the greatest influence on the government’s choice.
Today, of course, the parents of Edward’s family in gambino have to make a decision. Immediately, he will let his men search for this group of heaven and earth people. In the Mafia, profit means everything. Here, family and friendship are all nonsense, just like Simon’s two big brothers. At this time, gambino Jason doesn’t care about Simon’s life and death. Now he wants to catch the heaven and earth people and take credit from his father, so he acts.
Scorpion and others have learned through Rooney that the mafia has searched for themselves.
Zhou Han sent a hundred brothers to tell them to come back with their horses. Zhou Han didn’t say much. Here, the scorpion is a god, and the words are irresistible. When the horse spoke to the 100 brothers, the scorpion pondered for a moment, and the feminine breath came out again.
Rooney, we need weapons. We need a lot of weapons
It’s no problem. The Charles family fought with the mafia in Italy. It’s not a problem.
Well, it’s all right if you pick it up. At eleven o’clock in the evening, I hope you can send me arms. If I were a heavy weapon, Rooney went as scorpion told me, because Abigail told him to carry it out. Don’t ask questions.
Zhou Han went to attack gambino Manor at one o’clock in the middle of the night. Zhou Han ordered the wolf team members to look full of excitement, jokes and confrontation with the Mafia. Moreover, most people will definitely be afraid of fear, but the wolf team members are excited because they have been trained by scorpions into killing machines.
At eleven o’clock in the evening, General Rooney sent over the fire, and the micro-pistol, heavy machine gun and the most important thing was that the brain-controlled wolf group was too excited to look at these weapons, and some muscular people directly lifted the cannon.
Foreign ghost, you washed grandpa’s head today.
It’s fucking cool. Look at this shell
The number of stereos is up, and the scorpion is holding a micro-punch and a brain-controlled shell. When he says, he raises his middle finger and the wolf group immediately becomes quiet.
Brothers, are you afraid of living in splendor and dying as a corpse?
I’m not afraid that more than 500 wolf soldiers shouted the deafening sound, and the scorpion waved his hand and everyone got out of the car, while Rooney stayed here. It takes three hours from the outskirts of Rome to gambino Manor, which was investigated by the scorpion when he came to Rome.
All the way to the scorpion soon, they discussed the retreat before they came. Everyone was armed, wearing headphones in their ears, and most importantly, night vision goggles. More than 500 wolf team members ambushed almost ten meters away from the manor
Zhou Han took three brothers to silence and kill the guards. Zhou Han nodded and led the brothers next to him to rush in directly. He rolled and raised his pistol and killed the guards around him.
Brothers, pull your trigger in two minutes and then attack. Now we will kill the manor eyeliner in four ways. Everyone is well, with a wave of scorpion’s hand, the wolf group disappears into the darkness. The scorpion Zhou Han has dispersed, and it is easy to see where the eyeliner is with night vision goggles.
Card, card, card, card.
The number of twisted necks rang two minutes later, and the scorpion was just right. At this time, it was already alone in the manor building, and Zhou Han and other wolves directly pulled the trigger.
Dadada, dadada, dadada.
Several weapons sounded, machine guns and cannons rang at gambino Manor.
Brothers, give me a good beating. Go to that fucking house. Zhou Han pointed to the tallest and most luxurious building in gambino Manor. Without any hesitation, it was just two big bombardments, but they underestimated the defense of gambino Manor. It wasn’t long before the deputy armed guards came immediately, but how could the team members who killed the red eye care?
Zhou Han took the lead in sending two barrels of artillery directly to the past, moaning for help, but the nightmare was not over yet, and the wolf team members brought countless weapons
Brothers threw grenades at me. When the guards across the street heard the grenades, they immediately became stupid. I don’t know where they came from. All the grenades came.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Several grenades went off, and the guards died without any counterattack. Suddenly there was a sniper sound, and three wolves fell to the ground.
It’s not good to hide and find a bunker. Han said that the members of the training wolf group just came loose, and everything was quiet again. While in the dark, Zhou Han was extremely nervous. They were waiting for the captain to blow up the villa.
At this time, the scorpion has installed the artillery and aimed at Edward Villa in gambino.
Bang bang bang.
The three-battery gun hit the villa scorpion mercilessly, and when it smiled, it could also show a signal lamp when no one was around. When Zhou Han looked at it, he quickly fired the cannon and blew away all the surrounding buildings because he was afraid of snipers
Scorpion blasted off the villa and immediately shot the cable to another place. As soon as it was pulled, it left the building and returned to the place where Zhou Han was used as a bunker. Zhou Han looked at it with a wave of his hand and everyone ran and the machine gun rang again.
Zhou Han, you are so inefficient, grandma has unconsciously cursed, but Zhou Han turned red and continued to pull the trigger. Five minutes later, the police came.
Zhou Han asked his brothers to withdraw from Zhou Han and shouted to withdraw from the wolf group. The poor gambino Manor was immediately abandoned by the scorpion, but the scorpion never imagined that it was Edward Gen who didn’t die in that house.
However, all this is unknown to Scorpions, but their first problem is coming.
37 Crazy Wolf Group
Four vans were driving down the street, and the Roman police car was probably on the move. The Mafia gambino family was attacked, which was a big deal.

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