"I have to inform others quickly!" Niu Ba said
Li She quickly said, "No, it’s already so deep. We agreed earlier that you should have them placed." Li She pointed to the carriage, Lejin and others and then looked at the foot soldier from the arrow tower and asked, "What’s your name?"
The foot soldier was slightly embarrassed. "My name is Xu Hegang …" He said that he knelt down directly here. "I hope the mayor will not punish me!"
"How can I blame you? I think you are very good. Work hard!" Li She said
"It’s the mayor!"
"I’m going back to sleep, too. I’ll leave the other things to you. I’ll talk about them early." Li told Root and left.
Li she wanted to go to her parents first, but it was already so late that she didn’t want to disturb her parents, so she went to her cabin.
Across the distance and was plotting to stop "are you from? This place is not for you to come! "
"hmm? Still a woman? " Li was involved in some accidents and walked in to see clearly.
The woman immediately shouted, "Don’t come here again. I’ll kill you!" "
"Are you a yellow dancing butterfly?" Li she asked
"How do you know …"
"I am the master!" Li She said
Huang Wudie walked in and saw that it was Li’s surprise and cried, "Ah! Master! You back to … "
"shh! Keep your voice down and don’t disturb your mistress! " Li she hurried way
"mistress? Oh, right! Yes! It’s the mistress! " Huang Wudie was puzzled and suddenly realized.
"By the way, why are you here?" Li she asked
"This is my father’s arrangement to protect several mistress!" Huang Wudie said
"How many?" Li she shook her head and walked slowly to the cabin by the sidewalk "I’m going to rest first"
Chapter one hundred and forty-six I’m back, Bian Niang?
"Alas, my Lord!" Huang Wudie suddenly stopped Li She.
"What’s the matter? Anything else?" Li she asked
"Master, why don’t you go to rest now?" Huang Wudie said
Li was confused by this girl’s film. "No? What’s wrong? "
"It’s always bad to be alone in a room in this dark night of late autumn," said Huang Wudie.
Li She instantly showed an expression of understanding. "Ahem, how do you say this? You are still young. How do you get married after the incident? You will know that it is good to be alone in one room."
"But …"
"All right! My wife doesn’t sleep with me, don’t sleep with you! " Li said impatiently
"Well," Huang Wudie finally stopped dissuading him.
Li She nodded, "You also go to bed early."
Li She walked quickly and got a panoramic view of the cabin. It was dark in the cabin. Bian Niang should be fast asleep, Li She thought.
Li She felt very kind when she saw the cabin. Is this the witness of Li She’s wedding or the fence around the cabin? Because it is late autumn, the peach tree and Ye Er have long since disappeared. The only thing that remains unchanged may be the wooden table and stool.
Now Li’s feelings in her heart are very complicated, three points excited, three points ecstatic, three points excited and one point sad.
Before Li She walked slowly, she was about to knock at the door. She never thought about it. Li She thought, Is Bian Niang not here? It’s impossible to see the butterfly dance performance should be there!
Gently pushed the door and turned around, slowly walked to the place where the door was, and slowly walked in. It was blurred that there was a person lying on the bed. Who else could it be if it wasn’t Bian Shi?
Li She wanted to wake Bian Shi, but she didn’t want to wake the beautiful woman, so she undressed and slept.
I don’t know how to make Li She feel hot and dry all over since she was lying in bed. She comforted herself in her heart and was probably too excited to go home.
But this hot feeling is getting stronger and stronger. Li She glanced at Bian Shi lying beside her and hugged Bian Shi uncontrollably. On second thought, I haven’t slept with Bian Niang for a long time. I really miss this feeling!
Bian Shi is sleeping sideways with Li She behind his back, so Bian Shi’s hips are quite high, which makes Li She feel very uncomfortable, so she reacts stiffly with her hips up.
Hip strange immediately woke up Bian Shi violent struggle was about to shout loudly Li She hurriedly said "Bian Niang! Bian Niang! It’s me! Li is involved in Li Lang! "
"ah! Li Lang! " Bian Shi immediately quiet.
Li’s heart has long been covered by flames, and even Bian Shi didn’t hear the strange tone and said hastily, "I want it!"
"What do you want?" Bian Shi said.
"Don’t be stupid," Li said with a lewd smile, and then a big hand covered the fullness and immediately surprised. "Why is it so big? I can’t cover it with one hand! " Then he said, "Am I right? Eat papaya with long breasts."
Bian Shi is like a lamb. He was stripped naked by Li She for a moment, but he still turned his back on Li She.
Li Shexiao said, "I wanted to play this position. I like it! Hey! " Slowly explore the forbidden area in Bian Shi.
In the dark, there was a woman dragging her tired body to the cabin. Huang Wudie saw it and immediately paid a visit.
"Butterfly dancing, you haven’t rested yet. Let someone else do this kind of thing," said the woman gently.
"It’s not time for me to rest," Huang Wudie shook her head and then said, "The mistress is back!"
The woman seems to be stunned. "Really?"
Huang Wudie said, "I saw the master go in and have a rest …"
"That’s great! Li Lang is finally back! " The woman was very happy as if she thought of something. "Did you just say that Li Lang went in to have a rest?"

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