"Do you want to be loosened by me if you don’t come?"
Down one came from the corner, and the wolf scared a tingling automatic reaction and shook his head. "Team Cheng, where are you talking about? Of course I’m coming. You didn’t hear anything just now and I didn’t say anything."
I touched Wen’s forehead. It’s a shame to have such a roommate!
"Let’s go and come with me." Cheng Man doesn’t want to pursue those jokes now, so he turned around and said, "Now we want you to check that the other id has sent an email. I believe you can do it?"
"Of course, you don’t look at who I am." Laughter is another faint smile.
When I got to the office, everyone retired, leaving the wolf sitting in front of the brain alone, and the employees realized that something was wrong and didn’t speak. Now no one dares to hit the gun.
Look at the face of the editor-in-chief, and you will know that these people are not simple. If anyone makes a mistake, they will be caught!
I’ve been in the workplace for a long time, and I’m not the kind of rookie who knows how to read people’s faces …
Cheng Man glanced at Wen and asked, "Why are you here?"
"The wolf asked me to send him to this building. I’m here to prepare to go back to the police station, but I have to come to the building because of you." Xiang Wen smiled like a dog and looked at Cheng Man. "I’m definitely not lazy!"
"I didn’t say you were lazy." Cheng Mannai moved his lips. "Wolves can’t drive. You should also send it."
Textual research on whether it is true or false that it will not give preferential treatment
Xiang Wen’s brilliant smile seems to be noisy again. "Team Cheng, tell me what you found."
Cheng Man looked at Wen with ambiguous eyes and smiled. "Do you know who we met before you came?"
"What person?"
Cheng Man laughed with a strange look on his face. "There is a woman in here who seems to have a great figure. She made tea for you. You should enjoy the sight and taste together later."
Cheng Man said it was gloomy, but the man still had a little expectation for the coming beauty. "Cheng Team, you won’t lie to me?"
"Why lie to you? Can you give me a salary?" Of course, the scene took a sip of lip and said, "Coming!"
Her eyes beckoned to Wen and looked at the door. Sure enough, the woman had twisted her waist and came over. From time to time, putting that look at the editor-in-chief next to them was simply disgusting!
Lian Gang came to Wen and saw some clues. He quickly looked at Cheng Man and asked, "Cheng Team, you shouldn’t be kidding me, right?"
"Do I look like someone who will play with you?"
Xiang Wen’s eyes answered Cheng Man’s yes!
The woman came over and smiled lightly. "Please have tea, sir!"
Her tone is very weak, her body is delicate and her body looks soft, but Cheng Man just doesn’t like her, and this woman’s point is that she can be charming when treating a man separately.
You can be sad when you treat her!
Xiangwen some carry not to live silently glanced at cheng team after taking the cup, "thank you".
The woman gave Xiang Wen an eye and then blinked at the editor-in-chief. "If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to tell me to rest not far from next door."
Shortly after the woman left, the editor-in-chief also smiled lightly. "I have something to do and I will be back later. Officer, please help yourself."
Since Cheng Man is a police officer, it is absolutely impossible for him to get his hands on it, so just go and have a heart-to-heart talk with his little assistant. Just now, that gesture was very * * and he knew that the goblin was trying to seduce him to do things!
That chest has been hooked for a long time, and he is very moved. If you don’t solve it now, you can’t get anything out.
Cheng Man hook lip chuckle "editor-in-chief, you go to busy regardless of us"
The editor-in-chief also disappeared very quickly after nodding, that is, the woman left the direction and everyone knew where the editor-in-chief had gone, but it was not easy to reveal. After all, it was a private matter, and they had no reason to care so much.
"Poof-!" When Cheng Man was sitting in the chair, Xiang Wen took a sip of tea and spilled it all over the floor!
Cheng Man disliked looking at him and asked, "What are you doing?"
"Bitter!" Xiang Wen gritted his teeth. "What kind of water is this for me? Chinese medicine? " Xiang Wen hurriedly put the teacup, and sure enough, all that glitters is not gold, but what’s the matter? After all these things are not done well, he quit everything.
Besides, this woman is not a good person when she gives her company the glad eye. He is not interested in Wen.
Although one thing Cheng Man is right, that is, this woman looks pretty good … Xiangwen shook his head and turned to Shinto. "Cheng Team, your expression seems to tell me that you knew that before you said that, you were kidding me, right?"
Section 361
Cheng Man didn’t answer, but Qi Shaochen rarely laughed. This smile made Xiang Wen completely white. He said with a bitter face, "You are really so bullying!"
It’s disgusting to look at the bitter taste of your teacup after crying to Wen Zhuang.
The editor-in-chief here followed the woman and touched into the lounge. As soon as he entered, he locked the door. He held out his hand and hugged the woman’s waist. "Did the beauty miss me?"
"Of course I want to." The woman rolled over and hooked her hands on the editor-in-chief’s neck. The editor-in-chief was impatient and bowed her head and chewed a mouthful in the woman’s mouth, but her hands were not honest.
A woman’s eyes flashed with disgust, but she had to cater to it because this man was everything to her!
Editor-in-chief undressed and they had a fight in the lounge …
After the editor-in-chief panted and left the woman, he packed his things and put a card on the table. "Remember to take the medicine after the event. This is money. Buy whatever you want. Don’t save it!"
Of course, women will not refuse money!
Reaching out and taking the card, she tidied herself up with a charming smile. "Of course I know how to eat, so don’t worry."
It’s disgusting to have sex with you. How can I have a baby for you?
Women think so, but dare not say so. They can watch the man walk out of the lounge refreshed and close their eyes. Women think about it carefully and find a good family to marry when they earn enough money.
You can’t do this all the time, so it’s just a youthful meal. When a man is tired of playing, she will lose her like a garbage, so there are not a few things, but some things.
Originally, she was beaten up in the street, and she was still very afraid of such a situation. After all, she could not afford to lose such a person. It was embarrassing to say it.
The editor-in-chief walked over to Cheng Man and said, "Officer, I’m already busy."
It’s too fast for Cheng Man to pull the corner of his mouth, and it’s solved in less than 30 minutes?
But Qi Shaochen held out his hand and smiled, "Editor-in-Chief, there should be something unsolved in your office. You can solve it first and we can sit here ourselves."
After the editor-in-chief hooked his lips, he said to the editor-in-chief, "Don’t forget the officers’ weight when ordering lunch at noon."
The editor-in-chief nodded and said, "Don’t worry, I won’t forget it." Then the editor-in-chief leaned over to the editor’s ear and said, "The editor-in-chief hasn’t zipped up yet. Go to the office and pull it!"
As soon as the editor-in-chief heard this, he lowered his head. I didn’t think it was really closed.
His face turned stiff and red. He moved his lips and said, "You are busy. I’ll go first."
He quickly got into the office and pulled the zipper. "Damn, this face is so embarrassing. I hope that police officer didn’t see it or he would really step on my foot!"
At noon
The editor-in-chief also sent in the lunch, while Cheng Man and others just solved the lunch next to it. After eating and drinking, the wolves still didn’t move. It seems that the other party should be a brain expert, otherwise how could it be so long without news?
But Cheng Man is not very worried. After all, the wolf technology will never go wrong there.

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