Xiao asked that he knew that his power was no longer under his control. He didn’t even know whether the purple Yan was an attack, but Lan Xuanzhen was gone after the heavy three!
The most intuitive thing is that the black Se in the mass of three Se scents has faded. Although there are still three Se scents, there are already purple Yan and Qing Ji, and they are purple, black, green and black.
From the exclamation before Qing Ji, Xiao asked, it can be judged that Lan Xuan is very important to Qing Ji, and when Zi Yan completely kills Lan Xuan, Qing Ji’s reaction proves this point.
Qing Ji suddenly let out a scream and made a fierce attack on Zi Yan!
The air mass keeps disappearing like a flash in the depths.
And purple Yan not only blocked Qing Ji’s attack, but also had the mood to shoot the breeze with Xiao Wen. Before two sentences, she laughed wildly and made her look crazy. She felt that she had to explain to Xiao Wen, a great hero, at this time.
"Do you know what I laughed at just now?" Purple Yan asked as if he were disciplining his own hands while fighting against Qing Ji.
"Love says it or not!" Xiao asked directly throw the past sentence.
"You still face? !” Purple Yan feigned anger, but I knew from her tone that she was really in a good mood at this time.
"Hurry up and say …" Xiao asked nai tunnel.
"My mind-trick is specialized in ecstasy, but it has to be done under special circumstances. Just like you just blew the blue head through his ecstasy and had to escape, I can directly attack him. The blue means is far less than mine. It’s easy for me to destroy his ecstasy. Even if I repeat it a hundred times and a thousand times, he may not even have an escape." Purple Yan is not proud of the tunnel.
Xiao asked caught the problem key and laughed. "That’s not because I first smashed his body." ! This time, I killed Lan Xuangong, and I took the lead. "
"Bah! If it weren’t for my surname Lan, I would have run thousands of miles away! After hundreds of thousands of years, he came out alive again. "
"I said, what the hell is your doorway? How can you escape when your brains are blown through?" Xiao asked doubtfully
"Being lost in the body is a unique means of our inferno, and not everyone can learn from me, who can practice the top mind-tricks for a thousand years. It may not be a heart that you are a human being or dead." Purple Yan poured cold water on Xiao.
"Who said I was going to learn? I was just curious."
"What’s curious? It’s still a kind of life to leave the body together with the body part, and then it’s just a common means to condense the ghost breath of the underworld and condense the new body."
"Then where is your ingenuity?"
"If someone else’s mind can take half of itself out of the body, it is even high, but the mind-evil technique can not only take the body, but also add the physical strength."
"Er …" Xiao asked that it would be incredible to think that the forging body in the underworld is prevalent, and it is better to practice the physical body one by one. "Doesn’t this mean that you can be regarded as a top player in normal state and you are a natural enemy once you enter the state of ecstasy?"
"Almost" purple Yan boastful tunnel
"Is it ok to deal with war demons?"
"Of course he can’t do it if he can’t do it like a trick."
"Do we have a chance to drive him out?"
"It’s hard to say that he may not have practiced the spirit-separation technique at all. Anyway, I’ve never seen or heard of the magic of war. What’s really powerful is that he is so angry when he fights up. It’s one of the few things that can make me rise and move."
"How do you say?"
"His fighting talent is probably the strongest in the underworld, so I’ll tell you what. In the same realm, he has the same spells and even the same spell power. I can’t fight alone without his opponent."
"He is very good at magic?"
"Well, I understand it better than the average person. One of the most basic magic tricks can bloom in his hands, and even the Asian gods sigh and stop thinking sparks."
"I’ll go!" Xiao asked can’t help but scold a.
"Don’t believe what I said is true."
"Then how can we get revenge?" Xiao asked didn’t good the spirit way
But Xiao asked that "let’s" made Zi Yan feel quite comfortable and didn’t care about Xiao’s tone. "How to report how to report? But in fact, I just said it was an advantage of war magic. He has another big advantage."
"His realm is really high. Although I have dealt with him a few times at close range, I can also feel that I must have escaped alone, and I have to run that kind of battle soon. His strength is definitely not as good as your celestial Xuanyuan Emperor, but if he goes to the celestial world, he will immediately be the second Xuanyuan Emperor all day."
"Er … you are so different from him?"
"You and I want to!" Purple Yan didn’t good the spirit way
"what about the south girl?"
"Although I saw her attack on Xuanyuan Emperor, the sword was really sharp, but she should be some kind of means of short-term outbreak of strong combat power?" Purple Yan speculated that
Xiao asked some hesitation. "I don’t know about this."
"If that’s her true fact, she can do that all the time, then she’s still better than the magic of war …" But Zi Yan didn’t want to admit it, so she added, "But I still think she may have some means to stimulate her potential."
Xiao Wen’s reaction was quite quick. He noticed that Zi Yan didn’t seem to want Nan Yunqing to be so strong, so he smiled. "What about you? Do you have any similar means?"
"Hum! Smelly boy, do you want me to admit that you are no match for Nan Yunqing? "
"Which have …"
"I told you, I don’t have the means to stimulate my potential, but I can’t beat it in an invincible position. Besides, fighting for life and death is not a matter of who has strong fighting power and will be able to laugh at the end."
"I believe this," Xiao asked, acknowledging that they could kill Louis and Lan Xuan by real strength. It is conceivable that if he didn’t follow Zi Yan, he might be able to use any more Y and N damage and malicious means.
"Forget it. That bitch is over. She’s bound to run away and intercept her outside soon."
"Can’t you just kill her?"
"I’d like to, but she can change back to her real body at any time. She can’t change back to her real body without damage to her body."
"All right, then."
Xiao Wen tried to return, but after counting interest, he didn’t find a way at all …
"I said, where is your soul mark?" Xiao asked muttered.
"Where is it?"

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