After Hu Yingxue decided not to rely on his father to destroy the magic method alone, she prepared to draw a plain in the secret mansion of Gankun, and the whole plain was used to cultivate the blue grass. At this time, Wei Zhe, Su Yi and Min Shao were not in the team because they were sent to the secret mansion of Gankun to extract the essence of the blue grass and refine it into Dan beads.
Specially, the monster beast that Qingyang wanted to come before is now placed in the middle opposite to Gankun’s secret mansion. The Xuanjia army will send those magic methods, worms and ghosts to the Zerg and soul beasts, and then they will find a place to release them. There is one more thing that must be completed before they can be released.
These monster beasts were born in Qingyang, and the soul that created the universe has a mark to connect them with Qingyang. It is marked that Qingyang did not condense out of the source tree. Without the source tree to pull him to create the universe, there will be different holy steps. When he created the universe behind him, he made some measures to get some holy steps out. It is because of the law that chaos will occur.
If you don’t want these monsters to be wiped out by the law, you must erase their souls by Qingyang. The mark of his source power is replaced by Yi Feng’s temporary mark. Simply put, let them change to a new owner and become the monster beast of the cloud nine, so that they can be influenced by the tree of the cloud nine, get rid of the shackles of the laws of the universe and be promoted to the holy order.
It has been agreed before that the Xuanjia army has solved the magic method of worms and ghosts sent to prepare for the capture of the cosmic zerg and soul beast army behind them, and Qingyang waved them to the nearest virtual island.
The real appearance of the virtual island is a planet inhabited by Xinghai residents. They settled in this virtual island. The level is very low and the surface area is very small. Hu Yingxue has not been in the small world of the human world. Because of the thin aura, the residents have the highest level of cultivation.
Of course, there is a reason why this virtual island is so backward. The problem lies in the fact that Qingyang appears in a Chineydy where three universes belong to the same emperor. There will be a virtual island corresponding to the source leaves. He hasn’t founded Xinghai yet, which leads to the virtual island not relying on the good law to protect this state. If it weren’t for him, the master, no one would be able to enter it.
Seeing that the residents who belong to him have been so desolate in the face of this virtual island, they are coming to the top because they have sensed his breath. In the period of the strong, Ai Ai raised his hand to block his mouth and gently coughed, "You should be calm and wait for me to correct those problems in the universe, and then we will create Xinghai."
Hearing this promise, those people will smile at the eyebrows and serve Lingguo wine. Even if Hu Yingxue and others converge their breath, they will still bring them considerable pressure. They don’t want them to practice Qingyang and reward them with something after they can’t bear the influence of such great pressure.
When the aborigines of Virtual Island withdrew from the place where they became a holy mountain according to the order, the three-layer boundary of Qingyang enveloped the whole holy mountain to ensure that the coercion emitted by the aborigines of Virtual Island would not affect the aborigines of Virtual Island, and let Yi Feng make sure that nothing would go wrong before Hu Yingxue moved those monsters out of the secret mansion of Gankun.
It’s as easy for the emperor to change the soul source mark as it is to exchange the cups in his hand. Qingyang and Yi Feng Emperor need to think. Those monster beasts won’t feel anything. They will vaguely feel that something has changed, and then they will find that Qingyang is very kind. After that feeling, they feel that Yi Feng Emperor is very kind.
When that feeling becomes clear, the monster beasts will find that their identity has changed and become the monster beast of the cloud nine. Because Yi Feng, the owner of the cloud nine, is right in front of them, he has the strength to be promoted to the holy order, and the monster horse feels the traction of the higher law.
When Hu Yingxue came here, he found that the aura was thin, and after setting up the enchantment, he exported a lot of aura from the secret mansion of Gankun. Those monster beasts advanced, so many monster beasts were promoted to the holy order together. Fortunately, she had the secret mansion of Gankun, and she also benefited from Yi Feng, the owner of the cloud nine Xinghai, who successfully completed the advanced without letting them influence each other.
Looking at the newly-created 19 sacred beasts, Emperor Yi Feng frowned lightly. "Although the Snow-reflecting Holy Order can be ranked at the top of the domain, it’s only more than 20 if you add a few of you. Do you really think it’s enough to rely on these holy orders and other gods?"
Hu Yingxue raised her mouth at Yi Feng Emperor. "I can take out enough blue grass. If the magic method of insects and ghosts really shrank into his camp with all their hands like the news, I would be sure to destroy him with these helpers."
I can’t say that it’s one hundred percent sure that it’s because of the variable of flow shadow. Now no one knows what this crazy magic man will do. She calculated Liuxinting’s strength should not be weaker than mine. "
The thought of Liu Ying personally choosing Yi Feng Emperor for his precious daughter makes me feel frustrated. "Blame me me, if I hadn’t put her by your side, she wouldn’t have the chance to be so messy."
Hu Yingxue had no heart. "If others knew that my father would have this idea, I would have fallen all over the floor. I should have this disaster in my life. Even if you had chosen not for her, a person would have played the same role. Let’s not look at the past. Now, you will see that I have solved the magic method."
Ink dust and LanYi found this virtual island Qingyang. Before they came in, they made a gift to Yi Feng Di, Qingyang and Qi Wu. Ink dust took out a tray and gave it to Hu Yingxue. "When we went back, we forgot the main token. We can limit these two. If it is not enough, we can go again."
Hu Yingxue took the tray and screamed again and again, "How much is there in the warehouse where you two can get so much arable land?"
Yi Feng Emperor raised his eyebrows. "It’s not just a name to say that the snow is the first Xinghai in the holy heaven. When the universe is created, there will always be more soil. I don’t know how much I have saved in the warehouse. If you want to know, take over the Xinghai in the ninth heaven as soon as possible."
Chapter 562 Trapped bucket magic method of insect ghost (a)
Although Yi Feng Emperor seems to be no different from usual, his daughter Hu Yingxue can still feel what he is enduring and resisting, and therefore his body is almost tense to the extreme. Once again, she heard her father talk about letting her inherit the words of cloud nine as soon as possible. This time, she no longer felt that it would be a big trouble.
Holding the tray in hand, Hu Yingxue got up and slowly released a saint, only then would he be intimidated by a red suit with dark gold patterns. The wind would automatically show flamboyant luxury to the extreme, not to mention that Yi Feng smiled. This is his daughter Hu Yifeng was born to be the most luxurious treasure in his eyes, and will also become the most respected treasure in others’ eyes.
Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihan Yu were the first people to arrive at Hu Yingxue. Behind them were just promoted holy beasts, and behind them were the monster beasts. In the most, those beasts were gold and black gold. Although they were repaired by Hu Yingxue, other beasts dared not look down upon them, not to mention gold but soul-eating beasts.
If someone else takes 40 or 50 people and hundreds of monster beasts to destroy the evil, Chineydy has been a magic method for many years, and the ghost Yi Feng will definitely recognize the other person as an idiot. To do so is his own precious daughter, but he has a proud smile on his face. "Father will wait for you to return home in triumph in the Xinghai Holy Mountain on cloud nine."
Hu Yingxue took all the people and the monster beast to bow down to Yi Feng Emperor, "Yingxue will live up to his father’s expectations."
The nebula shuttle is not suitable for the universe or the same virtual island in the virtual Chineydy. If you want to sail in the virtual Chineydy and cross the virtual boat, you can do it. There is a luxurious virtual boat that was destroyed by the magic method in the ambush. She wants to settle accounts with the magic method. She robbed her father of crossing the virtual boat.
I watched myself forget how many years I crossed the virtual boat and quickly turned into a black spot and disappeared. Yi Feng Emperor looked in distress. "It is true that all children are here to collect debts."
Qi Wu gently shook his hand and fanned his hand. "Even debt collection is the pride of parents. When young eagles grow up, they will have their own days, but no matter how far they fly, they will always be children in their parents’ eyes. When they are parents, they can change many things, and their principles will not change, such as you."
Yi Feng Emperor turned to look at Qi Wu. "If you don’t be a parent, you will never want to give the best things to your children in vain."
Qi Wu smiled, "So I’m thinking I should find a Taoist couple."
Qingyang tugged at the corner of her mouth. "I’d better wait. One apprentice makes me feel very big. I don’t know if I will go crazy if I add a couple and children."
Qi Wu suddenly smiled, "Do you know what you think you should find a Taoist couple?"
Emperor Yi Feng looked at Qi Wu Qingyang and asked, "What?"
Qi Wu looked up at the sky and said, "I | watch the stars in the sun, and both of you red bears have made great moves in recent days."
Yi Fengdi raised his eyebrows, "Looking at the stars in the sun?"
Qi Wu continued to look up to heaven. "I have strong ability."
Hu Yingxue didn’t know that the two elders who were closest to her here were blown up because of life events. At this time, she, Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu were looking at a map, either a map of Chineydy or a map of the magic method of insects and ghosts camp. Yi Feng agreed not to send ginseng to destroy the magic method of insects and ghosts, but it didn’t mean that these details were no longer worked out.
After carefully reading the map, Mu Tianxuan asked, "Yingxue, can you tell me about your plan now?"
Hu Yingxue bent his eyes. "Actually, my plan is very simple. I thought of it when I found that those monster beasts were mostly in the soil." I stretched out my hand and drew a circle around the whole magic method insect ghost camp on the map. "Let those monster beasts rest the soil and make a soil cover here, which not only can prevent the magic method insect ghost from escaping with his zerg and soul beast army, but also can save a lot of troops."
Mu Tianxuan frowned lightly. "There seems to be no blue grass. What’s the matter?"
"Who said nothing about the bluegrass?" Hu Yingxue bared her teeth. "The earthen cover will be covered with bluegrass, and every inch contains refined bluegrass essence."
Mu Tianxuan tutted for two times. "If those zerg and soul beasts know about suicide, we will definitely save more effort."
The devil bug ghost camp is not far from Qingyang’s choice of the virtual Chineydy, or it will not choose to ambush Hu Yingxue there. It didn’t take long for them to get to the place.
Will cross the virtual boat and all the monsters are called up. Hu Yingxue said her plan. Her plan sounds simple, but it is not easy to do.
First of all, we have to make sure that the magic method, insects and ghosts will not find them moving before the earth cover is completed, so we will give it to Yu Cai and Xia Qing to solve this problem. They will arrange a large array with flags and ofuda to cover the magic method, insects and ghosts camp first.
Now Hu Yingxue already knows that the magic method, insect and ghost will recall their hands except the former Xuanjia army against that zerg and spirit beast army. Originally, they turned themselves into people, insects and worms, and then the magic method, insect and ghost will shed a layer of skin every ten thousand years. At this time, he will become very weak, and usually he will recall his hands with a sense of safety.
If it weren’t for the magic method, the worm and ghost are molting now, he will stay outside the universe after knowing that the cracks disappeared when the black broken blade was made. The zerg and spirit beast will not be wiped out by the Xuanjia army because of them. He has no ability to predict the future and is still waiting to hear good news from the population such as Liuying.
Yu Xi and Xia Qing have been following Qingyang for many years. Qingyang’s family was selected from the scattered practice and stuffed to him. Qingyang, an adviser, was very valued by his family. Of course, he chose people who were good at cultivating the realm or other abilities, and they were definitely among the best.
It’s a pity that Qingyang didn’t have great ambitions before, even when he became an emperor, he didn’t really pay attention to these advisers. He didn’t have much communication and feelings. Although he felt sorry for Qingyang, the former monarch, they didn’t regret choosing to follow Hu Yingxue.
Hu Yingxue will inherit the cloud nine star sea, which is a certain thing. She is an adviser. They don’t belong to the cloud nine signal. If outsiders don’t show their strength and ability, they will not be easily accepted by Yi Feng’s old staff, so they accepted Hu Yingxue to Yu Cai and Xia Qing, but they are quite serious.
Seeing two people gesticulating at the map snatched from her hand, Hu Yingxue raised her hand and touched her nose. "Is it so complicated?"
Wei Chihan, who has never done it before, said, "We can do more urgent things in this battle and we must do it beautifully."
Hu Yingxue, Bai Weichi, Han Yu, etc. The people who followed Qingyang wanted to show the people in the cloud nine that they were qualified to follow her, and she also wanted to prove to the people in the cloud nine that the emperor Ji was qualified to inherit the cloud nine, pulling the corners of her mouth "It is really necessary to be beautiful."
Yu Xi and Xia Qing soon designed a large array that could cover the whole camp according to the surrounding environment of the magic method, insect and ghost camp, and then took everyone except Hu Yingxue to lay out the array. Hu Yingxue didn’t follow her to teach those monster beasts to attract the free dust in the virtual Chineydy while adding the blue grass and the essence of the blue grass to it.
Although Hu Yingxue is facing a group of monsters, in fact, they just like to be at the same level as djinn. She will emphasize the problems that should be paid attention to, and those monsters will know exactly what to do. Yu Cai and Xia Qing design the array before they are half finished, and these monsters will act.
The devil, the worm and the ghost chose to be the camp. This virtual Chineydy was once completely destroyed in a Xinghai by the accident of its owner, and no other emperor was willing to take over. He left a rotten stall with a small population and few resources. A Xinghai turned to dust, so there was dust in the virtual Chineydy here, but it could be found everywhere, and it was a big group.

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