Star Xuan couldn’t help but be overjoyed. I didn’t think that this rotten paper given to myself by Black Moon turned out to be a treasure.
A month later, Xing Xuan’s body changed dramatically.
Originally, some dark skin became pink, tender and white, and when a hand was pressed, it turned out to be as smooth, delicate and full of elasticity as baby’s skin. A pair of dark eyes were even more radiant, deep and clever, and they were definitely the soul of a young anthomaniac girl designed by Sableye.
Star Xuan looked in the mirror and couldn’t help smoking a nose with a wry smile. This Xuangong turned himself into a powder niche completely.
Chapter 41
Chapter 41
However, compared with the appearance changes, the changes in Xing Xuan’s body are even more amazing. Now, pure and abundant fire energy is flowing in his whole body. Although it is still in the middle of spiritual deficiency, the energy recovery is almost five or six times faster than before, and his posture and ideas are also faster and faster. He can be twisted into a shape almost as quickly as he thinks about his body, and the efficiency of manipulating the purple smoke hoe is also increased. Moreover, because his body energy is pure, the energy consumption of the purple smoke hoe is also reduced. Xing Xuan then recovers the original law according to the method of changing the law. This purple smoke hoe has recovered his original position.
"Ha ha, it’s time to learn. I’m anxious not to go to my three apprentices and my little cousin!" Xing Xuan thought about telling Fei Li to call the makeup artist to let her dye her black head like ink for two strands of white hair hanging freely beside her ear, and then she stepped on the maglev car triumphantly in the dark place of the young female makeup artist and Fei Li and flew to school.
"Hey, is that Master Xing Xuan?" Gong Yang saw Xing Xuan coming quickly in the distance and I rubbed my eyes and asked Lin Quandao next to him.
"I think so. He’s the only one who grows long, but it’s a little different!" Nymphs said doubtfully
"What are you two whispering about? You don’t say hello when you see Master!" At this time, Xing Xuan has come to the front of two people, and according to their chests, they are two fists.
Both of them were prone to pain.
"No way! I can’t help but be in trouble with both fists!" Star Xuan couldn’t help laughing.
"Oh, boss, you are trying to talk without backache. You have been at home for a month. Do you know what inhuman treatment we have received?" Gong Yang straightened up and said to Xing Xuan with a sad face
"How can someone bully you?" Xing Xuan’s face sank at once. Who is so bold as to bully his apprentice?
"No, we asked for it. We have to strengthen our training to meet this year’s interstellar power competition!" Nymphs said to the star Xuan
"Star Power Competition?" Xing Xuan really doesn’t know about it.
"Yes, every year, every planet holds such a contest for students of all grades in public schools. If they get into the top ten on the planet, they will be summoned by the federal president!" Gong Yang said to Xing Xuan without envy
"What’s the big deal about the president’s summons!" Xing Xuan sniffed disdainfully.
"Woo-hoo, boss, you are the grandson of the famous Long family, of course you don’t care about the president, but we are ordinary children. We must seize the opportunity!" At this time of Gong Yang pathetically said to the star xuan
"Oh, that’s right! It seems that you really want to get the top ten stars! " Star Xuan sniffled again for Gong Yang, nymphs said.
"Yes, yes, boss, please teach us Kung Fu quickly. That teacher Mungo is really bad. There is no good way but to ask us to strengthen our training!" Gong Yang immediately hugged Xing Xuan’s arm.
"Haha, there is no problem. Since you are my apprentice, you can’t be too bad!" Xing Xuan readily promised to come.
Two people suddenly jumped up happily. After all, when Xing Xuangang came, they were so impressed that they even dared not even think about it.
"Well, let me see you two!" Star Xuan said that a red awn flashed out of her eyes, and she practiced Xuangong Star Xuan as a moment, and her eye was even more severe. She aimed at two people, not only to see the energy distribution of two people clearly, but also to see the bones of two people clearly.
"The bones are not bad, especially the nymphs, but both of them are much less aura, which has something to do with their practice skills. After all, the secular skills can keep fit!"
Star Xuan suddenly had a dispute in his heart after reading it, and his brain quickly turned and desperately recalled the memory of the stars in the past life in the elixir
"Give me a piece of paper and refine it into elixir according to my writing method!" Xing Xuan said to the two men
Gong Yang immediately went to get a pen and paper without saying anything.
"Ten kilos of blood ginseng in the Millennium, one hundred kilos of black blood in the ten thousand years, twenty beads in nine Karen Yeh, one or two blood in the Antarctic crane, and three or two bone marrow in the Arctic Xuan Bing bear … nine steamed nine wines were melted into Dan after 7749 days!" Xing Xuan hesitated to finish writing and read it again, and finally confirmed that this was the most common refining method of nourishing essence and invigorating qi Dan by Dan Medicine Sect, so he handed the note to Gong Yang.
"Thousand-year-old blood ginseng, ten-year-old black … wow, boss, you are so generous. Why don’t you just kill us and smash our bones and boil them dry? You can’t sell so much money!" Gong Yang finished reading Xing Xuan’s note and immediately signed off. Nymphs took the note and turned pale. Everything written on this side is more expensive than gold.
"Cut two poor wretches and forget it. My master is unlucky. Here is my bank card. It’s a password!" Star XuanBai two people at a glance casually threw it to two people a face with tens of millions of federal money bank card.
"Wow, Master Boss is really a boss!" Nymphs and Gong Yang grabbed the bank card and ran away.
"Long Xingxuan, do you still know to come back to school?" Two people just walk dormitory door an aggressive Bai Ling came in.
Xing Xuangang wanted to tease Bai Ling. Suddenly, his heart was fiercely and he couldn’t help looking behind Bai Ling.
See Jackson and Johnson Gong came in side by side.
"Jackson, Johnson?" Star Xuan couldn’t help secretly alert.
"Ha ha Xing Xuan, why can’t we come to your dormitory?" Then Jackson said rudely and sat down beside Gong Yang’s bed.
"Of course you can come!" Star Xuan gave a sigh of relief and sat down.
"Brother Xing Xuan, don’t be afraid. Now all three of them are my bodyguards and one of our own!" Bering cheerfully said to the star Xuan
"What?" Xing Xuan suddenly looked at Jackson and Johnson puzzled.
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