After dark, the old man led the people to a mountain temple, where people fought for years, and then came to worship the temple. All the mountain gods were still looking at a mountain god in Lei Zhen. He was born with a triangle and four arms, each with a knife, an axe, a snake and a turtle. He divided his hands, fists, claws and fingers, and said to Xu Shaodao, "This mountain god seems to be a master." You see that his footsteps are tantric. "
Lei Zhen was speaking when a group of strong men came in. At present, it is Gugen who has dark skin and is a master of wooden kung fu.
Gugen fell to the ground and said, "The leader is being worshipped by the primary school."
Xu Shaodao "Don’t worship Lei Di first"
Gugen was shocked to sit on the ground for a long time before he repeatedly kowtowed, "To meet Muzu’s little blind and ignorant Rao Xiaoyi’s death."
Lei Zhen laughed, "Ladies and gentlemen, please stand up" and helped Gugen Lei Zhen frown. "Gugen pays attention to absorbing the aura of heaven and earth and nourishing the earth. How can you walk into the magic road and suck human bone marrow?"
That Gugen was frightened and said, "Lei Di Sheng Xiao is not a villain, but the bear family killed my wife and cooked her to death, but only killed a few bear women and ate their bone marrow. Lei Di forgave me."
Lei Zhen said, "Violence is easy to be violent. What’s the difference between us and them? We are just teachers. Qiu will naturally give you a reward. Eating other people’s bone marrow is not what people do in the right way. Your wood strength is almost burned by human blood. This is a solid cultivation pill. Go back and eat some sand and hydrated lime to ease it."
Gugen repeatedly kowtowed to Xu Shaodao, "You horses find out clearly that the grain of the bear family is distributed in the place and rewarded by horses."
Gugen was led out at once, and an hour later, more than 30 people came to Mugen. "These are brothers from all cities. They have found out that the enemy has more than 20,000 heads of livestock in two camps, more than 60 columns of well water, 130 mouths of firewood in 15 warehouses, and five ordnance places. In addition, there are 120,000 people stationed here. The main commander Sha Lifo is good at kung fu, which is called" a line of thousands of miles of karma ".
Lei Zhen said, "Well, go out of town and see if you can bring your brothers in from the mountains. Bring them here as soon as possible."
Gugen said, "It’s not difficult to go out and ask a hundred brothers to change their clothes. Weapons can be hidden in the pole and they can come here at night."
Lei Zhen said, "Patrol outside is very strict, so be more careful."
Gugen turned back and Lei Zhen said, "Let’s go to see if the Shuaifu Hunyuan Pearl can be invisible, but I tried this pearl invisibility. It also has disadvantages, that is, if even the targeting top hides outside and can’t see us, we can’t see outside. I don’t know why."
Zilian said, "There are also" xianggong "who don’t know what I don’t know without you?"
Lei Zhen way "? I don’t know a lot, for example, I don’t know what you are thinking. "
Violet lotus knew that he would dive and search for magic, and quickly turned his head to ignore it.
Five people came to Shuaifu, and the night has been curfew. Anyone who appears will be killed. There is not even a mouse in the street, but there are many buds on the branches, indicating that un days are coming.
The evening breeze is cool, gentle and violent, and there is no cold or hot feeling in the body. Five people are relaxed and happy. Lei Zhen jumps over the gable. Zhang Tianmu looks inside. Four people patrol just waved and five people flew down to the courtyard. Violet lotus took out Hunyuanzhu in front of the individual and wanted to disappear as soon as the head was a little bit. L-eyed, everyone can’t help but laugh at a glance. Lei Zhen can swing his head and touch it with the front yard.
Five people passed by a woodshed, and a cry for help came from Lei Zhen. The probe looked at several bear officers who were naked in the play, and several young wooden girls with their hands tied behind their backs. One of them was firmly helped in the wooden column. lu, a bear officer, was boiling water. "You guys should play fast and wait for these wines." A tall and thin bear said, "His grandmother heard that several maids died in Shuaifu, and it seems that it was cheaper for the wooden family to kill us. These girls can play and play here."
Bing Qian couldn’t resist a knife light flying to the woodshed. When the light came on for ten times, the flying blade broke as if in a hurry and hurried away. It was like meeting a dream unexpectedly with the wind.
In a scream, five Xiong officers each had a red seal on their necks, and then all of them fell to the ground with blood spattering like a spring to detain the woodshed, like a xiuluo field. Just as soon as they came in with guns, the light flashed in front of them, just like looking for a flash in the stars, two people had a pain in their hearts, and ten needles were punched in the back and forth. It was a poison that broke the body and entered the brain. Lei Zhen and others entered the woodshed and covered Lei Zhen’s way. "It seems that the plan will change. If Xiong finds the dead day, we will inevitably search for the city and sneak attack."
Xu Shao said to Bing Qian, "It’s all your fault."
Lei Zhen said, "You can’t blame Bing Mei. Everyone is in love. This is also an experience."
"Ice sister, let’s go to the kitchen and see if we have guests, don’t we? We’ll give them some materials. Violet, you take these girls Hunyuanzhu back for resettlement. "
Violet lotus ordered several dumb people to take away the cooking girl who was almost killed alive. "I know where the kitchen is?" Willing to take you there. "
Lei Zhen said, "This girl is so brave that she will believe you once."
Violet was busy dressing her. The woman was in tears and said, "Come with me, everyone."
Lei Zhen and others as they came to the woodshed, several handmaiden were shuttling back and forth, taking out several large bottles of M soul-the immortal was drunk and paralyzed, and Lei Zhen sneaked into the kitchen, leaving a lot of food, soup and wine in the water tank, and a whole bottle in the well F.
"Just [quick search please Baidu search:]
Chapter two hundred and thirty-four Four Generals
[Please remember the domain name "w w w", or search in Baidu:] Chapter 234 Four Generals
Lei Zhen also called the nv to lead the government to cast this well.
Lei Zhen said, "How long will it take to take effect?"
Bing Qian said, "It will take an hour. If you don’t eat, it will take half a month to wake up."
Lei Zhen said, "It’s best this way." They dragged the bodies of several Xiong officers into the haystack and covered them with grass, but the blood on the ground was hard to hide. Lei Zhen said, "It’s better to see that we are lucky." Five people locked the firewood and went over the wall to return to the mountain temple.
When they got to the temple, Aoki was waiting for the nv to burst into tears at the sight of the old man. The old man hugged the nv and said, "The child has suffered."
Two sorrow turned out to be Shan Sun nv Shanju Shanju was humiliated and determined to die. Seeing Grandpa was hard to give up. Two people thanked Lei Zhen and retreated.
Lei Zhen said, "After a while, Shuaifu is bound to be an hour old, and after the banquet, everyone will be asleep. It’s hard to say how many people are poisoned, so you have to bring us in tonight."
Gugen said, "They are already waiting outside the city for the morning. They can come in at the earliest."
Lei Zhen said, "If we can’t come, we must contact them immediately."
Xu Shaodao said, "Many of them are fighters with iron wings, but they can fly over the city wall. I’ll go out of the city and ask them to fly in one by one at night without being found."
Lei Zhen said, "It has to be like this."
Xu Shaoling was ordered to turn over and leave the temple. Several ups and downs disappeared on the roof of Longji, and yin Yunyue was out of sight for a moment tonight.
In the past half an hour, there have been people flapping their wings and falling from the sky. The first person to come is Xu Shao, who is carrying a turtle in his hand and has already scared Xu Shaodao. "One hundred people from the eldest brother department are here."
At this time, people in Shuaifu’s direction are buzzing. Someone must have poisoned the squadrons of patrols to catch up with Lei Zhen’s way. "Ice Qian, you took ten iron-winged people to cast immortal drunken shots in major wells everywhere. After that, you will join Xu Shao here. You will take fifteen iron-winged people to poison 60 livestock feeding points. You must be highly toxic, Hu Sun. You must take fifteen iron-winged people to the north of the city to set fire to food points. You must have more ignition heads.
Violet lotus is here, and 50 wood clan experts are going to light the two nearest armories, which are not far from the east. I will return immediately. I will take ten people to the southern grain station to light Gugen, and you will each send one person to show you the way, and the remaining brothers will wait here. "
Everyone parted and went to detain lyzjc. The sky was flapping its wings and flying higher and higher until it reached the clouds.
First of all, the armory caught fire, and Zilian and others had fuel and fire in their backpacks. Fifty backpacks set the whole Dongcheng on fire in an instant.
Tonight, Shalifo is receiving the bodies of Sanwangcha and Taitai, who came back from attacking pines, and elders of Sandstorm and Tornado, who are also critically ill, and sent to Shuaifu. Several generals who came back from injuries suddenly fell asleep, and several city reserve officers could not afford to fall to the ground.
Sharif exclaimed, "Is there poison in the wine?" Just as the king was talking, he fainted. Sha Lifo quickly took advantage of the food in his stomach. He was dizzy for a while. At least he didn’t pour it. Other officials next to him also quickly vomited. Sha Lifo said, "Pour water quickly."
Everyone handed a clean towel. An official vomited, gargled and drank a few mouthfuls. He also poured the sand Buddha. "Don’t drink water, it’s also poisonous." There was another vomiting. In the past, there were still a few dead people who supported the sand Buddha’s Ma Linghe team and surrounded the Shuaifu. He was most worried that someone would kill the king, so his own crime could be redeemed.
There was a sudden fire in the east, and in an instant, the whole east was caught in the sand Buddha’s frightened way, "Where is the place where the horse put the bow and arrow? Go quickly." Thousands of soldiers rushed eastward to the big sand Buddha’s way in the city, "The horse told the garrison of the grain depot to strengthen their vigilance at the grain depot entrance."
Just finished talking about dozens of fires in the direction of the North Grain Depot. At first glance, Sha Buddha was heartbroken.
"When the enemy came in, the four horses were closed to put out the fire." After that, he personally put on the imperial gift and shuttled through the Pisces sword. He barely flew to the south granary. When the granary was approaching the south granary, there were bear warriors with guns and knives outside the granary. He was relieved and called the grain keeper. He just wanted to give a reward. After seeing the granary, smoke and smoke rose one by one. Sha Buddha shouted, "Go and put out the fire. Don’t stand still."
Then I saw a giant dragon, whose dark red body was bigger than the whole night, and it was brighter and weirder than the dragon’s giant mouth. The south side almost became a fire, and the flames soared to dozens of feet. A group of lyzjc people flapped their wings and flew to the north, and the leader, wearing a Jinbao Taoist robe, stood in the wind and disappeared into the low clouds.
Sha Lifo grabbed a flying dragon and kicked the knight to fly to the Lyzjan. Unexpectedly, those people fell to the north very quickly and far, followed by a number of flying dragon soldiers chasing Sha Lifo.
Shali Buddha soon arrived at the Mountain Temple. Just when he arrived at the Mountain Temple, he heard a humanitarian saying, "Come quickly, let’s leave first." He saw more than 30 lyzjc people coming head-on. The first one was holding a black sword and a leather coat, and more than 10,000 lyzjc feathers were split head-on behind him.
Shari Buddha ducked his head, hid from Kara, flew over the dragon with black light, and was cut into head, tail and claws. He was busy reading "Shuttle Sword Tactics", but he could shuttle back and forth in what he saw. Shari Buddha disappeared in the middle and appeared in Xu Shao’s back. Xu Shaogang chopped the dragon, and suddenly his back sank. He knew that Xu Shao had amazing martial arts in Taoyuan, and then turned back to swing back and roll back like a hedgehog gyro.
Shari Buddha sighed and repeatedly read "urgent" by disappearing and falling to the ground. Just as soon as he touched the ground, a white light flashed on him, and the horizontal sword of Shari Buddha blocked it. It didn’t stop Shari Buddha from wearing a sword. A backward helmet was cut into two parts at once, and then the column was cut off and the wall was broken. I saw a graceful and restrained nv with three curved moons in his hand, looking at himself. At this moment, the object came back in a circle. At this moment, one bright Yi Long fell to the ground alone. It was the man just now.
Shari Buddha also missed the sword tactic behind Lei Zhen, and the sword stabbed Lei Zhengang. When he saw the person in front suddenly disappeared, he felt the golden wind coming behind him. He immediately took the initiative to defend behind him. Several golden hexagrams appeared in the hands of Shari Buddha. The sun and the moon shuttled the sword, which is a treasure that can be shuttled through the skill. The sword stabbed Lei Zhen in the back and cried the sword into three inches. Lei Zhen shouted like smoke and twisted to disappear, leaving a bloody cassock.
The Buddha in the sand stared at the white dress, and the nv was malicious. In his hand, the stars flashed, and three flying needles chased the Buddha in the sand, and he rushed to read "disease" and turned to the nv behind him.
Just after taking a pause, the three needles have reached the front, and the Buddha said "disease"
One side leaned back and moved to the ground again, and the three needles followed like shadows. It seems that they are looking for the blue sky and the yellow earth, and they are going back to their native land. Shali Buddha was so angry that he whirled and read "Chasing Excalibur through the body."
He didn’t practice this kung fu himself. At this time, it’s better to venture the shuttle sword and fly straight to the white girl’s face in the hope of saving Zhao by besieging the state of Wei. I know that a purple dress is beautiful, and nv hits the sword with a bead and a red light. The shuttle sword has disappeared, and its profound skill has formed a huge ice circle. One person’s high ice arrow drops from the sky like raindrops, and most of the wooden masters fall to the ground injured.
Nai Sharif Buddha was poisoned in the previous needle, and the skill of the family was miserable. One or three needles were added into the body for a moment, and he swam several times along the meridians and returned to the white girl’s hand. Sharif Buddha died of exhaustion, blindness, deafness, loss of life and death.

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