Chapter 29 Strength is quite "night"
Weird. That’s weird
His iron feather is not so easy to block even opponents at the same level, but Bohr can do it.
Just now, it seemed that my iron feather slowed down for a moment when he approached him. What was the situation?
"It’s like a spell," Ghost said.
"Yes, it’s like an enchantment. If you enter his spell range, then all your moving and attacking departments are under his control, but this is my guess."
"Hum spells?" Qin Shaojie snorted and said, "Then I will break his spell."
With that, Qin Shaojie quickly moved around Bohr, and at the same time pulled him away, and then his left and right hands took turns to shoot the imperial Leifu bombing Bohr.
"Mean and cunning," said Bohr, gnashing her teeth. Qin Shaojie is now repairing this thunderbolt, and its power is extremely strong. Even Bohr can’t directly resist it.
Yes, he is indeed a spell, and his staff is also a necessary thing to launch a spell. This spell has no attack power, but once the opponent enters his spell range, the speed will slow down at the moment of attack.
This spell is like thickening the gas density around Bohr. Imagine what effect it would have if the gas density was increased, even though you couldn’t see or touch anything.
Although you can’t see the air, its weight will only slow down when Qin Shaojie’s iron feather approaches him just now, but it will only be enough for Bohr to make a move in one second. If it weren’t for his holy blood, the strength would be almost the same as Qin Shaojie’s, then relying on his grand duke’s strength would not stop Qin Shaojie’s iron feather even if the spell was used.
Bohr hated Qin Shaojie at this time.
This guy actually saw the clue and didn’t fight with himself. Since this damn spell attacks himself, let’s fight it with spells.
Bohr made up his mind not to dodge. He waved his staff and hit a black ball of light. "Bang!" Qin Shaojie’s royal Leifu collided together, and then the figure moved quickly, which was not inferior to Qin Shaojie’s speed.
This is teleportation? Qin Shaojie secretly thought, but this is different from what he thought. Isn’t it that teleportation is directly transferred from one place to another? How come this guy teleports for such a short distance? It’s far from being broken by himself.
In fact, this is because Qin Shaojie doesn’t understand that the so-called teleport is not because he thinks about it. Vampires teleport because they are hundreds or thousands times faster than ordinary people in strength and speed. When they move with their strength, ordinary people seem to see them move directly from one position to another, so they have the title of teleport.
The black ball of light collides with the blue light constantly, and the two people are so fast that people can’t see clearly and can hear the "bang" explosion.
It’s not a way to go like this. This guy doesn’t know when it will lose its effect after drinking holy blood. It would be bad if he took the opportunity to run away.
Qin Shaojie, the "Imperial Magic Sword Array", kept drinking a amber sword in his mouth.
"Shua shua shua" put the blood-red sword in the middle to catch up with Bohr.
"No melee attack in my’ field’ can hurt me." Bohr smiled smugly instead of panicking when he saw this blood-red amber sword.
But soon he couldn’t laugh.
The magic sword array didn’t attack him as he imagined, but was slowed down by his’ field’ and directly attacked him as if his roots were unaffected.
Bohr suddenly felt as if he had fallen into the opponent’s array. On how to dodge the blood-red sword, he quickly changed his position and surrounded him. This is exactly what makes the royal sword array terrible.
Although this magic sword array is used to defend and attack, there are many changes
Now, Qin Shaojie doesn’t need to defend himself, so he will benefit himself in situ to urge the Imperial Sword Array to attack Bohr.
Since you can see your own "field", it is conceivable that this sword is powerful.
Bohr also dare not recklessly, but he can avoid it by his own speed, and it won’t hurt him at the moment.
"Grandma, this guy is really troublesome." Qin Shaojie couldn’t help but scold.
I cann’t believe I cann’t hurt this guy after such a long delay
w w w
Impatient Qin Shaojie quickly recovered the royal magic sword array and grabbed the amber sword and flew away.
"hmm? Want to fight with me? " Bohr was stupefied first, and then he secretly rejoiced that if he was in melee, he could fight him by relying on the’ field’, and if he was lucky, he could kill him.
Bohr’s idea is very good, but Qin Shaojie just won’t let him get what he wants.
Qin Shaojie is a bold man who dares to innovate. He actually created a new routine by himself with carefree footwork and Tai Chi swordsmanship. Although it looks a little nondescript, it doesn’t matter. Just be good. At one time, he forced Bohr to retreat again and again.
Tai Chi swordsmanship, like Tai Ji Chuan, belongs to you, fast, slow, slow, slow, and fast. This is what Qin Shaojie suddenly came up with when he rushed to Bohr.
Since your magic can temporarily stop me from attacking, I won’t attack you
Strange and carefree footwork and Tai Chi sword sticking tactic made Bohr not know what to do at the moment.
The so-called sticking tactic is that the sword sticks to the opponent’s body until the end, so that the opponent has to move with you. To put it bluntly, it is to let the opponent fall into your beat and then find a chance to attack.
This is Bohr’s idea now. If he passively fights with him again, he can be caught by him … and die alive when the holy blood effect disappears.
"Hey? Want to run again? " Qin Shaojie couldn’t help but despise Bohr and said that he was a proud and noble blood clan. In the end, he was also a coward, but he knew how to run.
Bohr wanted to run, but Qin Shaojie couldn’t let him slip away so easily, flapping Raytheon’s wings and chasing after him closely.
Chapter 29 Explosive [Four Watch]
Bohr is in a hurry. If he drags himself away like this and can’t run away again, he will be completely finished as soon as the holy blood effect is over. Sobohr doesn’t care whether Qin Shaojie will attack him behind his back or fly forward quickly.
Soon Bohr seemed to feel that there was no one behind him. He stopped and looked back. Sure enough, the eastern spiritual figure had disappeared behind him.

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