Although the tower of the charm pavilion can’t be too big on the battlefield, if the effect is not much worse than that of a horde.
opening/original poster
After everything is settled, it is normal for things to happen in Kyoto in the next few days. First, Shao Qing of Dali Temple was beheaded in the middle of the night. Later, Qing of Crack Temple was stabbed to death by the bartender while drinking with friends. The whole of Kyoto was very critical of Nangong Jinyu, and people almost disappeared in just a few days, leaving people to know that their lives were in the hands of the new emperor Nangong Jinyu, so of course, Nangong Jinyu did not blindly suppress several court officials. A stunning concubine didn’t ask this for sure.
"The elder landlord wants you to go to his room." A brother dressed in dark clothes appeared in front of Tang Jinsheng.
"I know that you tell the cabinet owner that I will go as soon as I finish the things at hand." Tang Jingsheng handed his Chinese to the attendants around him, but I don’t know how many people will die after this homing pigeon flies out.
"Landlord, you want to see me?" When Tang Jingsheng entered the room, he found that the landlord of the Star-Picking Building was enjoying the scenery outside the window. The Star-Picking Building was not a general geomantic treasure house. It occupied ten miles and established a hall and pavilion. There were hundreds of wonderful flowers and strange rocks. Almost all of Gu Song’s hands fell here in the landlord’s room, which was even more exquisite. He built the Lingxiao Pavilion on four Gu Song huge chains and linked it in a half stroke. On a clear moonlit night, a breeze blew like floating outside the sky.
The owner of the Star-Picking Building is also surnamed tang. He is over half a year old in Tang Shuizhai. He doesn’t see the attitude of an old man at all. His eyes are like a bow and crossbow being pushed by him. It’s as if he is in a semi-secluded state after passing through his brother. However, in the face of Tang Shuizhai, Tang Jisheng still rushed to a great pressure.
"Life seems a little big recently. I don’t know if you’re a law enforcement elder. You know, we haven’t participated in the assassination of court officials for a long time. Do you want us to become enemies of Wulin? " One bite of Tang Shuizhai makes people breathless.
"Where did the landlord say that we came to the star building to be a killer organization to take people’s money to eliminate disasters? If there is a reasonable price, why don’t we do it?" I don’t know why Tang Jisheng seems very confident today.
"From my brother’s incident, we are almost not involved in large-scale things. I have been ignorant for a long time, and people have almost forgotten me as a bad old man." Tang Shuizhai didn’t know whether he deliberately said it to Tang Jingsheng and put his hand in his arms.
"Landlord, where are you talking about? You have built the whole Star-Picking Building. Who is not obedient to you now?" Tang Jisheng didn’t care about the implication of the landlord at all.
"Oh, well, that’s good. I’m still old, but then again, we old people have blocked the young people’s way. Why don’t you worry that Tang will come back soon? I want to give him the whole star-picking building for life. What do you think?" Tang Shuizhai suddenly looked up and stared at Tang Shengsheng.
"Who does the landlord want to give his efforts to? Of course, I ask, it’s our star-studded building that has moved the Jianghu for a long time. Now it falls into the hands of a young man. I’m afraid someone won’t." Tang Jingsheng slowly raised his hands to see that his hands were all red and his head was white, which is a performance of capability.
"How long can I bear it? You couldn’t bear to hear that I was going to teach the Star Tower to others. I don’t know what gave you confidence. Did the fiasco ten years ago not make you realize the gap between you and me?" At this time, Tang Shuizhai slowly took out his own hands, which were different from those of Tang Jingsheng. His hands were as white as the whitest suet jade, and Tang Jingsheng was an enemy. He knew his martial arts best.
"Anyway, you won’t clear the way for him from Tang’s worries. Anyway, you’ve lost to me, and it’s not bad this time." Say that finish, Tang Shuizhai pointed a sword at Tang Jinsheng’s fingertips and it was chilling.
Although I know that I’m no match for Tang Jisheng, I took a deep breath and prepared for the battle. I’m prepared to have a move this time, or I’m afraid I’m running out of luck. "The landlord’s family said that I should sit up and take notice in three days. Today, I’ll let you see my success and destroy my heart. I want me to die and ask for justice!"
No one came back from half of the main room of the Star Tower, so although it was dark between two people inside, no one around knew it, but from the occasional flying out of the table and pieces of furniture, it was known that neither of them had left their hands. This was a life-and-death battle
After about half an hour, the fighting inside finally ended. Tang Shuizhai looked at the ground and vomited blood. Tang Jingsheng said slowly, "I still underestimated you. I didn’t expect you to destroy the palm of your heart and progress to such a temperature." Although the winner was Tang Shuizhai, Tang Jingsheng’s palm just hurt himself a lot, but when he hit it, it was already a spent force and Tang Shuizhai didn’t receive too much damage.
"Didn’t we agree to fight for life and death? You shouldn’t be so busy?" Although the corners of the mouth are still bleeding, Tang Jingsheng has no soft meaning.
"You’re right. Although you’ve been a little more and more over the years, you’ve been working hard for so many years, and you’ve had no credit and hard work. I really don’t want to come to your death. Surely you won’t have infidelity for a long time after this lesson." Tang Shuizhai admitted that he had done his best.
"Ha ha a killer organization old university what noble decent with kid gloves know not to know that your brother is dead in your this kind of heart if it weren’t for him all day to turn the top floor into a noble decent oneself how can die so miserable? !” Everyone says that killing people means killing people. This sentence instantly makes Tang Shuizhai’s face livid. His brother’s death is his lamella, and no one can touch it.
"Don’t push me!" Tang Shuizhai Sen’s white fingertips were lifted again.
I didn’t expect Tang Jingsheng to stagger up. Although his mouth was still bleeding, he didn’t care to continue to anger the landlord.
"in my opinion, even if this pedantic person who can’t tell his identity doesn’t commit suicide on the spot, I will eradicate him mercilessly. You should be glad that he didn’t fall into my hands, otherwise I’m afraid he will beg me for fear of giving him a good time!" Speaking of which, Tang Jingsheng burst out laughing regardless of his mouth full of blood.
"Tang do you die! !” Tang Shuizhai finally couldn’t help it. He got up and worked hard. This finger can wear a golden crack stone. If he had been born in Tang, Jin Xianfan wouldn’t have saved him.
It’s puzzling that Tang Jingsheng didn’t flash or avoid it, but quietly looked at the landlord, Tang Shuizhai, who rushed to the star-studded building. It seemed that his eyes could kill him.
Surprisingly, Tang Shuizhai’s thunderous move happened. When he met Tang Jingsheng in three steps, suddenly Tang Shuizhai found that his whole strength had receded like the tide, which was a kind of heartbreaking pain.
Seeing that Tang Shuizhai’s face flushed and fell to the ground, Tang Jisheng finally breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that Wu gave himself the "Ghost Sea Mirror" and really worked. He just struggled with him and stimulated him with words. Let the poison cloth of "Ghost Sea Mirror" cover Tang Shuizhai’s painful expression, and you will know that his physical skill must be melted now.
"What is this poison? I didn’t expect to stumble here in Tang Shuizhai for decades. I wonder how you did it? " Tang Shuizhai knew that he had absolutely no good reason today, but he was no longer nervous.
"Landlord, you really have to change your bad habit of smelling Long Xianxiang before you go to bed. I paid a mere 100,000 taels of silver to let him add something to your sleeping incense burner. I almost forgot to tell you that you didn’t notice it, so the poison is not owned by our Star-Picking Building. It’s a treasure color and a strong toxicity called’ Ghost Sea Mirror’." Tang You was very patient and explained it to the landlord.
"Even outsiders have colluded. It seems that you are ambitious. I don’t know if I will be lucky enough to know your plan before I die." Tang Shuizhai said with a strong pain.
"This time, I met with the charm pavilion, the goddess of heaven and the witch of all evils in the new imperial garden. If things are planned properly, we will become immortal in the Jianghu. That’s right. It’s a pity that you can’t see it." Tang Jinsheng leaned over and carefully wiped the blood from the corners of the landlord’s mouth.
"Tiger seeks skin, be careful, our decades of painstaking efforts in the Star Tower are destroyed in your hands." After Tang Shuizhai finished this sentence, he slowly closed his eyes, even if he was strong, and some of them couldn’t stand the abdominal pain. It seems that Tang Jingsheng said that he was really dirty now, and maybe he really melted this so-called "invisible sea mirror".
"On what the Star Tower has become, I can taste it. It’s a pity that you will never see this Lingxiao Pavilion. It’s very good for you to be surrounded by mountains and make a cemetery for you in the sea of clouds. It’s most appropriate for you to look at me like a famous town. Then I will engrave my great achievements on your tombstone." With this sentence, Tang Jingsheng withdrew from Lingxiao Pavilion and gently gave Tang Shuizhai the door. From this moment on, he is the new landlord of Lingxiao Building.
come back;return
What happened in the Picking Heart Building is of course a known fact. In addition, I received the landlord’s secret order and hurried back to Tang’s sorrow. It is also unclear whether I can escape from the birth after returning to the Picking Heart Building. It depends on his fate. At this time, Mu Qingfeng is taking Xiling fighters to the border of Daliangzhou and looking at the distant scenery. Mu Qingfeng can’t help but think of everything that happened here a few years ago. It was here that she confided her feelings to herself, which led to her heartbreak.
"What are you thinking about?" Snow Lotus gently pulled a Muqingfeng sleeve and pulled him back from the past memories. In front of his fiancee, she said that she missed another woman. That was a way to die. Muqingfeng didn’t say that. She took a deep breath and said slowly, "I wonder where we should attack first."

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