He bowed down to the Yellow Emperor again and said, "Hehe, if the old son of the Jade Emperor hears this, he will be unhappy again. Maybe he will punish you for an organization and discipline crime!"
The Yellow Emperor didn’t give Xing Xuan a gift again. Yang Jian couldn’t help looking embarrassed next to him. That jade emperor, that is, the Indra God, was also his uncle. This old yellow emperor didn’t leave any face for his uncle. This nephew did have a hard time, but the yellow emperor turned to face Guanghan Fairy as if he didn’t see Yang Jian. "I didn’t expect to see Xianyan after a lapse of 200,000 years, including the hub. It’s really worth celebrating!"
"The old emperor made a joke because he didn’t want to see me. Otherwise, if an imperial edict is sent to Guanghan Palace, Guanghan will go to the Middle-Earth Nebula!"
Guanghan Fairy smiled and said, "Hehe, it’s my fault. Hehe, if I had known this sentence earlier, I would have rushed to Sakura Mountain to go to this stupid Sunday bodhi old zu’s ten thousand-year robbery conference. I should have rushed directly to Guanghan Palace!"
The yellow emperor laughed. "The old emperor is really flattered by the wide cold and wide cold!"
Guanghan Fairy’s face showed a bright smile and swept away all the way to be gloomy. It is said that she was very comfortable to wear thousands of flatteries without wearing the yellow emperor’s flattery. "Come on, I heard goose bumps. You said that you have been so pretentious for millions of years. It’s really you, especially in front of such a handsome guy as Emperor Gou Chen!"
Ye Guangji listened with a straight grin, and his long and narrow face became even longer. At this time, he couldn’t help but open his mouth to satirize the Yellow Emperor. "Is Xiao Gou Chen handsome? Why didn’t I see it?"
The Yellow Emperor cocked his head and looked at Xing Xuanxing with a wry smile. "Hey, old scum, why don’t you camp early?"
Ye Guangji asked the Yellow Emperor at this time, "Why don’t we wait for you and us to set up a five-element array together?"
The Yellow Emperor said that Ye Guangji’s face couldn’t help but change and looked at the Yellow Emperor and said, "Do you really respect Sunday’s bodhi old zu so much?"
"The strength of others has to make you respect the white trick, even though the youngest son left earlier than me and hasn’t come yet. I’m afraid he’ll meet the ghost bully just like you!"
The Yellow Emperor sighed and said, "He must smash his mirror of death when I catch the king’s egg on Sunday!"
Ye Guangji’s long and narrow black face was cold, scary and bold. Just then the Yellow Emperor raised his eyebrows and said, "Here comes the old fire monkey!"
The words sound just fell and the Yellow Emperor saw a fiery red ship breaking in the north, and a man stood at the bow with a crimson red red jade crown and a flaming red cassock. A wisp of flaming red head flew out of the back of his head, and the whole person was there like a burning flame. It was Chi Di red crossbow that Chi Di saw the Yellow Emperor and Hei Di flying from the ship and jumped in a blink, and then he came to the front of everyone, holding out his big fat hand and banging it on the generous back of the Yellow Emperor and Hei Di. "Hehe, parallel imports, dirt slag, you are better than these two old goods!" How many ghosts were killed? Don’t tell me you killed more than me. I’ll kill them 100 thousand this time! "
The red crossbow seemed to have no intention of opening his mouth, so he said that Xing Xuan, who had never seen the red crossbow before, could not help but be tongue-tied and looked at him with suspicion. Is this man a five-old emperor? Is this man a fairy? Why do you look like a headstrong man? "Hey hey sorry I didn’t kill any of them!"
With the hub touching his sparse yellow beard eyes and smiling at the sky, he said, "Cut to the bottom!"
Red drift crossbow immediately commented, "I killed 300 thousand, but 100 thousand was one of our own and 50 thousand was helped by Emperor Gou Chen!"
Ye Guangji said with a straight face, "Oh, it’s not the penultimate thing to hurt so many hands and kill one million!"
The red drift crossbow said that the fine mans in his eyes flashed towards Xing Xuan and he looked at the past. Xing Xuan suddenly jumped and teleported in his heart and flew thousands of miles away. "Hehe, Gouchen’s small body is actually a fire. Don’t come and let’s have a competition!"
Said the red drift crossbow, flying into a red line, chasing after Gong and Gongyang around Xing Xuan. The two men held hands and then suddenly drove off in two opposite directions. Mungo and Yunyang behind them were exactly the same. The two men held hands and left a door for the red drift crossbow to pass.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-five Five old emperors (3)
In the eyes of the red drift crossbow, Jing Mang immediately saw clearly what kind of channels were left for him in several people. In that channel, there was a very thin thread that was crystal clear, and there was a faint silvery light flowing inside. It was the North Sea Xuan Bing silk that made a trip to the fairy rope. Some little rascals wanted to trip themselves here and make themselves look big and ugly. "Look down on me!"
Red drift crossbow heart sneer castration without pause from four people through heard "collapse" two loud chaos Yin and Yang achievement method blessing the north sea Xuan Bing silk unexpectedly several collapse Gong, Gongyang, Mungo, Yunyang four human body suddenly flew backwards in the past, red drift crossbow laughed just at this time, the light flashed at the moment and there were two people, the two people moved and the previous Gong, Kyung-yang is also holding a tripterygium wilfordii. One person holds one end of the tripterygium wilfordii and flies away in the distance. It is Nymphs and fate that the red-drifting crossbow doesn’t care about it. Suddenly, it adds red light to the tripterygium wilfordii and slams into it. Unexpectedly, the tripterygium wilfordii is different this time. The root of the tripterygium wilfordii didn’t straighten the red-drifting crossbow and rushed forward. In an instant, it was already wrapped around him. The red light shone and a bundle of fairy rope bounced from the tripterygium wilford The red drift crossbow couldn’t help changing color, and it was dark in my heart that it was not good that my body was a real element, and I could burn the fairy rope, but I kept tying it. The children actually tried to make a plan for themselves, and suddenly they shivered, and the fairy rope suddenly came into contact with the red drift crossbow and naturally wound it, so they tied the red drift crossbow into a solid nymphs, and laughed against the sky and cried, "So much for Chi Di!"
"Little hubris!"
Two people just say that finish in the distance Chi Di has been in front of the star xuan revealed a cold mountain toward nymphs and fate to drink "ah?"
Lin Quan, go against the fate, look at the fairy rope tied to Chi Di, and then look at the star Xuan surrounded in a flame. Chi Di couldn’t help but be shocked. "Hehe, you two don’t want to make a fool of yourself, but thank you Chi Di for teaching you a trick!"
Xing Xuan ha ha smiled and wished to be tied up with a fairy rope to tie up "Chi Di"
A finger that "Chi Di" suddenly changed to reveal the prototype nymphs. Going against the sky, it turned out to be a fiery red cassock, and then looked at Chi Di with a bright eye. At this time, Chi Di had already worn the red light representing Chi Di’s three gases, Dan Yu’s cassock, and the red, white and Huang San gases surrounded a powerful ferocity and squeezed in all directions. "Do you dare or despise and be old?"
Although the red crossbow passed the nymphs and went against the sky, it was a golden cicada’s escape with the help of the robe, but I still felt the face light. At this time, the words were cold and a murderous look rose to the sky. "Since I dare not be so interested in the old emperor, it is better to respect the star Xuan than to do it. I hope that the old emperor will show mercy to the star Xuan!"
Said the star Xuan, taking the lead to the red drift crossbow, pointing and walking, and the purple light dashed towards the red drift crossbow.
"Xuan extremely skyfire! Good job! "
The red-drifting crossbow was so excited that it flew out with one finger, which was exactly the same as the mysterious skyfire released by Xing Xuan. A flame rushed at Xing Xuan’s flame and "boomed" and exploded. Two groups of pure elements condensed into flames and collided in the middle. An explosion came to Xing Xuan’s skyfire, but several tiny needles flew out of the red-drifting crossbow’s skyfire. After the collision, they suddenly shot at Xing Xuan. "What a trick!"
Xing Xuan’s face changed, and ten million layers of golden protection were instantly formed in front of him. As soon as those fine needles impacted on the golden protection, they thundered and rang, and the gold needles bombarded the protective protection layer after layer, exploding and blowing the golden light of Xing Xuan’s body and retreating again and again. "Haha, little experience!"
Red crossbow laughed. "It’s just that I think the old emperor is loyal!"
When those golden needles were blown up to the last line of protection of Xingxuan, the golden light suddenly wrapped the number of golden needles, and even those red crossbows were blessed with the explosion ban. The golden needles were prohibited from exploding, so that their roots could not explode. Then the golden needles turned and flew towards the red crossbow. "Well done, you can control the spell so finely!"
The red awn suddenly expanded in front of the star Xuan, and immediately showed a number of fire clouds. Generally, the star Xuan was surrounded by a thunderbolt in the fire clouds and exploded towards the star Xuan. If you just competed with the red crossbow, it was the fineness of spell control. Now, the two people compete to see who is the real yuan. After this large-scale attack, it is based on the endless succession of the real yuan. Even if you control the spell carefully, the spell is not powerful and powerful. Overwhelming savage attacks also have a grudge. However, Zhenyuan’s richness has always been the strength of Xingxuan. It is pointed out that black and white gas quickly surrounded the clouds of Xuan Bing water vapor and suddenly formed a blink of an eye around Xingxuan, which turned into a thousand miles of Wang Yang’s choppy waves and slammed in all directions. The fire cloud suddenly greeted the extreme yin and the extreme yang, and immediately waved a hundred times more powerful than the unusual Zhenyuan collision. The heavens and the earth shook and the cracks flashed in the heavens and the earth, and then it was blown to pieces and crazy Yunfei turned to aura. The change of color and the blazing white light of heaven and earth will cover up the real Yuan scattered in the center of fighting, and even the people watch the battle in which the gods are also blown to chaos and tremble. In the distance, the people’s minds are greatly shaken, and the gods are quickly recovered by the explosion wave. The chaotic airflow is raging from the explosion center, and dozens of devils are blown out in the explosion center, and the smoke is scattered and flying out of Sakura Mountain in the distance. A green shadow slowly rises, penetrating thousands of red clouds and looking towards the center of fighting. Two figures are almost teleported from the explosion center at the same time, but they are Xing Xuan and the red crossbow,Oh, you are small enough to be cruel. Xuan Bing’s true spirit is against me. When I was young, I was not so cruel as you! "
Xing Xuan’s body was surrounded by ten thousand red lights, and he laughed when he heard the red crossbow. He said, "The old emperor praised Xing Xuan. It’s better to come to a unique place if he is so interested!"
"Ha-ha, the fire belongs to the real yuan, and it is so dark that Xuan Bing really angered me. In the future, I will only look forward to it!"
The red crossbow laughed and didn’t look at the green shadow that appeared in Sakura Mountain in the distance. Then he suddenly came to the Yellow Emperor and Hei Di. "How are the two youngest sons?"
The red crossbow said to the two men that Hei Di Ye Guangji smiled and said, "If you don’t try him, I’ve decided to listen to him this time, but he saved my 500 thousand water army!"
The yellow emperor twisted his sparse beard with his hands and smiled. "Empress Xuan Nv gave him three volumes in nine days. What else can I say? Of course, he is the only one who looks forward!"
After listening to the Yellow Emperor’s words, the red crossbow couldn’t help but go into a rage and shouted, "What do you mean? It turns out that you had an idea long ago and I was an idiot. It’s really not interesting to jump out and make a fool of yourself with this little fight!"
"Ha ha, don’t complain about the first world war with Gouchen the Great. Isn’t it your early wish? The morning wind ignores you, and you should thank us for your wish!"
Yellow emperor ha ha smiled. It turns out that when the five old emperors came to the western Buddhist world, they had already agreed whether to obey the command of Indra or the command of Emperor Gou Chen. The five people disagreed. After all, Hei Di and Qing Di advocated listening to Indra, the master of Indra, and the master of Indra was a dime a dozen. Indra, the master of Indra, who was wily and had the support of Western Buddhists, was the best leader, while Chi Di and Bai Di supported the Emperor Gou Chen. It turned out that the morning breeze of the former Emperor Gou Chen was duty-bound for both of them to support him. And there is a more powerful reason for the two of them, that is, the chaotic Yin-Yang achievement method of Xing Xuanshen is the boundless achievement method, and the mirror can’t accurately predict that it is more beneficial to confront the bodhi old zu on Sunday than the Indra Heaven Lord, but the Yellow Emperor is neutral, so the last five people can’t discuss a result, so the Yellow Emperor will try to test the one-star achievement method. If the achievement method is really powerful, he will strive to protect the Xing Xuanzhou in the ten thousand-year disaster and return it to the morning breeze as a favor. This is why Chi Di tried to test Xing Xuandi’s life, but it was not Chi Di’s Recklessness is such a simple thing. After listening to the words of the people’s emperors, Xing Xuan thought a little and understood the key. Hehe smiled and thought in his heart that Chi Di was not a simple person! Just thinking about the golden light and green light flying out in the distance, it is Qing Di and Bai Di who arrive in a big ship. Qing Di’s figure is somewhat similar to Hei Di’s, but Qing Di’s skin is white and immortal. Hei Di’s face looks a little dark. Bai Di looks the kindest, with a white face and a long beard. He is moderately obese, and his momentum is gentle and he can’t help but make people feel close. "What do you mean on Sunday, you bastard?Actually, an ambush attacked me on my way! "
When Qing Di came to the foot of Sakura Mountain and saw the distant green shadow, he couldn’t help but be furious. The green sword in his hand was pointing towards the green shadow. Suddenly, the sky was green, and green vines and thistles appeared in the sky. Suddenly, a flaming light was entangled with the bodhi old zu on Sunday. From that Sunday, when the bodhi old zu rose, he met the green mountain and suddenly burned up, forming a huge circle of fire beside him. How could the green mountain not penetrate? "I don’t know what you said?"
A shrill sound sounded in everyone’s ears, and the huge earthquake in everyone’s heart was heard. They offered defensive covers to resist the magic sound. "I have the courage to do it, but I don’t have the courage to admit that it is really a ghost wind!"
Lingweiyang laughed and opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of green. Suddenly, a few green thunderbolts thundered in the fire circle of Sunday’s bodhi old zu. The figure of Sunday’s bodhi old zu was suddenly rippled by the explosion, then gradually became transparent and disappeared. "It turned out to be an illusion!"
Qing Di was surprised "thousand magic mirror Sunday bodhi old zu ten devices one! He is still in the array of thousands of evil spirits. "

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