Nowadays, everyone is surprised that the Tathagata was hit by the spell of the earth treasure bodhisattva and did not resist. At this time, The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, the earth treasure bodhisattva, came in various colors, but now it is gradually turning golden and the degree has dropped. It is only a few breaths when the whole aperture is dyed with gold and then explodes.
Full of golden light, but suddenly, strangely, when everyone was watching, he returned to the Tathagata as if his roots had not been hurt. The Tibetan King and Bodhisattva were about to continue to make moves. Suddenly, the Tathagata in Zhongda blossomed into a powerful momentum, like compassion, like silence, like snow-capped mountains, which made people feel different, but they could all feel each other’s strength.
At the same time, all the Buddhist people in the field feel as if they are pinned down by a mountain. No matter how slow they are, they know that the Tathagata has been possessed, because this force is not more refined and advanced than that of Song Chang-geng, who covered the heavens and the earth at that time. I feel that there is a strong cross-border arrival here, and everyone knows who the Tathagata is.
Many Buddhist people have stopped attacking. Most monks are trying to resist this pressure, and they have not attacked. Even the Tathagata hiding in the opposite side of the statue is unstable and gradually falling. Obviously, it is impossible to compete with that momentum. Seeing that everyone is quiet, the Tathagata was sealed in the middle, and immediately several fragrant flowers floated and the Brahma sang softly.
Then the Buddha’s face was resplendent and magnificent, and he said, "The Buddha had to show a solemn statue in order to attract all beings to believe, but the Buddha’s heart was clear and quiet, just like you and I, and it was hard for all earthly beings to understand. It’s just that you are monks, so you are obsessed with the foreign minister. What about the Buddha? What about the outer edge of the outer law and not the right path? "
Everyone who met him was thoughtful. He continued, "It is a good thing for China to form an alliance, which can reduce the killing, but how can Buddhists take part in it?" Now that you’ve become a monk and practiced, can’t you leave behind the nation and the country? If you do this killing, you will have a bad result. If you can go to bliss? "
When he said that the Buddhists were present, they all had the intention to stop. When other Taoists and demons saw the arrival of the real Buddha, it was no longer that they could control things, and they didn’t like killing outside the alliance according to the Buddha’s meaning.
If the alliance does not attack the outside world, is the alliance still in the soil? When Zi Xuanfeng and Yi Xiu saw this situation, they couldn’t help but worry that the Buddha had come to a will and let the alliance collapse after a few words. When they were anxious, they listened to the Tathagata in the middle of the day and suddenly asked, "Little brother, why don’t you come out and see it?"
Not far from his words, Song Chang-geng appeared in the clouds and looked at the Tathagata Buddha’s image thoughtfully. "I think it’s the Buddha’s face to face, right?" Brother and younger brother said that they didn’t dare to be the same day. Master Tongtian once said that you had been turned out of the house. We are no longer the same family. We don’t call Buddha that way. I don’t know what to do? "
As Song Chang-geng saw, this Tathagata Dharma is a tangible Dharma Statue made up of monks who count the runes of spiritual quantification and then combine them into a battle array, which absorbs various attributes and forces and is specially arranged. Although the core has the words personally given by the Buddha, it is still much more rigid than the real Buddha.
However, after the arrival of the Tathagata’s will, this statue has undergone many minor changes. Together, these changes have formed a wonderful change. For example, although the original statue also had a spiritual aperture, the flame did not have a light behind its head, and after the arrival of the Buddha, a circle of light and smart flashing added a lot of life and dignity.
Originally, the Buddha statue had a lotus seat, but there was such a seat. After the arrival of the Buddha, the lotus seat gave birth to a golden cloud of more than ten acres, which made the Buddha more ethereal and dignified. When he heard Song Chang-geng’s words, a smile came out of his mouth, which made him feel alive as if the Buddha statue were a real Tathagata.
That wisp of smile called Nirvana is even more impressive. He is kind and mysterious. In Song Chang Gung’s backward words, the sound is as gentle as thunder. The little teacher younger brother Tongtian said that he would drive me out, but it was just a moment of anger. If he really wanted to do this, he would have notified the three realms. Since he didn’t notify me, he still recognized my brother.
In this way, I’m still a master elder brother, and you’re still a little younger brother. You learned the secrets of Tai Chi from the Taiqing sage and became the true sutra of Amitabha. I once studied with the Taiqing sage after deifying, and I also worshipped in Amitabha after entering the Buddha. How can you not admit that you are a little younger brother from there?
I’m here, hehe. If it weren’t for my younger brother, it’s really outrageous, and I’m involved. How can I cross the border to come here? "
"Me? Please forgive me if you are involved in people’s roots? " Song Chang Gung guessed vaguely, but he was still playing dumb. At the same time, he was secretly calculating his chances of winning if he made a move. He knew that since the Tathagata had come to his will, he must complete his ideas and complete his own layout. The only solution was force.
Now the dialogue is just a prelude before starting work, pretending to be confused with him as if he didn’t know, still smiling and saying, "I was sent out of the valley of letters by Taiqing scholars and practiced in front of Amitabha for a hundred years, and then I was reincarnated in the country of pure rice and left blood in people. They have been living in the south of the snow-capped mountains and hiding secrets here. More than a thousand years ago, I personally incarnated arrival to establish sects."
The purpose is to protect the blood vessels. I want to move them after the five realms are unified. But it is really hard for me to explain it myself when you attack the secret in such a hurry. At the same time, please stop killing and miss people. It is doomed to be abandoned. Is it necessary for you to be so persistent that you can leave a monk tradition? "
People here don’t know about the integration of the five realms and the abandonment of people. Now they only know that there is such a thing after listening to the Buddha’s words. That is, they don’t believe it, but they have to force themselves to believe that the Buddha is in charge of Buddhism. Now when the Buddha hears this news, they are a little upset. Everyone thinks quickly and whispers with people close to them.
Although I don’t know what the so-called unity of the five realms means, if people are going to be abandoned and things are true, is it still interesting to fight for it? It’s right to practice soaring quickly. This place is going to be abandoned, and everyone knows that people’s aura will be exhausted after hundreds of years. Why don’t you go and fight here? Besides, the front is where the Buddha wants to protect.
Song Chang Gung saw each other’s words and stirred up the hearts of the people in this aspect of the alliance. He knew that when he heard the news, he had worked hard to build an alliance, which must be in name only. Everyone had to go back and practice soaring. How can he have time to play with himself? More think more and more angry, his heart can not help but move the murderous look, and he also released a murder.
But the Tathagata seems to be smiling as if he didn’t see it. "I just heard recently that several saints have studied it and think that the descendants of the five realms of light have been abandoned, but there is still a hole in life. Although the monks are not afraid of the disappearance of aura, the reduction is certain, and there are still many monks who can’t reach the soaring strength.
Therefore, it is decided to merge all caves into the New Territories after the unification of the five realms. Each cave appears as an island in the ocean in the New Territories, and at the same time, people are unable to soar. The monks all go to the caves and take them directly to the New Territories, so that people will no longer have monks. What’s the point of letting them fight around like this? I also want you to form an alliance to let them wait in your light. "
The Tathagata’s third speech has completely controlled the mood on the alliance side, and now all members of the alliance have recognized the truth of his words. After all, the name of the Buddha makes his words true, so everyone suspects that this guy Song Chang Gung-hsin formed an alliance to let everyone fight others and then set up a blessed land to keep everyone in people’s minds.
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-two Used his quick wits
Song Chang-geng is not stupid to stir people’s hearts. If he doesn’t know, he can’t come if he wants to come up with countermeasures at once. But now he has to suppress the fire and don’t motivate himself. If he does, he can give everyone an argument. He can laugh coldly and don’t answer a word, but his head will turn quickly, hoping to find a way to explain it, otherwise people’s hearts will be scattered.
Now he doesn’t understand what Tathagata is talking to himself after arrival, not to cover up the surroundings, but to let everyone hear that it turned out to be such a goal. He can’t help but resent the so-called senior brother’s poor eyes, but Tathagata still smiles faintly as if everything is in his heart and everything is profound.
Suddenly, Song Chang Gung’s mind moved to think of some comments from later generations, and he couldn’t help thinking, "It’s really a summer bug that can’t be said. Even if you are a Buddha and a ancestor, what about my brother?" I cann’t believe I’m still making irresponsible remarks here for nothing. Don’t you think you’re going too far to talk about things like this? Are you not a Buddha anymore? "
Tathagata listened to a slight pause and then still smiled, "Teacher younger brother, it is a great fate for you and me to be together. Is it necessary to be so mean? What do you decorate? Who doesn’t know? No, it’s just to realize what you thought in the past and make your thoughts go smoothly, but haven’t you ever thought about how many murders you have made like this? But also deprive these monks of that opportunity to continue their cultivation in the New territory.
There seems to be no need to discuss whether I am a Buddha or not. I am now a Buddha. The Buddha is not a Buddha, so I don’t know who deserves to be a Buddha. "
Everyone present looked at Song Changgeng with an idiot’s eyes. This guy is not out of his mind, is he? It’s weird enough that Luo Jinxian is still married, and he’s still asking the Buddha if his head is not kicked by a donkey, right? It’s just that Zi Xuanfeng and B Hugh are a little embarrassed. They Song Changgeng must have become angry with their brains.
But listen to Song Changgeng suddenly laughed "ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! It’s a joke to say that you are stupid and admit that you’ve never seen such a stupid guy like you. It’s a joke that you can still be a Buddha like this. If you can read it, it’s a joke. If you can read it, how can I turn from a mortal to a Luo Jinxian with my own wisdom and luck in just a hundred years? "
When you say this, everyone can’t help but be stupefied, even the Tathagata is a little worried. Does this guy really have another meaning? Before they can think clearly, they listened to Song Chang Gung’s continued, "But seeing that your head is full of bags, it is estimated that your head is stupid and being beaten, right?" I’ll explain it to you for our sake, so you can’t get a big bag out of your forehead without trying to get rid of it. "
Tathagata is no matter how good his temper is, he can’t help but feel a little unhappy after hearing this. Song Changgeng then said, "I will be eligible to go to the New Territories monks as you said, but the New Territories still has decades to complete. I can’t let them be idle for such a long time. And although they are gone, mortals are still living."
These mortals are all their flesh and blood compatriots, all living together in this area, sharing the same roots and people, and even they once had relatives and friends. We can walk, but it doesn’t mean that these mortals can walk. We should leave something for these compatriots after we leave. I want to build a blessed land in Shu Mountain to make the residual spiritual veins stand up so that the aura can last for hundreds of years in Shu.
First, later, my compatriots had a way to practice and March into the main road. Second, in order to make these people become the younger generation in the alliance after soaring, I worked hard to build this blessed land to make them orthodox. Of course, it also meant to make my former ideas come true, but all this was based on the benefit of everyone. Without orthodoxy and disciples, they might as well be in the New Territories.
But when it comes to your mouth, it’s my own plan. It’s a joke that I let others live or die. It’s because these forces occupy a lot of resources to a greater or lesser extent. These resources are conducive to building a blessed land and their new life in the New Territories, but they will do so. At the same time, it’s just to eliminate hidden dangers for later mortals by attacking and destroying these forces
How come you’re killing? When you set up the New Territories, can you let Brother Dongtian go and Brother Fudi go? Can’t you? When the time comes, what will the monks do if they know that they can’t go to the New Territories and that the aura will disappear and they will become enlightened? I just laid the foundation for a smooth and excessive person, but everything has changed when I came to you. It’s really a small heart. "
Speaking of which, everyone is a little vain. So that’s what he thinks. Everything is all right, everyone. It seems that the Buddha has wronged him. When the Tathagata heard it, he smiled faintly. "Little brother, you can come up with such an explanation in a hurry, or I won’t argue with you. I can’t make it clear that these things will come and go. If I ask you, do you say that I’m not a Buddha?"
Song Chang Gung looked at him and smiled leisurely. "I asked you what the Buddha is? The course of Buddhism’s entry into China was the Han Emperor’s dream of a golden man at night. Since then, the Buddha has been regarded as one of the complicated gods in China culture and has been worshipped and sacrificed. Whether it was in the Sui Dynasty or today, I am afraid that everyone’s first thought of floating together is that it is magical.
You can’t and shouldn’t have the image of six golden bodies, but the fact is that at the beginning of the origin, you incarnated Sakyamuni as a living person born in ancient India. "Buddha" means "awakened person" in Sanskrit, which means an awakened person, and the so-called enlightenment does not mean getting any powerful magic.
It means that you have figured out in your mind that you should face all kinds of unavoidable hardships, such as life, old age, illness, death, etc., and thus you have gained a psychological state that you can be as calm as your body and mind in dealing with the situation. You said in the original teaching that the pursuit of becoming a Buddha is not to live forever but to enter nirvana.
In your opinion, all sentient beings are going back and forth in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma from generation to generation. This is the root of all the pain. Even if the heavens are given birth to life with long magic power, it is difficult for heaven and man to return to the reincarnation. A day is like a wheel that keeps turning. The only way to get rid of it is to disappear completely and never appear in the reincarnation.
If you think of Buddha from here, you should give up everything and not be disturbed by things, but what about you? You are not a Buddha if you don’t decide what you want. "
When the Tathagata heard that it was white, he wanted to explain it to others. Although he wondered that the Tathagata didn’t define himself there, it was strange that Song Chang-geng had continued, "Do you want to be white?" If you want people to have a special attachment to something, it is difficult to think and do it according to the solidified thinking mode in the specific situation of this deacon.
It is the same whether this persistence is fame, benefit or Buddhism compassion. In your Buddhism, the bodhisattva’s fruit position is lower than that of Buddha, because the bodhisattva’s heart is still bound by the so-called ninth kind of mind "wind", that is, compassion, so it can’t be proved that nirvana can be liberated from the realm of great freedom.
You said you were Buddha, but I said you weren’t tied to your blood because you still had ties. If you didn’t have ties, why would arrival stop me now? Why did you turn into someone to establish a secret? Isn’t it to protect this blood? If you are a true Buddha, you will naturally not care about this blood, and you will not have this concern. Since you have concerns, you are not a Buddha. "
When he finished speaking, everyone was silent. Everyone agreed that what he said was correct, because he derived from the definition of Buddha. These definitions are all Tathagata. He said that if he didn’t agree, he would punch himself in the mouth. This remark made the allies who had just been encouraged calm down. They knew that things were out of their control. Maybe they would start work.
Because it is said that this copy has been completely torn face. If the Tathagata doesn’t care about this blood, it won’t be so decorated, but this arrangement was attacked by Song Changgeng. Naturally, he couldn’t bear it for a long time. The Tathagata only faintly tunnel "Just as I didn’t see clearly that the little teacher younger brother arranged my move, you didn’t have nothing to say about me."
Besides, it’s not interesting to say these things. We all have our own arrangements and ideas. Now is not the time to argue. I’m here to stop you from discussing what your reason is, the secret and the Buddha land behind it. Otherwise, I can show you what the roar of lions and the glare of King Kong are. Is it necessary for everyone to have a game together? Go back! "
Song Chang Gung suddenly laughed "ha ha ha ha! Didn’t you just say that earlier? What’s the point of stalling? Now that you mention it, if I don’t return it, I won’t give it to you. But once we came, you let us return it without saying anything, and then I’m even more embarrassed. If you are embarrassed to retreat, you must promise me two conditions or I will see your roar! "
"oh? I don’t know what two conditions the younger brother wants. My Buddha’s merciful killing is ominous. If I can really stop fighting, I am naturally willing to promise my younger brother to come in detail! " When the Tathagata heard what he meant, it was white. This guy’s idea was to benefit, and he couldn’t help but despise it. It was really a storm that didn’t get some benefits and didn’t go.
Of course, Song Chang-geng saw his real thoughts from his treasure photos of Zhuang Yan. When he saw the Tathagata, he smiled lightly. "It’s very simple. First, we met for the first time in the same school. Since you want me to return it, I will return it. Then you can send me this statue and five statues of the king. Second, it’s simpler. You promised to hide it and not go out. After the New Territories, everything on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau will belong to us, and we must not destroy the spiritual pulse.
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-three War Buddha in the wild
"Ha ha! Little martial brother has a bad appetite. Like the other three teaching methods, these six golden statues are all specially arranged by me to guard here. If you go to these six statues, your strength will be greatly reduced. These things have been accumulated for thousands of years. When they go to the New Territories, it will be a part of my layout. Naturally, I can’t give you many questions, and you don’t want to.
If you want to know the refining method, I can give you something else. Don’t think about it. You must take it with you when you walk on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is to enrich and strengthen them. Now these statues can’t be left to you in two conditions. These two can’t! "Tathagata that big golden face is still skin light smile gently said.
"oh! But I don’t agree with these two conditions and haven’t changed them, so we can finally solve them and see if we can overwhelm each other by force. Please! " Song Chang Gung faintly waited for his words to fall, and then he was shaken all over, and then a mighty golden light rippled and spread to the golden light, turning it into a golden ball and getting bigger and bigger.
Before everyone knows when this is, the ball of light grows to nearly a hundred feet in diameter after seeing a breath, and then’ wave!’ After the ground crackled, a giant with a height of 100 feet stood in it. He wore a golden glittering armor, a white cloud coat, a jade belt around his waist, a gourd around his waist, and a colorful auspicious cloud to support his huge body.
The appearance of the huge head is that Song Changgeng’s appearance has expanded a hundred times, just like the golden Buddha statue. He sighed and said nothing, but raised his hand and a set of complicated handprints flew by, and then a huge aperture flashed. After the aperture disappeared, Song Changgeng’s huge body disappeared. There was a Tathagata’s right hand spread out in the middle, and a golden ball of light danced and flashed.
Tathagata is also paying attention to the ball of light in this hand. Everyone gave birth to something in vain. Is it that Song Changgeng, the pick of Jinxian, was destroyed by others? This is too complicated. Is it really the arrival of the Buddha that things are a little off track? Apart from hiding secrets, on the one hand, the alliance, Buddhism, Taoism, magic and other factions dare not move, and they are shocked for a while.
At this time, Song Chang Gung fell into a wonderful world, and the sky was blue in Wan Li. Occasionally, there were white clouds, and the ground was as crystal as jade. A huge Buddha sitting there seemed to be sitting on the ground with the sky above his head, and the flame rose and changed, and it was as dazzling as a sun. Everything around him was so real and beautiful.

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