Duang said, "Jun Xiaohui suspects that someone intends to annex the Twelve Halls of the Magic Gate. Now my father has been murdered, and the soul is even more traveled. The most important thing is that there are spies in the Fire Palace!"
Bai Qiao eyes wide stare surprised way "fire palace! Can you find out who it is? "
"No" Duane shook his head. "You’ve been taking good care of Second Martial Uncle recently. Don’t let people get close to Second Martial Uncle. The man around you can kill all three elders at the top of yee’s soul with one hand. I suppose that if Third Martial Uncle didn’t get there, the man would have killed Second Martial Uncle on the spot. We can’t rule out the possibility that Second Martial Uncle had seen the spy before he passed out. Therefore, you must choose a few reliable brothers to protect Second Martial Uncle Zhou."
"Yes!" Bai Qiao answered firmly.
Duane continued, "I don’t have to be too shy to leave you here today because you misunderstood the identity of Mingsha."
Bai Shu was a little surprised, but he was relieved to think that the master elder brother had been away for so many years, but he knew all about what had happened in Changxuan. He thought that it might be that Master often wrote letters to the master elder brother. Now it seems that the master elder brother had the foresight to send his own people to Changxuan from a very early age. It is no wonder that Master has always attached great importance to each other in these years.
Fang Xiaoting was surprised and stared at Hu Mingsha, but he didn’t eat the present directly.
When they got started, there was a little difference between them. I don’t know why they often didn’t add Hu Mingsha to the plate on weekdays. Fang Xiaoting, who was always with Guan Yuchen and B Xuan, had always had a bad impression on him. Although it was revealed that B Xuan Hu Mingsha tried drugs four years ago, Fang Xiaoting had a little more sympathy for Hu Mingsha, but it didn’t affect Fang Xiaoting’s displeasure.
Today, I suddenly know that both of them are in the master elder brother’s office. At that time, it is still difficult to accept that I can point to Hu Mingsha’s gaping way, "You, you, you …" As a result, you didn’t say a complete sentence for a long time.
Hu Mingsha inadvertently smiled and said, "On weekdays, there are many offenses against the original, but I don’t know that Teacher younger brother Fang is one of our own. I still hope that Teacher younger brother Fang will be more attentive."
Fang Xiaoting is a generous man. When Hu Mingsha said this, wait for a while immediately said, "Good talk, good talk …"
Bai Shu looked at the two younger brothers with big eyes and small eyes and suddenly became curious and asked, "Big Brother, how did you choose these two younger brothers?"
Duane chuckled, "Xiao Ting is an orphan. I gave him a hand by chance and he has been following me."
"No!" I immediately got excited when I heard Duane mention Fang Xiaoting in such an airy way, and danced and said, "At that time, the bandit Tu Cun killed my family, and the master elder brother saved me in the hands of the bandits, so he was seriously injured. Seeing that I was alone, he took me with him and gave me fists and fists. Later, I heard the doctor say that the master elder brother’s meridians were damaged, and it was even difficult to return to the fairy path again. I beat about the bush and told me that it was a traitor who hurt me. At that time, he decided to help the master elder brother take revenge, so he pestered me.
Bai Qiao opened his mouth and looked back and forth in Duane and Fangxiaoting for a long time before he swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He patted Fangxiaoting on the shoulder approvingly. "You are a grateful reporter!" But! I cann’t believe you kept it from me! Don’t you know that I am the best brother of master elder brother! How can you even hide it from me! "
Fang Xiaoting was photographed by Bai Shuo, grinning and not daring to call it pain. "It’s … it’s the master elder brother who won’t let me say it … the master elder brother said it …"
"Say what!" Glare in vain
Fang Xiaoting busy way "big brother said three elder brother warm-hearted, is a good brother can tao xin tao lung, just mouth occasionally don’t open the door …"
第454章 薛让相邀(一)
Du Angxian paused for a moment and then laughed. "I haven’t contacted her for a year, but she has always been protected by a fairy master and her medical skills are high."
Fang Xiaoting and Hu Mingsha were both treated by Du Ruo in those years, so they have always been grateful. Now, listening to Duane talking about the master of the fairy, they remembered that Du Ruo had been followed by a strange swordsman, who had been a fairy Xiaocheng many years ago. Now it seems that Du Ruo’s comfort needs them to worry about.
Duane said, "Well, you do your job. Now, let’s pay attention to their movements around Guan Yuchen for the time being. You two must not reveal the identity of Brother Hu. Once you find any danger, you should cooperate with each other."
Three people should have left the temple for a moment.
Duane looked at Kuang Square, then looked up at the long lamppost.
This is the same as when the lamppost was set up from Dengzu Mountain, and the lamppost was engraved with the name of Chang Xuandi. At the very end, it was Pan Hui, Pan Hui’s face was shrouded in a fog, and no one could see what was in the fog. However, now the fog has dispersed, and the word Duane happily appears at the top of all the names, half a foot higher than Pan Hui’s name, and then it has been named.
Duane always knew that his name was hidden in the fog, and Deng Zu had already told him that even twenty years ago, the so-called breaking meridians and abolishing the achievement method was just a smoke screen for Deng Zu. In fact, everything was just for him to defend himself. If he wanted him to defend himself, Deng Zu would definitely restore the truth to everyone. Unfortunately, he was arrogant and determined not to be soft easily, so Deng Zu could come up with this strategy to save his life.
Now things should be clear, but Duane always feels that things are far from simple behind. That official Phil wants to protect people with his life. Duane is very clear about who he is, and there are others who are even more suspicious of participating in this matter. Even a seven-year-old child can never think of such a way to frame a person, especially even his own mother.
Vulcan wounds …
Duane turned back to Qingrenge and watched his father’s body gradually calm down.
Every younger brother of Changxuan will go through the inspection of Jieyindi when he gets started. It is absolutely impossible to mix with spies from other sects. Now Vulcan suddenly appears. There are two possibilities-someone betrayed Changxuan and stayed undercover after he joined the Vulcan Palace, or something went wrong with Jieyindi.
Either way, it may be hard to find unless you check one by one. If you do this in the past, you will definitely startle the other party, and you may even frame Gu Di.
What should I do … Duane was so lost in thought that he sat quietly beside his father’s body all night.
On the second day, after finishing the morning class, according to the rules of Changxuan, Douang led a group of younger brothers to worship Duhe’s body for three times, and then burned the square in front of the temple and scattered the ashes into the maple forest in the back hill.
Everyone was silent until the ashes drifted away with the wind, and finally a younger brother shed tears.
After the ceremony, Pan Hui quietly left without saying hello to anyone. One person silently followed her not far away, and Pan Hui seemed unaware.
When I reached the foot of Tiandu Peak, Pan Huifang stopped and said, "Come out! Follow all the way. "
Fang Xiaoting got a fright, and then he knew that he couldn’t hide his roots in front of Pan Hui. He was just about to walk out of the shadows when he saw a woman who had walked behind Pan Hui not far away. He looked intently and recognized that the woman was Yao Qin, who used to live with Rong.
Yao Qin respectfully called a "Sister Pan", but he was not as timid as he was then.
Pan Hui slowly turned around and looked at Yao Qin. She saw that the beautiful girl had grown up slim and graceful in the past, so she was pretty in front of her. The corners of her mouth were full of laughter and shyness. She was very generous and decent. Pan Hui smiled and said, "Yao Shimei hasn’t seen you for a long time and has made a lot of progress."
Yao Qin laughed and said, "Sister Pan is ridiculous. Today, my little sister overreached and followed her. It was just a message for the second brother. The second brother asked Sister Pan to fall on the cliff at midnight."
Pan Hui’s facial expression did not change. He nodded at random. "Tell my second brother Pan Huiding to go to the appointment when I know."
Yao Qin saw that Pan Hui promised to be frank and surprised. At the same time, he didn’t move. "So I won’t bother the teacher elder sister. Little sister excused herself." Yao Qin said that Yao’s musical instrument store turned around and left without hesitation.
Fang Xiaoting was wondering whether to tell the master elder brother about it when she heard Pan Huiyin "Do you need me to invite you? After listening to it for so long, it’s time to come out! Brother Fang! "
Chapter 455 Xue to invite (2)
Fang Xiaoting got a fright. It turned out that Pan Hui always knew that he was nearby, but Yao Qin was solved first and then he was cleaned up. He could slowly walk out of the shadows and look at Pan Hui’s expressional face and smile, "The teacher elder sister …"
Pan Hui supercilious look a double way "little smirked with me there you don’t learn well now! Don’t tell anyone about what happened just now. If I know that you are talkative, go out and hum! "
Fang Xiaoting was so frightened by these two grunts that he shivered and asked weakly, "Not even a big brother?"
"no!" Pan Hui’s answer was categorical, "If you dare to tell the big brother, I will calculate the account of your peeking at Rong’s bath!" " When Rong was still alive, a flying crane once said that someone was watching her take a bath and that it was Fang Xiaoting. This matter was shelved by Pan Hui because Rong died unexpectedly, and now it can be used to threaten Fang Xiaoting.
Fang Xiaoting immediately said with a sad face, "The teacher elder sister didn’t! Even if you lend me ten guts, I will never dare to do that kind of immoral thing! It was an accident in those days. I accidentally found someone stealing outside Rong’s room. When I rushed over, the person had already run away. I accidentally saw it through the window. It was definitely not intentional! "
"Is that so?" Pan Hui raised his eyebrows and smiled treacherously.
Fang Xiaoting nodded like garlic and couldn’t wait to show his innocence by taking out his heart.
Pan Hui frowned and said, "Did you see who it was at that time?"
Fang Xiaoting thought for a moment and shook his head. "I can’t tell the difference between the dark moonlight and the man wearing a very wide body, which covered up the judgment of who it was and who repaired it …"

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