This made Muhai feel a little uneasy, so he needed to ask someone.
It’s not appropriate to find Tang Yu
First, it will make Tang Yu sad. Second, Tang Yu may not tell himself the news.
In that case, we can find someone else.
"No one? Is there a ghost? "
Zhou Qian mumbling body a tingle can’t help shivering.
Then she closed the dormitory door and walked back to her room.
Looking back, Zhou Qian saw that Muhai could not help but take a few steps back with a quiver.
When she found out that it was Muhai, she repeatedly patted her chest to reveal an anger and resentment and stared at Muhai.
"Dead little sea stinks little sea. Do you want to frighten me to death?"
Zhou Qian a robot in mu Hai Huai small fist a burst of crazy disorderly hit.
"Well, it’s urgent for Xiaoxi to come to you this time," Muhai said.
Hearing this, Zhou Qian stopped fighting and looked at Muhai seriously. "Xiaohai, tell me what is it?"
"Do you know where Yang Wen is?" Muhai asked
"You said Yang Wen elder sister? Dean gave her a mountain alone, and now she is practicing there. "
Zhou Qian said that her eyes were more envious.
Hear this MuHai frowned "separate points a mountain? This is too highly of Yang Wen? "
The dean didn’t follow the rules in the south yard. Everything was in her charge, like an emperor.
What about the leader of the South Campus? Why does he eat? Not to supervise the dean?
And the dean doesn’t know about all this? No matter what.
In addition to these, the president of the South Hospital actually robbed Tang Yu radish, which completely committed the Muhai lamella!
All this says that the dean is definitely not a good thing.
Afraid of putting Yang Wen on a mountain alone is also a bad intention.
If it weren’t for the fact that the president of the South Hospital is a female Muhai, I doubt that she is Yang Wen’s master.
"Yes, the dean gave her a mountain named Chi Yunfeng, and many new brothers are very envious," said Zhou Qian.
"Brother? Shouldn’t you call a student? " Mu Hai said
"Students? Xiaohai, is your school called a student? This is much better. It sounds strange that we call our brother here, "said Zhou Qian.
"Well, Xiaoxi won’t talk for a while. I’ll go and see Yang Wen first. I’m very worried about her," Muhai said.
"Xiaohai, then be careful not to be discovered," Zhou Qian said.
"Well, you can rest assured."
Muhai finished using the concealment technique and disappeared instantly.
"I’ll send you to Xiaohai"
Say that finish Zhou Qian beat the dormitory door.
"Give me the dormitory building surrounded by people!"
Suddenly there was a big drink outside, which made the whole dormitory building buzzing.
Chapter 346 Catch Tang Yu [Night]
Mu Poseidon swept away and frowned.
See the dormitory surrounded by a group of women.
This group of women are armed with all kinds of weapons.
Muhai is just on the fifth floor. It’s impossible not to disturb this group of women.
Even if you jump, you will roar to attract others’ attention.
"What should I do?"
Muhai frowned to reveal thinking color.
"Deng Deng …"
A quick footsteps sounded straight to the fifth floor.
I saw a group of women in red robes coming straight to Muhai. No, they stopped at the entrance of Tang Yu’s dormitory.
"Bang bang …"
A violent knocking at the door made the dormitory buzz.
The dormitory door soon knocked out a woman. It was Tang Yu who took a closer look.
Tang Yu was puzzled and puzzled. wait for a while looked at this group of women
"Elder martial sister Lu, who are you?" Tang Yu asked
"Hum, arrest you."
The first woman in red said coldly
Soon a few women began to tie down Tang Yu.
Tang Yu didn’t struggle and was bound by them. "Sister Lu, even if you are the captain of the law enforcement team, you can’t tie people indiscriminately, right?"
Tang Yuyin was very loud and surrounded by a group of female brothers. When these female brothers saw this scene, they could not help but blame the women in red.
"Sister Lu must give a statement to arrest people. Is it true that we newcomers are good at bullying?"
Zhou Qian to the first woman in red big drink a way
"arresting people must have a reason."
Xuan Zhou’s cold body is afraid that the chief woman in red will dare to forcibly bring people, and she will make moves.
"The teacher elder sister lu, you can give an explanation."
Zhong Jing smiled and said

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