The change of Si Yu’s expression and tone made Lin Feng feel very strange. Why did Lin Feng say a word casually will touch the hidden feelings in Si Yu’s heart? Do these extremely good memories have different sad memories?
Beside Lin Feng, Lin Ye has been slow to see Lin Feng move from the beginning of the world. He is quietly in the same place and closed his eyes as if thinking about something. Although they are very strange about Lin Feng’s move, they didn’t bother Lin Feng. They waited patiently for Lin Feng to wake up.
Lin Feng looked at Siyu indifferently and said, "I really don’t understand that you so-called masters are either trapped by your own cultivation bottleneck or obsessed with something memorable. I’m afraid you have forgotten that when you first chose to step into the road of fixing the truth, you were already doomed to have no retreat. How can you achieve anything without experiencing some blows?"
Siyuwen’s face changed again, as if he had thought of something, but he was not sure whether he wanted to reason about it or not. Siyu suddenly smiled with relief.
"Lin Feng may be repairing, but I am much taller than you, but I want to tell you that you are looking at things from a higher level than me. After listening to your words today, I really want to understand the answers to many questions that bothered me before. I want to thank you in one sentence!" Si Yu chuckled
Lin Feng shook his head and said, "If you don’t thank me, I just tell you my feelings. There is no need to wake you up. Besides, I don’t want to offend a master like you easily, and I won’t deliberately please you. I have to rely on myself to find the key to fix the truth. Only when I have myself can I help myself."
"Although I don’t know how powerful your real identity is, I finally want to tell you that forgetting all the things you have been obsessed with is likely to get the result you are always pursuing." Lin Feng immediately withdrew his fairy knowledge after saying that.
In a quiet courtyard in the undead city, Siyu stood with his hand in his hand, carefully pondering what Lin Feng had said, quietly staying in his place for a long time, and suddenly sighing, Siyu turned and returned to his cabin.
Lying prone at the door of the wooden house, Boqin, a Xuanwu fierce beast, looked at his master and entered the fierce eyes of the wooden house. At this time, there was a rare trace of Naise, as if he were secretly sad in Siyu.
Lin Feng finally opened his eyes closed and Lin Ye looked at them and walked over at the same time. Lin Feng realized that he had made the immortal talk to Si Yu as soon as he realized it, but he forgot his side and the master Lin Ye and the two men were separated from the world. He couldn’t help but smile slightly. "I’m too devoted to visiting the immortal. It’s really wrong."
At the beginning of the world from the windson aiming way "input? I think you are too proud of windson, right? I can see from your extremely enjoyable expression that you must have seen something pleasing to the eye. Am I right? "
"If only it were as you said, there would be something pleasing to the eye in this nebula genkai, either a demon-repairer or a fierce beast. You think too much from the beginning!" Windson didn’t good the spirit way
Lin Ye whispered, "Since the wind once said that Kemp would come to us before, why hasn’t he come to the nebula genkai until now? He and Gu Xuan should have arrived long ago."
Windson agreed and nodded. "I am also puzzled by this matter. Should Kemp meet any other important things? It’s better to talk to him mentally. We’re guessing here. "
Say that finish windson immediately immersed mind mental force to Kemp detection in the past, windson soon saw Kemp with GuXuan figure.
"Kemp, why haven’t you come to the nebula genkai for such a long time? We have already closed our practice. Do you have something else to do?" Windson asked
Kemp said with a quick laugh, "It’s not that I’m slow, but that I’m halfway to the nebula genkai. Brother Chu asked me to help him collect natural materials and treasures. He said that he wanted Du Jie to refine some fairy magic devices for me. How can I shirk it?"
"What? Kemp, did you say that Chu Huawei’s senior wanted Du Jie? No, are you looking for an excuse to trick me? " Windson with a grain of salt
Kemp learns of windson’s remarks and can’t help but be slightly angry. "Windson, do you want to win a fight? When have I ever cheated you? Brother Chu really sensed that his 99-year-old robbery would come in the Millennium. I’m joking with you about such a thing. Lin Feng, you look down on me! "
Windson hurriedly apologize, "don’t take it seriously, Kemp. I didn’t make fun of you until you worked hard. When did you become so small? In my mind, you have always been a broad-minded and informal demon Kemp! Don’t let your image be ruined, then I won’t treat you like a big brother! "
The fifth volume Chapter 20 LengHong die ()
Camp cold hum a is no longer with windson general knowledge sink a way "windson for me, you’d better leave the nebula genkai as soon as possible, although with your strength now, you are no longer hiding, but more is better than less. The immortal demon saint has no enmity with you."
Lin Feng whispered, "I don’t want him to bother me for nothing. I won’t take the initiative to bother him. After all, I’d better keep a low profile in his immortal demon saint’s sphere of influence. I’ll tell my master and Li Chu the news and make them happy!"
Stopped talking to Kemp’s mind, and Lin Feng recovered, keeping a close eye on the eyes from the beginning of the world, so he mysteriously said, "From the beginning, I want to tell you a great news. Chu Huawei’s predecessors have successfully broken through and sensed that he will be robbed in the Millennium."
It’s a surprise to talk to Lin Ye at the beginning of the separation, especially at the beginning of the separation. Although the separation always likes to oppose Chu Huawei, it always loves to tear him down. However, the two have always been apprentices and apprentices for many years. Of course, it’s not fake. Now I hear that Chu Huawei is going to leave Du Jie in the wind mouth. At the same time, I feel a faint sadness.
Chu Huawei’s strength is extremely artifact. It is not difficult to help him survive the September 9 th disaster. At the thought that Chu Huawei will leave Du Jie in the Millennium, he secretly decided that he must improve himself as soon as possible, and strive not to let him wait too long after Chu Huawei rose to the gods.
Lin Ye is not happy. "Brother Chu has been painstakingly immersed in the refining device for so long that he can forge an artifact. Now that the artifact has been forged, I hope that the sword has been refined and it has been successfully sensed. It is really gratifying."
"Senior Chu got what he wanted after waiting. He will soon go to the divine world to find his senior Shen You. From the beginning, we will work together to strive for an early ascent to the divine world!" Windson cannot hide excited way
At the beginning of the world from heavy nodded low say with smile "that’s right! Old man Chu wants to go to the celestial world alone for a happy day. I will never let him succeed! "
Three people can’t help laughing at one another windson at this time suddenly way "master from the beginning of our step from this nebula genkai? I’m not interested in joining in the fight between the immortal demon saint and the yellow overlord. What do you think? "
At the beginning of the world, we said, "Let’s fight with both of them. We’ve been here at the bottom of the sea for so long, and we’re almost drowning! It’s better to go back to heaven. This nebula genkai is not a place to stay after all. "
Lin Feng listened to the initial opinions and then turned to look at Lin Ye, hoping that Lin Ye could say some suggestions.
Lin Ye laughed. "It’s just what I want to say from the beginning. genkai is just a piece of water in heaven. Other fields are still waiting for us to explore. I also agree to leave here."
"good! Now that we have decided to leave here, we will leave "Lin Fengdao immediately.
Three people now want to leave the nebula genkai, of course, is very easy, but in a blink of an eye, three people have been in the nebula magic sea.
Breathing the salty and humid air, Lin Feng, all three of them have a feeling of being at the bottom of the sea for such a long time, and now they feel relaxed when they come out for air.
However, the brief calm did not last long before it was broken because Lin Feng’s immortal knowledge sensed a person-Lenghong.
Lenghong doesn’t know whether it’s his own bad luck or the bad timing from the undead city today. It happened that he met the person he didn’t want to meet the most. Lin Feng looked at Lin Feng and his eyes gradually filled with rampant murder. Lenghong knew that today’s things were good. Now he can crustily skin of head and have no other choice.
At the beginning of the world, I didn’t know Leng Hong, and I didn’t feel anything strange about Leng Hong’s appearance, while Lin Ye was very different. When they were in Yaoxing, Leng Hong held Lin Feng in exchange for Kemp’s words. Now Leng Hong suddenly appeared. How can you not let Lin Feng be angry? Just being held hostage by him at that time was enough to make Lin Feng kill people.
Windson coldly looking at Leng Hongdao "Leng Hong! No wonder Emperor Yan and the main demon king sent out almost the whole celestial fix true person without finding your trace. So you hid in the nebula genkai. If I guessed correctly, you must be special with the immortal demon saint. Otherwise, how could you appear so close to the undead? "
Leng Hongnai gave a wry smile: "Lin Feng, I have to admire your speculative ability. It seems that you are not only amazing in cultivation, but also impressed me with your meticulous degree. From the sound of Yao Xing, it will actually make you grow to this point in just a few decades. If you continue to put it like this, I think you will become the first person in heaven."

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