When he finished this sentence, Augustine’s anger disappeared in this period, and he knew that Chen Han would not give a check.
"Is this what you call quality?" Cage asked.
"But if your hand met this kind of thing, you must have fought long ago, and the biggest loss was * * * * * * * *"
"I’m white"
In some places, there are disputes, and the cause of the dispute is not the profit * * * * * * profiteering, which makes many people jealous, but not everyone dares to mess around.
Caroline’s words are a deterrent, but Kacey’s identity is also a deterrent, but this deterrent method works for everyone.
Just after solving the Lilith thing, Chen Han and Kaqi are going to leave for another store to have bad news.
Today is the opening day of a commercial flagship and the most eventful autumn.
"I smashed the east and west of this place. Damn it, young master spent thousands of pieces of magic crystal to buy clothes and broke it with one hand. What quality is this?"
Young people are angry at a shop named Givenchy. Several fierce men rushed into the shop and smashed ordinary clothes with gorgeous shapes and textures. After they tore them into rags, they were responsible for watching the shop. Two beautiful women were too scared to come out.
Due to limited manpower, Augustine transferred all his hands. He is also an ordinary businessman. What experts are there around him?
These two women have a golden order, which is equivalent to picking Jin Xian. In the face of these powerful breath, the worst masters have a bucket master, who dares to stop them?
Chapter 71 Rage crazy ou
Fill No.1 specially add a chapter bubble *) is to make amends 19, is it not?
In a blink of an eye, it’s messy
Fortunately, the store was blessed by the powerful Fashen, but it was not for them to damage it, or even the whole building was destroyed.
Young people are still angry and yelling. The two salesgirls are scared out of their wits. Even if they are Augustine, they will not run around desperately in the face of irresistible forces. Besides, after good vocational training, they know that strong confrontation is not good for * * * * * * *.
"I need compensation so that you can speak!" The young man shouted evil spirit.
"I also need compensation."
As soon as his words stopped, he remembered a strange sound behind him, and Chen Han came in sullenly. "I think you should have a reasonable explanation."
Suddenly turned around and the young man took a biting look and said slowly, "Explain? I bought clothes for a thousand dollars, but it tore with a little more effort. Do I have to explain it to you? Don’t you think it’s a fraud to sell such inferior things at such a high price? "
Frowning tightly and looking at the mess on the ground, Chen Han suddenly laughed. "You tore up these clothes, didn’t you?"
"So what?"
"Well, let’s not talk about clothes for the time being. I want to ask you which one do you think is more valuable than these clothes?"
"What do you … damn it?" Young people are furious.
"I don’t mean anything. I hope you can give me an answer." Chen Han looked at the shop and there were already many people outside.
"Don’t you think I’m not as valuable as these clothes?"
"That is to say, you admit that you are worth more than clothes."
My grandfather, one of the biggest assemblers in Franxing, has never lacked a magic crystal. Is it worth more than a few clothes?
Chen Han suddenly moved the wind attribute and quarreled with him at an extremely alarming speed. It was in this shop that he rushed to the customers who were regarded as emperors.
Of course, from the breath released by the other party just now, it can be seen that this guy is just in the late stage of fighting. If it is really a top player, Chen Han will not foolishly run to find abuse.
At the same time, a few dog legs who were previously responsible for smashing the store saw that someone was furious with the main hand and was about to kill him.
"It’s just the opposite to catch it all for me!"
Kaqi ordered the guards around him to get ready. They all have official status. Since ancient times, there have been people who don’t fight against officials.
Is it a layman that there is a powerful family behind the foreign minister of the Principality of Defly in the Fran Cluster who is responsible for his personal safety? Along with the gender four people are comparable to the immortal emperor level master root, it is not that a few dog legs can compete.
It is the Fran cluster that is not allowed to do anything casually, especially in the largest pool of the Capital Star.
But it doesn’t mean that there is no violence here. Otherwise, how could that young man smash the shop?
The four guards didn’t receive the kill order. All they had to do was stop a few dog legs, which was a piece of cake for the master of King Dou and Devil.
Singing wind and fighting skill-firefly chop!
Hands big sword flush deep blue streamer Chen Lengling leaping sword chop down.
Although young people are unofficial, they have amazing wealth behind them, and their debating skills and methods are not weak. However, it is precisely because their ancestors’ blood is relatively ordinary that their talent has increased by a step, and their comprehensive combat power in fighting and repairing is similar to that of Chen Han.
His face was full of rage, calling out weapons to meet fighters, being good at melee advantages, showing the light of the sword, and at the same time, a piece of leg shadow blasted into Chen Han’s left rib.
Knee crack!
The sword style remains unchanged, and the left knee bends to meet the shadow of the leg, and then one hand holds the sword and the other hand holds the magic wand with more handles. "The pious mind awakens the sleeping wind and tears all obstacles. The sword comes from the fastest force in heaven and earth …"

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