Moreover, my mind was filled with the real devil who was about to get it, so I didn’t look closely at the things in this room and went directly to a door to continue walking.
As you walk through the fifth floor, the room gets smaller and the things in the room are less, but the more precious it is.
In this way, Bai Zhi took the people all the way and finally came to the last door.
"You go back, because it’s where the whole real magic hub is located. It’s always an organic owner who can enter. Therefore, this door wall is more troublesome. If it’s a little wrong, it will be attacked by hidden machines inside." Bai Zhi’s eyes can’t help but flash a trace of excitement when staring at the door wall. Immediately take out that piece of primitive simplicity drawings and open the door according to law
When they came to the last door, some of them couldn’t wait to get in, so they all gathered closer, but they heard Bai Zhiwu say that there would be danger and hurried away
See Bai Zhi again after a tedious beating, but no longer as casual as when others, but slowly, steadily and forcefully, and every time I do it, I have thought about it.
So after a wick of incense, I heard a sudden "giggle" sound on the door wall, and the door was ten feet thick and slowly closed to both sides
Bai Zhi stepped forward to flicker into the room.
The room is not big, except for a table, which is slightly swaying.
In Taiwan, there is a statue of a python with a head, a black dragon and a green python covered with black scales.
And Bai zhi has been staring at this statue since he entered this room, and his eyes will never move again.
The rest of the people can’t help but be disappointed to see a statue in the room, which is completely different from what they imagined, but they also know that this statue is serious when they see Bai Zhiwu so rude.
Dark black saw that there was a flash of different colors in his eyes and looked at each other secretly. He asked Bai Zhiwu, "What’s so special about this statue of Bai Zhiwu?"
Bai Zhi Dawu’s eyes were full of enthusiasm and murmured, "This is the man-machine center of this statue. If you master it, you can control this here."
At this moment, dark black couldn’t help but frown slightly when he saw Bai Zhiwu’s expression. He secretly fastened a doll with a size of half an inch in his hand, but he couldn’t see any trace. He took one look at her and walked away from Bai Zhiwu for a few steps. "Bai Zhiwu, now that we have confirmed and found this witch tomb, what are we going to do? Are we going to return to the temple first or what?"
However, it has been rare to talk about it, and suddenly pointed to a straight passage in front and asked Bai Zhi, "Isn’t this room the top of the whole real monster when Bai Zhi dwarfed this passage?"
When I heard dark black and Tongtiankou, Bai Zhi had returned to normal. I heard the smell speech and looked at the passage lightly. "There should be an exit to the Wu Tomb. Let’s go and have a look together."
Dark black couldn’t help but give a sigh when she saw that Bai Zhi was not abnormal, but when she was preparing to go to the opening, she suddenly felt that the flower shape was frozen at the moment and was suddenly pinched by a sudden big hand
"Bai Zhi Dawu, what are you doing? I don’t know what I did wrong?" See dark black a face of awe looking at the big hand master-Bai Zhi a face of nervously asked at the same time to the half inch doll hate to pinch.
Bai Zhi suddenly found it difficult for the rest of the people to be at a loss, but the whole world looked at it with a cold expression.
At this moment, Bai Zhi’s face was overcast and cold, and it was just now that he was kind to dark black. With the other hand, he suddenly grabbed dark black’s right hand and said, "Hum, I advise you not to touch. Do you want this’ soul-moving doll’ to deal with me? I’ll let you see if it is effective."
Bai Zhi grabbed the doll in dark black’s hand and clenched it with his fingers. The doll immediately broke into powder and scattered on the ground.
When dark black saw it, he seemed to see something incredible. He said, "You destroyed the soul-moving doll and it will be okay. I saw the high priest perform the operation with my own eyes. It is impossible to succeed!"
Bai Zhi didn’t say sneer at a way: "You still I don’t know that you gave the instructions of an witch to come and watch me. Hum, but it’s not significant."
Dark black heard him pick the words and move the soul doll and it seems that it has no effect on him. His face suddenly changed several times, but then he thought of what the original panic immediately turned to a calm and cold way
"This is also a precaution. If you don’t have any greed, it won’t be natural. But now it seems that High Priest An is right to worry. Now that you already know that you want to refine this central statue privately, you are not afraid of being hunted by the temple. If you stop now, I won’t say anything about it. Just pretend that something didn’t give birth to you or that we are nothing?"
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Changes
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"Do you think I will stop now that I have done it?" Bai Zhi speaks with an expression on his face and holds dark black’s neck at the same time.
Dark black saw that Bai Zhi was determined to get what was in the Wu Tomb and could no longer keep calm. I shouted.
"You, you, Ann’s big sacrifice is a kind of occult technique for you to move the soul doll. When you came, your body was secretly planted by the high priest Ann. If you kill me, you will suffer from the soul every day, and my grandfather will definitely not let you go."
But Bai Zhi couldn’t be moved by his words, but dark black was already venting more and getting less air.
At this time, she already knows how to talk to Bai Zhi, but she can’t help but look at the weakness of the universe and say, "Don’t you start work?"
A total of days to hear dark black urged is quietly watching or milli expression.
When dark black saw this, he couldn’t help feeling desperate. Then he looked at the rest of the wizards and said intermittently with the last hope, "You were poisoned when you came. Do you know what it is to betray the temple?"
When these wizards heard it, they showed a hesitant look, fearing both the cruel punishment in the temple and the white tricks.
But in the end, because of the long-standing position and fear of the temple in the hearts of these witches, these people chose to decide to start work with Bai Zhi together.
Bai Zhi, of course, saw the crowd stirring and saw dark black, and he still had the strength to say, Ha couldn’t help secretly lamenting the horror of people with ancestral blood.
Knowing that things should not be delayed, I couldn’t help but have a big drink. dark black’s neck was like a metal, and the harsh sound was suddenly caught by him.
The dark black head to all the wizards a jilt cold face sneer at a way
"Don’t you think I’m going to let you in with these uncertainties? You don’t have to press against your elbows to see what you feel."
They smell speech face a surprised slightly flustered in his elbow three inches dichotomy force pressure.
"Ah," many people can’t bear the pain and can’t help crying out to the heart.
Listen to that sorcerer named Sang Wu, who is frightened. "When did you plant poison in our body?"
Bai zhi saw the crowd panic expression, hey hey smiled and said with a confident look.
"I want to in your body kind of method of poison you will now? Now that dark black is dead, are you going to go with her or join me? "
Without waiting for everyone to answer, he immediately said in a seductive tone, "You also saw that this witch tomb is vast, and there are countless treasures in it. Will I still treat you badly?"
It is not easy for so many witches and wizards to solve the problem. Of course, the main reason is that he is short of manpower and faces crazy revenge from the temple at any time.
Although the man who got this machine was not afraid to come in person by the high priest of the temple, it is said that many snakes bite dead elephants. After all, people are weak and cannot compare with those giants who have been bearing for thousands of years, so he has to expand his power quickly.
"But when we came, we were all poisoned by the temple sacrifices, and even if we followed Bai Zhi, we would die soon!" The wizard named Dan Tai was a little uneasy, but it was obvious that he was willing to listen to the tone.
In fact, they know that they have been poisoned by Bai Zhi, and there is no room for resistance. If they want to live, they have to promise, so don’t let Bai Zhi think that they will betray others easily.
Radish sticks are not afraid that they will not allow Bai Zhi to laugh. "You should have heard just now that I have not been poisoned by the same method. What is there to worry about? I dare not do so without a solution."
When all the witches heard the news, they bowed down and said, "Then we are willing to join Baizhi Dawu sincerely, and we will be obedient to Baizhi Dawu in the future."
Bai zhi certainly won’t believe what they say, but it’s not too late to ask them to promise him that they have the means to make these people obey him, and he dare not be born with betrayal or really can’t, and then solve them all after this dangerous period.
Now that the goal has been achieved, Bai Zhi is going to refine this statue of mechanical center first, and then he can be completely at ease. No matter who he meets, he will have a fighting force, so Bai Zhi immediately gave a wink to the total angel and said
"One day, you take them to classify the magic weapon materials. As soon as I finish refining this robot, I will immediately expel the poison and then go out and look for other places in the witch tomb."
However, after a moment, Gongtian didn’t intend to leave the meaning, but looked at Bai Zhi with a straight face.
Bai Zhi, of course, felt the abnormality in the sky, and his heart was faint, and he stressed, "I told you to take them out."
The rest of the wizards also saw that they were about to have a change, and they were all silent and waiting for the exhibition.
At that time, I was frozen by nervousness.
I don’t know when I see a doll with a size of half an inch in my hand. Just now, dark black took out the same doll and looked at it coldly. Bai Zhi suddenly broke the doll’s legs.
"Ah" broke the doll’s legs in the same day, and suddenly Bai Zhi gave a scream. Bai Zhi seemed to be unstable and fell to the ground, and suddenly a pool of blood was left on his legs.
Bai Zhi sat on the ground in horror and looked at the common hand doll with some confusion. "Why do you have a soul-moving doll? Didn’t you give me the soul-moving doll at the beginning? Is that a fake?"
"Do you still have to ask if you look like this now?" Total days or facial expression light way
Bai Zhi was hit hard by this, and his face was twisted and ferocious. He pointed to the sky and screamed, "Good, good, good. I didn’t expect that Bai Zhi was blinded by geese all day and taught you such a good apprentice."
In total, I saw Bai Zhi pointing at his brow and wrinkling his hand. Both arms of the soul doll were broken. Bai Zhi groaned in pain and raised his arm and suddenly hung down.
As Bai Zhi’s arm fell, he saw a maggot the size of a maggot, but a pair of thin-winged worms emerged from Bai Zhi’s palm. The worms showed their shape and immediately went into Bai Zhi’s arm. For some reason, the worms did not appear the slightest wound after drilling from Bai Zhi’s arm.
Bai Zhi was horrified when he saw the worm get into his body, and then he wanted to take something into his arms, but his arms were broken by the’ soul-moving doll’ and he couldn’t move. He could watch the worm devour JingXie in his body and scream.

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