After knowing the order wolftail; Sunday can’t help but feel funny. Sunday’s rou is weak? At least for now; Sunday met so many opponents that no one hurt Sunday by weakness attack. The wolftail creature played very well, but as far as the result is concerned; It is almost doomed that nothing can be achieved.
However; The wolftail creature line is to let Sunday come up with an idea; When I found that the wolftail creature attacked his eyes, although there was no special action on Sunday’s surface, my hand was intended to protect my right I not iōng mouth at that time.
Sunday’s move naturally falls into the wolf-tailed creature’s eye when it comes; The Wolf-tailed creature attacked Zhou Tianzhan several times again, but because Zhou Tianzhao was prepared; The Wolf-tailed creature attacked many times but it was an exception. All the departments ended in failure.
I don’t know how long this battle will last, but on Sunday, the wolf-tailed creature was locked in battle; A burst of ringing; But it has attracted some changes.
According to Sunday that wolftail biological ability; Although the two sides don’t talk about the outcome, they say that it is absolutely necessary for huā to decide the final result.
But; If there is an accident; Then it will be very soon if the two sides fight to get a result.
Originally, on Sunday, the wolftail creature knew each other’s interests; Be careful to guard against the fact that both sides have never given each other a chance, but just as the two sides were deadlocked there, not far from them on Sunday, there was a slight movement at that time, that is, such a slight noise, but it immediately made the war situation change a lot at that time
According to the situation of the wolftail creature on Sunday; Wolf-tailed creatures are not so worried about things outside, thinking about how to find such an opportunity to sneak up on Sunday’s’ key’ place and kill Sunday at one stroke, which is tantamount to completing his ultimate goal and Sunday words; In addition to thinking about how to defeat the wolftail creature, it is also necessary to worry about the willow demon.
According to the strength of both sides; It is for this reason that they are at an absolute disadvantage if there is any movement around them on Sunday; Most likely, that is, the Liushu Demon, the fighting there is over, and the younger brother of Wolftail has come to help.
According to Sunday’s strength, even the younger brother of Wolf-tailed creature can’t do harm to Sunday. The eye situation is not how much threat the wolftail creature’s younger brother can pose to Sunday, but what the wolftail creature’s younger brother represents after coming over will affect Sunday.
The heart willow demon is fighting outside with the wolf-tailed creature’s younger brother. If the wolf-tailed creature’s younger brother comes over, naturally, he will say one thing, that is, the heart willow demon is defeated.
Although losing doesn’t necessarily mean there will be any danger, be the weak side anyway; It’s absolutely impossible to say on Sunday that you’re not worried about the situation there.
Institute; When there was a little movement, the two sides thought of the meaning represented by this movement, and there was no movement in the wolftail creature; But Sunday was absent for a moment for this reason.
I think I’ve found Sunday’s weakness, and the Wolf-tailed creature has always had no way to take Sunday. In his view, he didn’t have such a chance to attack Sunday’s’ key’. Now I see that Sunday is absent in his confrontation; The wolftail creature nature is impossible not to seize such an opportunity.
Then on Sunday, I lost my mind; The Wolf-tailed creature is directly and flicker in the Sunday side is not much to say; When the wolf-tailed creature appeared instantly; Directly, it also attacked the "key" in Sunday’s shield.
"Pa" is almost without exception; When the attack fell on Sunday, Sunday was unguarded and was struck by the wolftail creature. In that wolftail creature, he has already won the final victory, and even his face is already Lu. The situation is that he suddenly found out at that time that he really hit Sunday, but Sunday did not seem to be killed by his attack.
On the contrary; In that Wolf-tailed creature attack fell on Sunday; On Sunday, it was an instant shot, and it also caught the wolftail creature and then carried it out; On Sunday, one foot will kick the Wolf-tailed creature’s waist off …
Turn XuanGong even if there is a "cover door" in the cover door Sunday oneself also can’t know; In such a situation, the so-called "key" can’t be really a trap for pulling Sunday. Now wolftail creatures are in the situation; On Sunday, it took only one foot to get it at a stroke, and it also hit the wolftail creature hard.
Pick it up; On Sunday, nature is immediately and I want to work harder, taking advantage of such an opportunity to kill the wolftail creature in one fell swoop.
However; Just on Sunday, I was going to do it like that, but the wolftail creature had a new move at that time
Zhou Tianxing is what the Wolf-tailed creature didn’t want. It should be countered on Sunday. The wolftail creature is also a quasi-holy creature. If it is so easy to be struck on Sunday, it is estimated that he can’t have been born at this junction until now.
On Sunday, when he was ready to launch a final attack on it; The wolftail creature is at that time figure a flash; Directly, it will appear in the direction of the sound and when you see’ people’; Heart a loose at the same time is ready to deal with their injuries.
As the Wolf-tailed creature thought on Sunday; The creature that came over proved to be a wolftail creature. Although the younger brother didn’t know the wolftail creature, the fighting situation of the younger brother, the willow demon, was at least as far as the eyes were concerned. There is a wolftail creature younger brother, so it is estimated that the best result of the war situation over there is the willow demon who escaped
Of course; Although the eye condition is quite unfavorable to Sunday, as far as Sunday is concerned; Now that he is a root, he has no idea to pay attention to such a problem.
It’s a pity that it’s more the result of the pre-battle than the peace of mind of the willow demon on Sunday. It can’t be said that Sunday is not worried about them at all. The fighting there is already over. Whether it’s a heart or a heart, Sunday can’t be changed any more. It’s natural that it can’t be distracted at this time.
On the contrary; You can kill the wolftail creature by putting up such a bureau on Sunday, but you don’t want to be careless because you didn’t expect the wolftail creature to be caught. Is to let the wolftail creature seize the opportunity to escape.
As far as the recovery ability of the wolftail creature is concerned; Let the wolftail creature escape on Sunday, and the wolftail creature can recover all injuries in an instant, and after it is healed; I had this experience and estimated that if I wanted to catch the wolftail creature again on Sunday; It also become an impossible thing.
Yes; On Sunday, when he was still there, he missed the best chance to win and lost. Suddenly, a very dramatic event happened in Wolftail.
In the case of being hit hard by Zhou Zai, the wolftail creature retreated to his younger brother’s side to protect and treat his injuries. There is nothing wrong with it doing so.
But; The wolftail creature obviously didn’t expect that to happen, so it was in the situation that the wolftail creature was ready to treat the injury, but its younger brother suddenly attacked the wolftail creature while it was unprepared at that time.
Because of the root, I didn’t think that my younger brothers would betray me. The wolftail creature was naturally the root, so it was unguarded. Before adding him, it was hit hard on Sunday, and its strength was brought into play. In this case, it was attacked by its younger brother, and the wolftail creature was naturally hit hard on its younger brother’s hand.
This is because the Wolftail creature’s recovery ability is quite outstanding, if it is not because the Wolftail creature’s recovery ability is strong and the holy man has not weak vitality; In the face of the wolftail biological attack, it is estimated that it will die in the other hand if it is ten times possible.
But; Although it is not dead now, the situation of the wolftail creature is only a matter of early death and late death. It was originally on Sunday; The wolftail creature has already fallen into the wind and is now hit hard by its younger brother’s sneak attack in such a situation; The wolftail creature nature is never have a chance to beat Sunday.
On Sunday, although I didn’t expect that to happen, I immediately responded at that time when it happened.
Although I don’t know what will happen like that, I am very familiar with the talent of the willow demon on Sunday, even though I didn’t expect such a thing to happen before, but it happened at the first time; Sunday is still or immediately also responded.
According to the performance of those wolftail creatures; It is estimated that it should be controlled by the talent ability of the willow demon in the heart of Hu. Otherwise, it is estimated that even if there is a wolf-tailed creature to usurp the throne, it is unlikely to choose such a time.
Chapter two hundred and ninety Dark do a fisherman

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