"If my uncle is indifferent to you, your performance is so tricky now?" Teng Yun’s uncle immediately raised his glass and thanked Teng Yun for speaking for him.
Later, I told Professor Yuan softly that I don’t like wearing jewelry either.
Professor Yuan laughs at you, girl.
"Stay for the night tonight. The sheets and bedding in your room are new. You are pregnant now. Your father-in-law has been looking for information to make up for his grandson." Professor Yuan whispered in a gentle ear.
Gentle ears, a burst of heat, because Tengyun is looking at her with an extremely warm eye, and I can’t help but be moved by the thought of my father’s heart for her.
Teng Yun frowned slightly but was not annoyed.
After seeing off my aunt’s family, Professor Yuan brought fruit out again. I went to town this afternoon to pick apples from trees to see if they were sweet.
Teng Yun sat next to accompany his father to drink tea, listening to my mother saying this, I couldn’t help sighing that my mother was with her own aunt …
It is the most common one in China.
Take a gentle sip. Yeah, it’s so sweet.
Tengyun sat there and raised her hand and gently touched her hair. She immediately turned back and picked a piece to his mouth. Do you believe it often?
Teng always didn’t expect her to suddenly move her heart and look at her bright eyes, but she quickly opened her mouth. It was the eyes that looked at her wife as if she really wanted to swallow her alive.
Professor Teng himself sat in a single sofa and looked at his eyes, but Professor Yuan stared at his promise.
"You two also wonder why it took so many years to get married if you are so cross-eyed?"
After a gentle thought, he never proposed to me.
Tengyun leaned back on the sofa and listened to the wife’s adult’s sentence that I am your problem.
Gentle and look back he didn’t understand.
Teng Yun looked at her so deeply that she didn’t speak, as if she wanted to look at her. Unfortunately, Mrs. Teng couldn’t understand it.
Gentle heart moved, then leaned over to pick an apple and put it in your mouth, and then chewed it carefully.
Professor Yuan looked at his daughter-in-law but saw other doorways.
I told my husband when I was sleeping. I think our son just shaved his head and picked a hot one. I don’t think gentle roots can understand it.
"Gentle child, everything is fine. I can also see that her eyes are not quite right when she looks at Teng Yun."
"Is it that when the secret has sequelae?"
"What are you thinking? Aren’t they very good now? The child is also pregnant. Let’s not entertain foolish ideas. "
Professor Yuan immediately nodded again and again. Yes, let’s think about my lovely little grandson. Oh, how wonderful you think it would be to have twins.
"It’s beautiful if you think about it." Professor Teng smiled and leaned over to turn off the light.
And tenderness is still turning over the old photo album before his bed, which she seems to read every time she comes back.
Teng Yun lay beside her and looked at her, but from her eyes looking at the photo album, she could see that she was escaping from him. She felt a little bored in her heart and reached out and pulled her hand. Put the photo album in her hand aside with the other hand. Don’t pretend not to see me, okay? Mrs. Teng
Gentle or afraid to look at him tonight, his topic made her too nervous.
"I regret it, too," he said suddenly
Gentle. What does he regret?
"Regret that you and I made a Puyang Ruifeng"
Gentle mind swings and then looks at his deep eyes, but he doesn’t see anything, but he has changed his eyes.
He pulled her into his arms and lay down gently hugging her.
"Are you always so stupid in feelings?"
"Huh?" Gently looked up at the man who was looking at himself and then …
Then Nai lowered his head again, or drew circles on his chest because of nervousness. When he was a child, he also loved to come later to make a living, which put this kind of thing on hold, but-I think it has something to do with you.

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