The first person called me Li Cha, and I want to be reborn.
"Madam, the third young master is awake!"
I’m dizzy with my eyes open.
But what’s wrong? This is not a hospital ward, but an antique room. It is not a nurse I am familiar with at the bedside, but two strange girls dressed in coarse clothes. At the end of the bed, a lady dressed in satin looks like my hometown aunt.
Nezha!’ She came up to me. "You finally woke up!"
She called me Nezha? !
She said to a girl next to her, "Pinger, go and tell your master!"
Soon, a man with a blue face looked quite like an uncle, and he came in in a hurry, followed by a man with a slightly shorter head and a slightly inferior clothing texture.
"Wake up!" He said, "Nezha, you are fifteen years old! Why are you still acting like a child? That miss Ao Bing hid in the hall and pretended to be dead. You are as dead as a girl. What kind of ability do you want to live? You cramped that little skinner of Ao’s family! "
I looked at them stupefied. Am I not Li Cha? When did it become Nezha? I haven’t been wearing a sick man since I came out of the intensive care unit, but a set of cool and smooth silk clothes. Is this filming? I looked around without a camera!
"What’s wrong with you, Nezha?" The lady sat next to me and touched my head. "Don’t you know your mother?"
There’s another layer in my mind that doesn’t belong to me, but it’s not very clear. It seems to me that the man in front of me should be my father Li Jing, behind him is my family general Li Cheng, and beside me is my mother Mrs. Yin, and those two girls are my slave girls Ping Er and Tweety.
Wait a minute! Slave girl? They’re slaves?
"hey!" Excavate shouted, "You’re not crazy, are you?"
I looked at Mrs. Yin. "What happened to my mother?"
"What’s the matter? You jumped from the top of a three-story tower and fell unconscious, which scared your mother to death! "
"I jumped from the tower? What? "
The wife and Li Jing looked at each other at this moment, and the family general Li Chengqian "The day before yesterday, the dragon king Aoguang Aobing bullied his classmates in the Academy, but you can’t see that he accidentally injured his sister Aojia in a big fight, so the master punished his father-in-law for jumping into a coma from the tower on impulse. Why don’t you remember now?"
What a mess! In the academy? I also became a classmate with Aobing? Didn’t Nezha kill Ao Bing at the age of seven? How come I didn’t hurt him until I was fifteen, and Ao Bing should be much older than me? How can I be a classmate? Where does a young lady Aojia come from? Besides, my father, Li Jing, had a strange attitude when he heard this, as if he wanted me to skin Ao Bing and cramp him.
But in my mind, there were some trance-like impressions. A huge white dragon ran at me with its teeth bared. I dodged my hand, threw out a mixed silk, entangled him, and dragged him hard to the ground …
Not right! Not only is it noisy, but isn’t the whole romance of sealing the gods a fiction? How can I live it?
I set the time of crossing in 196 because I wanted to write a similar plot pattern that year, not from an online novel, but after Lu Xun’s New Stories.
2. Arrows make trouble.
I looked at them, although there were many questions in their hearts, but I knew who to say hello to, and said, "I seem to remember that I accidentally fell, and I have nothing to worry my father and mother."
After listening to my words, my father Li Jing’s face turned cloudy and sunny, and my mother, Mrs. Yin, was even more pleasant. "Ping Er, Tweety," the mother ordered, "Take good care of the young master."
My father left Pinger and Tweety with Li Cheng’s mother.
"Is there a mirror?" I asked
"Master" Ping Er quickly took a mirror and handed it to me.
When I took the mirror, I saw the two iconic buns on my head. This face is similar to Li Cha, but not quite the same.
Is this a glass mirror? The bronze mirror should not be so clear and have no color difference, but it’s amazing that you don’t see glass on the surface of the mirror when you look closely.
I returned the mirror to Pinger and got up. Although I was still a little dizzy, my body was much stronger than before. Pinger and Tweety quickly came to help me and waved their hands. I was really not used to being waited on like this.
I noticed that the rough and loose styles of their dresses are different in modern times, but they are completely different from the ancient costumes I remember, especially that dress shows a leg. Can ancient women show their legs?
In my memory, there should be a bathroom on the left side of my room. Pinger and Tweety have been following me to the bathroom door and I stopped them.
There is a bigger mirror on the exterior wall of the bathroom. I took off the mirror, but my figure is still slim, but not as weak as Li Cha’s. It’s narrow shoulders, thin waist and wide hips. How do you look like a girl except for a chest and a handle?
There is a small pool made of white marble in the bathroom, which looks very luxurious. I soak in warm water and think about the dreamy scene in front of me, but I can’t think of anything.
I raised my hand and saw a gold bracelet on my right wrist and a red ribbon on my left wrist. Although the ribbon has been immersed in water, it has not touched a drop of water.
In a flash, the red ribbon has become tens of feet in size, directly covering the pool. Then the right bracelet must have been circled by Gan Kun, and the diameter of the gold ring has exceeded the arm when the right hand flashed. It’s so cool for me to come out of the pool with a silk in my left hand and a ring in my right hand!
I danced HongLing casually, making it form a huge spiral in the middle, and making the golden circle roll from the right hand along the arm to the left hand. When I was a child, I really knew what Nezha did in cartoons.
It occurred to me that if I wear women’s gymnastics at this moment, would it be better? Don’t be ridiculous. I’m a boy. How can I wear a girl? What’s worse, I’m in a world of gods. How can there be gymnastics?
Besides, I can’t dance here to my heart’s content. The bathroom is too small, and the power of Kunquan and Lingtian will probably tear down the house. Then I have to go out naked.
Say "close!" They became gold bracelets and ribbons again and returned to my hands.
"Master" Pinger shouted outside, "The master and lady are calling you to dinner!"
Get dressed and walk out of the room. I met a man on the purlin steps. Is this my second brother Mubi?
He saw me with a wry smile. "I said, little sister, are you all right?"

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