Steady and reliable
Duke sighed when he saw him.
Once a teenager didn’t know what it was like to be a young commander … Now the years are destroying. If anyone tells Duke that Dahners is 60 years old, Duke will believe it.
Dahners has a typical Mediterranean. The temples on the top of his head are all white with a typical beard and wrinkles. Ten fingers and nails are hidden in black. If he is not in uniform and has two sharp knife-shaped eyebrows, he is a typical old farmer’s appearance.
He just turned forty this year!
Duke is wondering whether to give him an immortal quota. Since Duke sold his mount Onyxia to the virtual battlefield, alexstrasza has returned 50 quotas from Nozdom for him.
And promised to make him promise to control it!
However, Duke, although holding these mortals seems to be a great benefit, will not give it away casually.
Once things are flooded, they will lose their due value.
So far Duke has only given it to Wendell Sol and Big Van Cleef.
Dahners … Give him a present when he returns from Outland.
Dahners glanced at Thomas and looked at Duke for a while, but soon turned his attention back to Thomas.
Karazanri Duke laughed immodestly. Dahners had this reaction because Duke went back to participate in the ancient war and directly made up a lot. Almost to the whole point, except for the black hair and eyes, many places were simply different people.
Many things can be changed, but a person’s temperament is the most indelible.
The same mage easily reminds Dahners of Duke more than ten years ago, when Duke was also in this weak morning star realm with a pair of deep eyes full of wisdom.
Of course, the focus today is Thomas.
Dahners stood in a negative hand and stared at Thomas intently. "Since entering outland, the Highland Warriors have achieved good results 132 times, and the completion rate is 95%. The team evaluation given by the release team is [odd] because even if you fail in those few years, you all need a reorganized legion or a heroic strong man to deal with powerful demons. I am really satisfied."
"Thank you for praising Marshal Torbern …" Thomas really wanted to call Dahners, and eventually he called Dahners Union rank.
Marshal’s position was sealed to Dahners by Duke after the resumption of communication with Outland. Before the third Dark Gate War, the rank of marshal was generally inflated due to Terenas’ first fooling around in various countries, and it also became more and more.
After being promoted, you can’t always lower your rank back to where you are now. Many times, the marshal’s job was that the generals worked alone during World War II. The generals were all marshals.
Dahners is an upright soldier, and it is not surprising that he is excited about his compatriots. At least the other side is right, and he also wants to investigate anything.
"Well, gentlemen, it is not mandatory for the alliance to entrust you now, because the risk is quite high, and there is no mandatory requirement for the results. This is an elite with high difficulty, and the points and rewards are also double. How many points and rewards depend on your achievements."
Thomas stood at attention on the spot when he was excited.
"We will try our best to finish it!"
"Don’t promise too early. The alliance needs a small and medium-sized team strong enough and clever enough to get through the connection between Glory Castle and Shattas City and collect topographic maps along the road as much as possible. This is not an easy task." Dahners smiled and his weather-beaten face was deeply wrinkled. He was not young, but he envied the momentum of those young people.
Thomas is just twenty years old, and the best age for a man is strong and has considerable combat experience.
Dahners, an old soldier who has experienced many wars, boasts that he can see through 99% of people, but he finds that he can’t see through this Mark Dooku.
I’ve been in the army for more than 20 years, and I’ve seen all kinds of wizards in Dahners. At most, I came out from Dalaran and the Wangs School of Magic in Storm City. Those little guys are like flowers in a greenhouse. It takes a long time to adapt to grow into a qualified battlefield mage.
However, unlike Mark, there is no fear of the unknown in his eyes, and he is not the kind of wise eyes that have just been in the battlefield and are afraid of knowing. It seems that they can penetrate all the fog.
This is definitely not in line with his age. Calm down … Atmosphere!
According to the information, this Master Kulas should be a wild road, so it is so important that Dahners noticed that this Mark Dooku ID card turned out to be from Kulas Court.
Dahners andao may be a court teacher younger brother who came out to experience.
Suddenly, my confidence in Dahners has increased a lot. "You also know that Duke Marcus Pavilion, the commander-in-chief of the League, has been promoted to the magic net demigod, right?"
Thomas and Duke nodded at the same time.
Dahners nodded to an old wizard with white beard beside him. The old wizard said, "More than 20 years ago, the alliance was still the era when people could ride a Griffin. But today, the alliance can’t live without the magic letter. Outland is a very unstable place with magical elements. Since the Second Dark Gate War, the alliance has been writing magic letters. Sometimes we can guarantee that we can communicate for hours and sometimes we can’t communicate for weeks."
The body of the Chapter 135 Let’s go! Target-Shattas!
"The first thing you have to do is to enter the Thorn Trail from the Glory Castle to the southwest and set up a magic letter relay device every 5 yards. With them, we can ensure 99% status communication, ensure that their places are not destroyed by monsters and mark them, and your foundation will be completed."
With that, the old mage bowed down to show that he had finished.
Dahners said again, "The next step is the advanced follow-up. Every extra part will be rewarded twice as much as three times. Write a specific report. First of all, you can try your best to reach the alliance of Shatas City, and you need the information of Shatas City urgently. Finally, you can try your best to escort one less Shatas City messenger back."
Clear direction
There is nothing to say, and entering Outland, Thomas and other highland knights pick up monsters around Fort Glory, and they are familiar with the terrain and monster play.
Moreover, this time, it has a blade mount with a completely different style from the league. Although it affects the market, it has to be said that it’s really good to pull the blade mount. The crystal makes the base owner think hard, not afraid of death, can fight and carry, and even if the insect is lost, he will complain. Climbing mountains and wading in water can’t help but be picky about food. Dead monsters can eat rotten meat and rotten wood, and even dead companions can become food.
Basis is an advantage except ugliness.
Everyone is quite disgusted with the alliance for letting go of those who killed quite a few of their compatriots. As the war went on, everyone accepted these powerful worms.
Tribes have Wolf Warriors League, insects have listened to lw, and they feel better than Wolf Warriors after more than one gear.
Moral integrity is not as valuable as life.
It’s still important to die if you don’t lose your moral integrity. If middle-level soldiers choose it.
Moreover, the insect mounts can be replenished continuously, and the delicate things like horses are not so good to supplement.
It’s a deal
At this moment, in Karazan’s top bedroom, Jaina reclined in the imperial concubine chair, sipped her black tea gracefully, and then quietly watched’ Internet addiction demigod’ and’ playing games’ with exquisite white porcelain cups. Of course, she didn’t know that Du Moke’s dream before crossing was to have his own game room with top-level big screen configuration. Even if four Titan graphics cards were so corrupt and degenerate, it would be beautiful to find a smoke.
On the contrary, Jaina finds serious Duke very attractive.
Because the soul of Azeroth was injured, he had to stay behind, unable to conduct his favorite first-line command, unable to personally take risks against evil enemies, but he was able to find a new solution through his imagination.
Sure enough, only in this way can a man be qualified to have her so overbearingly, and let her accept the fact that she is only a part of his harem with regret.
"So Duke really doesn’t consider directly intervening in outland affairs?" Jaina asked, gently holding the gills to help.
Duke shook his head. "Come to think of it, don’t say that I want to stay. Even if I don’t stay, I shouldn’t go directly to Outland. Now Kilgardan and I are exchanged."
"Against …?"

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