See this situation PeiHui is not taboo nodded his head.
"Would you go back in your place?"
Pei Wende is not the soul of the aborigines in this era. He comes from the 21st century. He doesn’t have any pedantic ideas such as "blood relatives can’t be abandoned" and "parents can’t disobey".
Pei Wende’s heart must be greater than his birth if he insists on distinguishing between high and low.
Pei Wende, a Zen master who often bickered with himself, might restrain himself a little.
But in the face of the "biological father" who abandoned himself at an early age, he has no good attitude.
Not to mention whether this "biological father" is true or not is still uncertain for the time being.
He doesn’t think that the "abandoned protagonist counterattack" in the shadow novel will happen to him.
Falling from the sky is not necessarily a pie, but it may be a trap.
Pei Hui was silent this time.
Because before she came here, it never occurred to her that Pei Wende didn’t want to go back with herself. What should she do?
After all, no matter how to say, even if Pei Xiu was exiled to such a terrible place as Tanzhou, he would be a rich official after all. What do you think is better than being a monk in this deep mountain forest?
"You mean you don’t want to go back with me?"
That is, I can’t believe my guess or simply want to confirm that Pei Hui was surprised and asked.
"But I’m not going to go back with you."
Resolutely broke Pei Hui’s fantasy, Pei Wende said without leaving any room.
"I have to go in advance."
Then Pei Wende didn’t wait for Pei Hui to react and provoke two buckets of water to bypass each other and go to the front yard.
He hasn’t finished it today, but he doesn’t have time to fool around with this woman who claims to be her "sister"
Let Hui Ji carry water for himself?
Pei Wende never thought about such a thing. It is a kind of practice to carry water by himself. He doesn’t intend to disturb his old life track because of an outsider.
"Look at me and tell me!"
"Don’t look at that small surface. It looks peaceful. He has more ideas than anyone else."
When I said this sentence, Hui Ji let go of her luggage and thought of her various exchanges and conversations with Pei Wende during this period.
Although Hui Ji didn’t treat Pei Wende as an ordinary person from the beginning
However, in the process of communicating with Pei Wende, Hui Ji was surprised to find that the other person’s opinions were not like people living in temples all the year round.
On the contrary, Pei Wende seems to have a set of thinking logic and behavior criteria completely different from this era.
"Is that so?"
I couldn’t help tilting my head. Pei Hui whispered a "cute" gesture that didn’t match his style of painting.
Instantaneous insight into Pei Hui’s abnormal Hui Ji opened his mouth and just wanted to say something, but the other party quickly returned to that mature painting style.
"It seems that things are a little more troublesome than I thought."
Pei Hui’s memory of Pei Wende is still in that infant stage.
Although Pei Hui herself was only a little girl of four or five years old at that time.
But because of the early wisdom, I know that many adults may not be able to notice things.
For example, Pei Wende, a newborn, was disliked by his elders from the beginning.
After the full moon, it was directly "sent" by Pei Xiu to the Buddhist monk Lingyou "himself", who once cried because of this incident.
"If you really want to take Pei Wende back to recognize your relatives, you’d better change your identity and attitude first!"
It’s impossible not to see that Pei Hui deliberately disguised herself as "unruly" because she is intelligent, quiet and not stupid.
"Maybe a different way is the real solution than deciding for Pei Wende what to do in his future life."
When Hui Ji said this, her eyes revealed a deep nostalgia.
Because Pei Wende’s body seems to be silent, he seems to have seen himself.
I was also sent to a temple to live when I was young, and I was also taken home by my elders to get married when I grew up …
However, at that time, Hui Ji chose a more radical way to "cut off his fingers" and forced his parents to give up continuing to interfere in their own lives, and they have always been around the ancient Buddha.
Hui Ji now hopes that Pei Wende will not repeat his mistakes and eventually break with his family.
"In another way?"
Glancing thoughtfully at Hui Ji, Pei Hui didn’t know whether to listen or not, but hesitated for a moment and then continued to command the other party to carry his salute.
"You can be lazy if you don’t do this. There are so many things to move over there!"
So when it came, it gradually passed away during the process of carrying luggage.
Pei Wende, a key figure, has already poured the water in the bucket into the front yard cylinder and then went straight to the Zen master who is still meditating in the Ursa Major Hall.
Pei Wende didn’t believe that Hui Ji would listen to an outsider’s command so honestly without the tacit consent of Zen master Lingyou.
Chapter 12 Green snake turns into a human being
When Pei Wende went to the Ursa Mahayana Hall to settle accounts with Zen Master Lingyou.
A small blue snake suddenly emerged from his practice waterfall and revealed a trace of humanity confusion in his cold eyes.
"PSST …"
A green snake, who has been practicing snake demon for nearly a hundred years, has the highest level of perception and control of demon spirit in its kind.
It is with this transcendental talent that Green Snake dares Xiu Yuan to surpass his own mountain king and steal the way under the eyes of Zen master Lingyou.
It is no exaggeration to say that a green snake is no different from an ordinary small snake if it tries to restrain its own evil spirit.
Not to mention, after the Battle of Mulian Temple, the green snake also obtained the top demon practice treasure of "painted skin with thousands of faces", and its perception and control of the demon spirit can be said to be a higher level.
"PSST …"
Now, however, the green snake has found that there is an evil spirit spreading near Weishan.
If it is not the green snake body or the expert who perceives and controls the need, I am afraid it will not be able to capture the faint fluctuation that is almost close to the need.
It is quite convinced that it is not its own illusion, and some kind of monster close to "nature" is snooping around Weishan.
"PSST …"
After a short thought, the green snake didn’t hold back her curiosity after all.
So after making sure that there were no others around, the green snake’s body suddenly squirmed and twisted and turned directly into a naked and handsome "teenager"?
"PSST …"
Because most people are soaked in water, we can’t see the specific gender of the green snake only from the non-dominant sign.
And this is indeed the case. For turning into a human green snake by "painting a thousand faces", the gender difference between men and women is meaningless.
It is because of the long-term contact and observation of Pei Wende that the green snake has not realized the concept of human gender, but the face can be vaguely seen as Pei Wende.
"This … is … a person …?"
Imitating Pei Wende’s first speech, Green Snake told her feelings after "taxiing" word by word.
This is a very wonderful experience. The green snake has never had limbs. It is not suitable for its sudden extra limbs, but it has to be admitted that this sudden extra limbs are very rare.
As the hands form a standard meditation, the surface of the green snake suddenly begins to emerge with layers of delicate scales.

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