Li Min proudly converges slightly, and sees "Li Min Li Aoshi has seen immortals".
Yu Huaxian smiled gently. "Adults are welcome. Adults can stand out as heroes. South China is the mainland hero Yu Huapei."
Li Min blushed a little and then said, "Tiangong is my right path. Optimus Prime should call me an adult and call me proud."
Yu Huaxian chuckled. "Then Yu Hua would be better respectful than obedient. By the way, it will be a long time before the market opens today. If you have it, you might as well walk around and communicate with several adults in South China. Maybe you can gain a lot …"
Li Min talked and laughed with Yu Huaxian.
Qitian Zongzhanzhou Dujiu kept banging his shoulder against the knife.
Yu Huaxian finally noticed Dujiu when she heard the ring and smiled. "This is Dujiu’s adult, ranking second in South China."
Dujiu smiled. "I’m flattered. It’s so yuhuaxian. You’re so beautiful."
Li Min eyebrows a wrinkly slightly.
Yu Huaxian’s face turned slightly red and smiled lightly. "I’m flattered, my Lord."
Dujiu gently beat his shoulder with a broadsword rhythmically and said, "How can you say that the fairy is really beautiful when you think about it? This temperament is so beautiful. Anyway, Jiuye, I am fascinated by you. Where do you live, is it convenient to visit?"
Qi Xiaoai’s face is red
The sword is red in the face.
Sun Hao had no heart.
Yu Huaxian’s face was flushed, but he still said gracefully, "It is said that the South China is free and easy, and it is true that Yuhua lives there. If you have adults, please come and visit …"
Before Du Jiu could speak, Li Min proudly said, "Well, then it’s a date. Yu Huaxian and I will lead several real people in South China to visit Xian …"
Yu Huaxian nodded with a smile and led the sisters to float away after telling the truth, but she didn’t ask several other ranking reality in South China.
I didn’t even look at it.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Just like a mortal
Baiyun Wan Licheng Guo Zhanzhou has even connected DJI.
The wine is drunk, the chest is bold, and the festival is still open. The wind and rain always blow away the romantic scenery of the dance floor and the singing platform.
Perhaps being a hero is the pride of the mainland.
Perhaps it was Sun Hao’s dream to be a hero.
But before and after the blue sky and white clouds really came to the burial day market.
Sun Hao suddenly found himself lost in all beings.
Yu Huaxian never took a look at Sun Hao.
Then the mainland warships came one after another.
Ying Jie from all walks of life came to Sun Hao one after another and found himself more important. General with ever fewer chariots and horses at her door.
Qingyun Gate has a position in the South China.
If you can be regarded as a second-rate sect in the mainland, you will not be valued.
Sun Haonan’s mainland ranking is only the fourth, and the blood level is even third.
Naturally, it will be less noticed.
The focus of the South China continent, the representative of the South China continent, naturally belongs to one case, and Li Min and Luo Peng followed suit.
In addition to Li Min’s only nine notes, many swords are missing, and even less to Sun Hao, where few people are interested.
Like a mortal
All the monks in Qingyun Zhan Zhou secretly observed the boat’s head, and the young man secretly speculated that Chen Xiang’s adult must be in a somewhat lost and disappointed mood at this time.
Sun Hao really has a faint loss in his heart.
But when you think about Sun Hao, you can see that this is the real treatment that really suits your status and matches yourself.
Great heroes stand tall and empty.
Heroes are the elite of the right path
There are more than 25 elites in the five continents.
Not far away, there is also a dark and shining "hades post", which still has 25 magic elites.
A total of 50 heroes on both sides.
Sun Hao is no more than No.1 middle school, and he is still ranked quite low, and his blood level is at the bottom of No.1 middle school.
It’s normal to go like a mortal.
What’s more, the opening of the burial day market is not only the elite meeting of the five parties in the mainland, but also the top forces of the five parties in the mainland will also appear one by one to discharge the elite brothers’ participation in the grand meeting
Daomen Palace, Ice and Snow Palace
Magic gate hades hall
Alliance with the magic door, the demon temple
Neutral and relatively mysterious sea temple
Each force will expel ten brothers into the burial day market.
Hundreds of heroes rush into the sky market
Sun Hao is just one of them, and he is still a very ordinary bottom member.
Cover the sky with banners
There are many boats.
Sun Hao looked at the white clouds from afar, laughing and laughing, and the monk couldn’t help but think of the scene of taking the exam in ancient books.
At this moment, I’m just like the ancient scholar who rushed to take the exam.
After ten years of cold window, after having obtained the provincial examination, it topped the list.
High-spirited, the county rushed to take advantage of the situation and rose with the wind, ranking among the top three and advancing into the national congress
However, the National People’s Congress exam suddenly found itself just a meter away from the sea.
Proud of knowledge, but that’s all. Outside the mountain, the castle peak building is stronger, and outside the building, there is a stronger hand …
There are many famous scholars in the famous town, but how many champions can really stand out from the crowd?
Only one
Sun Hao, a monk, is not the top scholar in his heart.
Sun Hao, a monk, is far from reaching the point of to be no.1. It’s just a walk to try the soy sauce party.
The focus of the note is the real person who ranks first in all continents.
But they are still not the protagonists.

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