Eyes glittering, five auspicious clouds immediately formed around him, and quickly flew to Ma Wenyuan and Zhao Ma Li Chang, the four old monkeys and immortals, to connect the five people to Xiangyun and directly access the cave.
"Uncle Ma, who hurt you?" Tang Fei asked with his mouth open
"Be careful to open the ban quickly! It’s Long Xingxuan coming!" The Ma Wenyuan just fell to the ground and opened his mouth to spit out one mouthful blood and said to Tang Fei.
"What? It turned out to be Long Xingxuan! " Tang Fei suddenly had some big heads. How could Long Xingxuan hurt Ma Wenyuan and others? Isn’t he the reincarnation of the Jade Monkey Fairy?
"Hurry up and warn the police, or you won’t be able to come!" That Zhao xinghao also said in my haste
Look at the people who were seriously injured and anxious. They don’t look like pseudo-Tang Fei. At this time, I couldn’t help but believe that Tang Xiong, Sun Boyi and others immediately got the signal "Hula" and "crack". All kinds of sounds were colorful and colorful, which was the beginning of the ban on the gv 10.
This forbidding of gv 10 square-inch mountain is a complicated and meticulous work set by the Bodhisattva founder in those days, and the magic formula can’t be seen clearly even if it runs in the western Tathagata Buddha. However, Ma Wenyuan and others know that this is not far away, and Wan Li came here to avoid the "Dragon Star Xuan" pursuit.
It’s really abhorrent to ban people like Ma Wenyuan from hitting them. It’s a pity that the "Dragon Star Xuan" has escaped from the attack of "Dragon Star Xuan", and now I don’t know what happened to those monkey soldiers in Huaguoshan!
Thinking of this, Ma Wenyuan’s eyes couldn’t help but burst into anger and shouted, "Long Xingxuan’s revenge is not shared with you. Whether you are the reincarnation of the old mountain Lord or not, I will fight for this life if I don’t want it!"
Zhao Ma Li Chang’s four people are also angry and resentful.
Just at this time, I saw a dark cloud coming towards the square-inch mountain of Lingtai. The man was wearing a phoenix wing, a purple crown and a lock, and a golden nail, and his feet were covered with lotus roots. Who came if it wasn’t Long Xingxuan?
At this time, Tang Fei’s eyes were golden, and he looked at Long Xingxuan, which seemed to feel something. In his eyes, there was also a flash of golden light. When he met Tang Fei’s eyes, he smashed Tang Fei’s eyes, and then several dark clouds gathered from all sides, and in an instant, he surrounded the GZ Square Mountain.
Dark clouds and scarlet blood fog fly up with a strong smell of blood, and the packages are generally banned towards the square inch mountain of GZ. I heard the crackling sound, and the scarlet blood fog was extremely corrosive and stained with those bans, just like maggots attached to bones, and gradually penetrated into some weak bans, which were slowly corroded, penetrated and finally burst to form clouds of broken mans scattered.
"The nether world achievement method? This Long Xingxuan actually learned the nether world! " Ma Wenyuan informed at this time I couldn’t help exclaiming.
At this time, when Qianshan was banned from suddenly hitting Tang Fei, I couldn’t help exclaiming that Ma Wenyuan and the four old monkey immortals were also surprised. If it was banned, none of these people would be the "Dragon Star Xuan" opponent. Isn’t this who is such a jerk?
Six people hurried to fly to Qianshan.
The human figure flying out from the square foot of the mountain in front of the gv 10 is the old urchin Sun Boyi, and the person seen in Sun Boyi’s eyes is also "Long Xingxuan". Seeing that Long Xingxuan drives blood, fog and black clouds to attack the square foot of the mountain, I can’t help but wonder that Tang Xiong stopped me from asking a question before.
The "Dragon Star Xuan" couldn’t help but be overjoyed when he saw someone coming out of the square-inch mountain in GZ. He attached a finger to a black mountain and drilled towards the square-inch mountain along the forbidden crack.
Chapter three hundred and twenty True and false Star Xuan (2)
At this time, Tang Fei and Ma Wenyuan and others just arrived at the Tang Fei’s eyes. The golden light flashed and immediately saw that "Longxingxuan" was attached to the black light. The gods knew that if the black light came in, Longxingxuan would come in. At that time, it was the end of the Tang family.
Immediately, the golden light flashed in the palm of your hand and immediately hit a big stone at the entrance of the next cave. The big stone roared and shattered, and a film-like magic weapon flew out to meet the black light. The film roared and the black light turned into pieces at the same time. Tang Fei took advantage of this opportunity to ruthlessly ban the square-inch mountain and slammed the Sun Boyi outside.
That "Dragon Star Xuan" failed to succeed, and I was furious. Before Sun Boyi’s mouth, the black light flashed, and it was a piece of Fiona Fang black awn that fell on Sun Boyi’s head for hundreds of miles. That Sun Boyi also absorbed the lunar Yuet. Although compared with Xing Xuan, Bai Ling, Tang Fei and others, it absorbed too little, but the capability was also unusual to see the black awn coming. The flashing light was a red cloud rising and welcoming towards that hundred miles of black awn.
"Bang" a explosive black mans stung in the hongyun hongyun scattered projectiles counterattack force hit in Sun Boyi body Sun Boyi couldn’t help but open my mouth and spit out one mouthful blood like a broken kite towards the foot of a mountain and smashed it.
In the mountain, Tang Fei and others couldn’t help but close their eyes. Sun Boyi was run this time. Today, he asked him to pay for his stupidity.
Seeing that Sun Boyi was about to hit the rock at the foot of the mountain, the rock suddenly rang with a loud bird song and red light all over the sky. In the crowd’s alarm, a huge sun flew up from the rock, and its lux feathers shone. The real fire power of the sun shone in everyone’s eyes, even though it was banned, it came to me like a raging fire. As soon as it spread its wings, it lifted Sun Boyi out of the sky and disappeared.
The golden light in the eyes of the man wearing the purple gold crown with phoenix wings flashed through the blood, fog and dark clouds all over the sky and followed the huge sun god Wu.
At this time, a golden light came from the opposite side. "Pa" A golden light was smashed in the man’s eyes. Two golden lights were smashed at the same time, and then a green bone spear cut across the sky and rushed into the sky. The blood fog was like a bamboo. Suddenly, the dark clouds and blood fog that besieged the whole gv 10 square inch mountain stabbed a Fiona Fang baili hole.
Then, a tall figure with golden light all over his body stepped in like a flying fairy, and the colorful stars on his head shone brightly around him. A wave of his hand around him was the golden light all over the sky, like a raging wind and angry waves, rushing towards the person wearing the purple and gold crown with wings on the other side.
It was the arrival of Xing Xuan who had been waiting for this moment to see each other wearing their own crown and armor presented to the former Gouchen Emperor Chenfeng, and then to show the man that his appearance was exactly the same as his own, and then he was furious. Was this man Chenfeng or killed Chenfeng and robbed him? Remember that when he broke up with Chenfeng, Chenfeng said that he would be killed now?
The golden eyes are shining towards each other, but they are turned back by the phoenix-winged purple-gold crown and the golden lock. Those two magic weapons are also not idle. The golden eyes can’t see through the moment, and Xing Xuan doesn’t know who this person really is. Or is it the murderer who killed the morning breeze?
"Kill you naturally!" Xing Xuan waved his hand and emitted golden light all over the sky. Then Kuafu’s staff sacrifice was like a mountain ridge in the middle of the road, and it hit the guy who pretended to be himself.
"Another Long Xingxuan!" Tang Fei, Ma Wenyuan and others in the mountain couldn’t help but be dumbfounded. How did this happen? How could two Longxingxuan attack themselves and others in Huaguoshan? Is another man not Longxingxuan?
Although confused in my heart, everyone, including Tang Fei, dare not jump to conclusions. Their robes and armor are equally excellent, and even if they have the eyes of God, they can’t see clearly, so they can sit tight.
The man who pretended to be Long Xingxuan saw Long Xingxuan’s face slightly discolored and then laughed and cried, "I have been waiting for this battle for a long time. Today, I will decide whether it will win or lose, which will make my foundation for ten thousand years!"
Said the metamorphoses, flying out of a dazzling golden light, air billow waved his hand and overturned the blood fog and dark clouds, which rolled into the golden light all over the sky, and then the object turned several sticks towards the mountain ridge and Kuafu staff fought back in the past.
The whole gv 10 square hill shook violently, and the golden light and the blood fog and dark clouds were stirred together like a pot. There were gold and blood bubbles everywhere, and everything lost its aura everywhere. Everything withered and poured on the gv 10 square hill, and the prohibition of cooing was as frightening as sulfuric acid pouring on iron.
"Boom" exploding resounded through the heavens and the earth, and the number of sticks and mountain ridges smashed the awn and fell tens of thousands of kilometers. Fiona Fang Xingxuan’s Kuafu staff and the other number of sticks were almost simultaneously manifested and returned to their respective owners.
In Xing Xuan’s eyes, the golden awn flashed at the other weapon and could not help but exclaim, "Great wish!"
In the man’s eyes, there was also a flash of gold awn, and he saw that the weapon in Xing Xuan’s hand was also low and called "Red Blood Kuafu Staff!"
After reading it, the two men each raised their spears again, a black cloud and blood fog with animation mountain, a rolling monstrous golden light and black awn "boomed", and once again, they smashed the awn and hit it four times, and the outer ban on the gv 10 square inch mountain could not withstand the impact.
Broken to frighten Tang Xiong, Tang Fei and others couldn’t help but start the emergency ban on GZ Square Hill again, and then reinforce it with a layer of Tang family. All of them also released their mana blessings in this huge mountain range to prevent the mountain from being damaged and broken.
But bitter gv 10 square inch mountain around the dozens of small countries banned general and no strength to protect the city have been smashed to pieces, everyone is frightened and hurried into the deep underground banned to avoid disaster.
Besides, Long Xingxuan offered Kuafu’s staff a slam, but it was also a great blow to the other party. But the strength of the great blow was still in Kuafu’s staff attacking Kuafu’s staff, and it was not cheap at all.
Star Xuan couldn’t help being angry with his mind. Turning is to reveal three heads, three arms and six golden bodies. Next to it, there are nine head worm busy, the fire dragon busy, and the shadow day bug busy hiding in the virtual Xuanmu Bead busy, turning his hands to uncover the other party’s locked golden armor and let the shadow day bug enter the separation gods.
Three-headed arm gold skill with a lance Kuafu staff, five fires and seven calcium fans, King Kong crouching magic pestle, King Kong terrifying soul bell, King Kong pursed, green Suojian, Shenmu sword, ghost white bones complications nine head worm picked up a huge crescent shovel colorful thousands of lights like a storm and smashed them at each other.
In the sky, there are sixteen bone spears whirling and dancing, and there are nine huge suns spewing out clouds of solar fire to attack the fake star Xuan, and there are more dragon sacrifices to turn over the seal of heaven, and Mo Long Excalibur urges the animation day Taiyi God to hit it like ice and hail.
At that time, all kinds of lights were dazzling, thousands of reiki circled violently, and the personal gods could not be radiated when the ghost was banned. Even if you look at it alone, you can’t see how many magic weapons were transported and how many reiki were transferred.
The fake star Xuan is also unambiguous, and his body shines with light, showing a golden body with three heads and six arms and another shaking body. Three hundred people jump out of the body exactly like him, and each of them holds a golden hoop to meet the star Xuan, a magic weapon and weapon all over the sky.
"Rumble" big ring repeatedly broken mans radiant a contact with both sides at the same time suddenly retreat from their respective hundreds of capability.
Star Xuan felt a burst of acid and hemp. Looking back, I saw that the size of the fire dragon was twice as small. It turned out that it was the other party’s two hundred members who hit Rao at the same time, which was amazing in defense and had been seriously injured.
Look at each other again, and half of the three hundred members of the other party will be destroyed, and the damage will be more serious than that of Xing Xuan.
It’s a shadow bug, but it can’t separate the other side. A busy god has been bounced back as if the other side had a magic weapon to restrain and separate the gods.
"A good opponent has not met such an opponent for a long time!" Star Xuan couldn’t help shouting a finger and sixteen bone spears. Suddenly, a large array was built to surround the fire dragon’s doppelganger in the middle for a real reply. At the same time, his Zhang Liu Golden Body, nine head worm’s doppelganger and Xuanmu Bead’s doppelganger were arranged in a triangle to form a three-ring moon array, offering a magic weapon to the man again.
The man couldn’t help but change his color and just hit him, but he made the effort to destroy half his busy body at the cost of hurting the other party. One busy body hasn’t destroyed the other party yet, and he quickly organized an attack. If he collides again, wouldn’t all his busy bodies be reimbursed?
The man made up his mind in an instant.
The rest of the 150 busy people offered their own golden cudgels to stir up the monstrous clouds and blood fog, and released all kinds of magic weapons to welcome their feet, while lotus root silk cloth and cloud shoes turned into a light, which was already thousands of miles away.
"Rumble" a dense exploding clouds scattered one hundred and fifty busy by star xuan department nullify to slag in the eyes of the golden light flash is missing each other.
"Want to escape? No way! " Xing Xuan couldn’t help but be furious with the other party, such as dressing himself up as a magic weapon with phoenix wings and purple gold crowns. This is a mystery. How can you let it go if you don’t catch the other party? You waved away all your busy places and recalled the ten suns. You also flew thousands of miles and chased the man.
Looking back, the man saw Long Xingxuan chasing after him with ten suns, and he was so scared that he couldn’t help flying away with lotus root and cloth.
The Dragon Star Xuan was attached to the robe for ten days, and the birds waved their wings and waved the sun’s true fire power to make the Star Xuan faster. In an instant, they saw the fake Star Xuan in front of them.
"Where to go!" Xing Xuan shouted and put away Kuafu’s staff. He stretched out his hand and took the back bow in his hand. He stretched out his hand and took out a wooden arrow and put it on the bowstring. He was going to pull the bow and shoot the fake Xing Xuan.
The false star Xuan had a palpitation, and when the black light flashed overhead, it broke into another one.
"Damn it!" Xing Xuan’s body cultivation has not yet reached the point where he can transport his bow at will. At this time, there is no guarantee that the arrow of God will pass through and shoot at that person. I am afraid that the arrow of God will be lost. Xing Xuan will put away the arrow of God and sacrifice Kuafu’s staff again.

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