All heavenly symbols are heroic blood.
The blood is arrogant and violent, which tests the strength of the monk’s spirit. An oversight will have a great impact on the restoration.
Finally, the most important thing is that Yilu said with a heavy light, "The opportunity will be completely defeated if it is not repaired again and again …"
All the difficulties were laid out.
Several masters of character seal were briefly silent to think about the cracking method one by one against these difficulties.
Shangsheng frowned. "Is it forbidden to break the law?"
Yes, the problem of banning the law is not solved, and the operator is simply talking about it
Zhan Xuan Lang and Yi Lu looked at each other with lights.
Yi Lu Deng said slowly, "Fu Zhuan Dao’s profound spiritual power is not the only one. There are two ways to make a stroke of power when the magic power of Fu Zhuan is blocked; Second, pure physical strength "
War porch nodded "only the stylus falls on the moon today; Wan Hao Qi Li’s pen power can be critical. Brother Yi and I can barely do it. "
Say that finish war hin post see Sun Hao and said "agarwood a juli if good luck is also able to practice the law and refined operator".
Corleone nodded slightly.
As expected, there are still many methods that I have never dabbled in, and it is the first time I have heard that I have not tried before making Fu Sunhao.
Although Sun Hao practiced runes diligently, it was also the first time that he came into contact with the pen power, and he didn’t know if his pen power met the requirements.
Shang Sheng’s good face showed a bit of surprise. A blow with both hands "Pepe is the biggest difficulty, so let’s move on."
Zhan Xuan continued, "I can’t achieve a high success rate. If I come here, I will have a success rate of less than 70%, and then the heroic blood will be strong and violent. If there is no special means, it will greatly undermine the success rate of my system. If I don’t find a way to crack it, I don’t dare to start work at all."
Yi Lu Deng also nodded and said, "Well, it’s good. I dare not start work if I don’t break it."
Sun Hao moved in his heart
Shangshenghao wanted to think about it. The horse reacted, and his wrist vibrated, and colored graphite graphite surface appeared in his hand, drawing a pair of mandarin ducks playing in the water.
"Wen Cai Shuang Yu Mo?"
Yi Lu lights saw the origin of graphite in Shangsheng’s hands at a glance, and his eyes couldn’t help but shine and then he sighed.
Zhan Xuan said, "The collection of Tiangong is really extraordinary. It’s a great gain to see the top ten ancient famous inks with one’s own eyes. But the biggest way to have a good brother with two Yuanyang inks is to reconcile two different types of ichor. Is it the best for heroes?"
It’s better to look at the heroic charm of blood in the middle, but Ma Bai comes over
For thousands of years, I don’t know how many monks have shed blood in the hero’s charm. Although the double mandarin duck ink is good, it is not suitable
Shrugging his shoulders, he said, "The sword is given to the hero and the pink is given to the beautiful woman. Let’s have a piece of double mandarin duck ink."
Yang hand took the thumb-sized ink block, and Xuan Lang also waved a piece of graphite to his monk. "This is a pool of Chun Lv ink, and the effect is to promote the symbol of power, but it is still not suitable to repair the hero symbol."
They are all ranked in the mainland, and each other is an expert in refining operators. It is also a courtesy for appreciate each other to exchange famous ink with each other.
Linger threw out his own collection of "Han Zheng Xuan Yu Mo"; Easy road lights throw out the legacy of "meeting the ink between the clouds"
Both of them are also famous in the mainland, and the top ten ancient famous Mo Yi is of great value.
Unfortunately, like the double mandarin duck ink, these famous inks have their own characteristics, but they are not suitable for repairing heroes.
Among the last five Fu Zhuan masters, Sun Hao didn’t take out the famous ink in exchange for many Fu Zhuan masters. The monks and his four Fu Zhuan masters generally understood this.
After all, Sun Hao was born in a poor family and didn’t collect famous ink, but it was normal.
Sun Hao unhurriedly put away a few pieces of famous ink and then smiled and said to Yi Lu Deng, "Is it right for Jianjun real people to reconcile heroic blood if Aquilaria guessed well?"
Yi Lu lights nodded. "Well, the so-called Long Shengjiu is different from each other. If there is a theory in the top ten famous inks, it is a pity that the reconciliation of various JingXie is done by Wu Quchen’s Long Jiumo …"
Words haven’t finished already eyes a bright look at Corleone.
Corleone’s hand has taken out a piece of graphite and said, "Dear Taoist agarwood, it’s a coincidence that you have the honor to get a piece of dragon nine ink for the army to see if it’s business to repair this ink, but you can’t divide Taoist Haihan …"
Zhan Xuan’s eyes are shining, and it’s still a big accident. Shine and shine in your eyes.
Sun Hao threw a light in his hand and grabbed the dragon nine ink and smiled happily. "Frost Hao threw it and looked at the agarwood in the cold and dripping ink. It was really the dragon nine ink, hahaha, agarwood."
Ranking then immediately to Sun Hao sit up and take notice.
Chapter one hundred and six Looking in the mirror
I didn’t expect Sun Haosun Chenxiang, who was born in the worst family, to have the ability to repair the celestial charm and lack the dragon and nine ink.
Sure enough, all that glitters is gold.
Holding the lights of Dragon Nine Ink Easy Road, I suddenly felt refreshed to repair Tianfu. Anyway, excluding the success rate, I don’t want to talk about him and Zhan Xuan, even Sun Haosun Aquilaria, who can start repairing Tianfu.
What we have to do is to do everything possible to improve the success rate of repair.
"I have a piece of green incense," Zhan Xuan said slowly. "I can concentrate my mind and strengthen my strength to resist the impact of violent breath."
Yi Lu Deng nodded. "Well, it’s green and fragrant, but it’s a secret. Thank you, Brother Xuan Lang."
War hin smiled.
Sun Hao has a set of suicide magic palace charmer in his hand.
Besides dragon nine ink, there are sapphire research and Sirius Hao. Sun Hao is preparing to take out sapphire research when it is not other people’s fault.
Shang Shenghao has taken out a white jade inkstone with a wrist shake. "This is a white jade inkstone with a bonus effect on the grinding of symbols."
Linger also flashed a pen in his hand and said weakly, "Is this an ancient calligraphy pen refined from pure bamboo?"
Easy road lights looked at everyone and took out their own housekeeping tools without reservation and laughed. "With all kinds of tools, my success rate should be no less than 70%, but I can try hard."
70% good success rate
Zhan Xuan Post nodded and said, "Well, Tianfu is an ancient method of refining, which has not been repaired for ten thousand years. Although there are all kinds of additions, it is difficult to guarantee the absolute success rate. Brother Yi can reach 70% Xuan Post Pei."
"It’s still almost." The light face in the hands of Shiner Fubi Yilu is dignified. "I feel that this Tianfu repair is even not so simple. Seventy percent is also a self-estimation. It is very likely that I will fall short, but …"
Speaking of this, Yi Lu Deng bowed slightly to the four Fu Dao masters, and then said slowly and calmly, "Now that I’m here, I’m going to try him if …"
Sun Hao turned slightly in his heart.
Took a deep look at the Yi Lu lights.
Shine a pair of beautiful eyes and look at Sun Hao. Sun Haofu’s way of writing in her heart is unfathomable. It should be time to show it at this time.
Taking a deep breath, Sun Hao didn’t let her down and spoke slowly. "Brother Yi, if you can let Aquilaria try?"
In addition to shine, he looked at Corleone in surprise with the three masters of character seal.
Give it a try at this moment
If you’re not a fool, then you’re really a master.
Sun Hao’s performance all the way is definitely not ignorant of the priorities. Does that mean that Sun Haofu is more likely to light the road?
Sun Hao held Yi Lu’s lamp in his hands and said slowly and firmly, "It’s only a 30% success rate to repair Tianfu Aquilaria, but if you give Aquilaria a little, let Aquilaria carefully figure out the chance of repairing it in the doorway."
At Sun Hao, Yi Lu’s lamp was shocked deeply, and he said slowly, "I’ll wait for you after you ponder over this agarwood."
"Good" Corleone doesn’t talk nonsense. Once again, he came to TianFuFang and sat cross-legged and slowly closed his eyes as if he were in meditation.
Quiet in front of the yellow mound
The falling needle can be heard.
All the monks looked at Sun Hao with their legs crossed, but they couldn’t see the tricks from Sun Hao.
Divine knowledge sank into the Sumeru Tower, and Sun Hao successfully made the Sumeru Tower, which opened the "mirror" function of the pagoda for the first time.
In the mirror room, as a mirror, the mirror image of the celestial symbol is also reflected, and then Sun Hao knows the shadow to repair the celestial symbol.
The real celestial charm has a chance to be repaired, but Sun Hao’s Sumeru Tower has made this repair go through a lot of trials, and you can usually try it many times.
There is another powerful function of Sumeru Tower: the combination of mirror and practice can copy the successful process of mirror into practice, that is to say, it is replicable for Sun Hao to complete the restoration process of Tiangong hero symbol according to the mirror state.
I don’t know if the mirror and refining of Sumitomo tower can be driven at the same time in the forbidden state.
In the knowledge of gods, Sumeru Tower not only opens the mirror function, but also helps Sun Hao to open the double function of Sun Hao’s daily practice.
Of course, the ability to look in the mirror is extremely consuming. If you work overtime, you will double the consumption of this repair operator Sun Hao, even if it is not generally large.
Sun Hao has accumulated some resources, continuously invested and consumed them, and tried to repair the symbols in Sun Hao’s divinity.

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