Two soldiers ran forward, one left and one right, and Yuan Tiangang’s arm was locked behind him, and Yuan Tiangang struggled and shouted, "What are you doing? I am a distinguished guest! "
"Dear guests, please come over!" Wu Ke sneer at one and went out.
Several soldiers marched towards Yang You’s room with Yuan Tiangang. At this time, Yang You was drinking tea in the main room and looked at Zhang Qiwen from time to time.
Zhang Qiwen had heard that loyalists went to Sanqingguan and sent confidants to find out the news. Later, confidants learned from Sanqingguan people that Yuan Tiangang was a pseudo-Tang spy! The news surprised Zhang Qiwen, who immediately guessed that it was not accidental but a conspiracy.
He did not consider that he immediately went out of Shangfu and went to the palace to inquire for positions, hoping to get positions to forgive Yang You, etc. This was the opportunity, but he was not in a hurry to see Zhang Qiwen, but deliberately snubbed Zhang Qiwen. After a wick sweet, Yang You summoned him.
"I don’t know that Yuan Tiangang is a false Tang spy! I hope you will forgive me! " Zhang Qiwen repeatedly kowtowed.
Yang You squinted at him and asked, "What’s your crime?"
"I was haunted at home a few days ago, so I invited Yuan Tiangang to get rid of the demon minister. Damn it, I shouldn’t associate with thieves!" Zhang Qiwen kowtowed as he spoke, trying to get rid of Yuan Tiangang.
Yang You didn’t speak, but paced slowly and added, "I think this time it’s a Sanqing visit to Yuan Tiangang. Will there be a Siqing visit to Zhang Tiangang?"
Zhang Qiwen one leng way "positions mean …"
Yang You sneered at the day when he deliberately tempted to cancel the suppression of the development of Buddhism and Taoism, which was the most resisted by Bashu officials. They believed that Buddhism and Taoism were sacred and inviolable, and they would be punished if they angered the gods.
Yang You, the imperial court, was sounding out, so he announced that the matter would be postponed, but those people opposed those people’s support for Yang You, but it was a matter of mind that Yang You was waiting for an opportunity when he didn’t start work.
And this is the opportunity. Of course, Yang You will not say that Zhang Qiwen Cong naturally knows what to do.
At this time, Wu Keyin sounded outside the door, "The pursuit of Yuan Tiangang has brought it."
"Come in!" Yang You said.
Several soldiers escorted Yuan Tiangang in and loosened Yuan Tiangang’s wrist. Yuan Tiangang’s hands and feet were sore and numb, and his forehead broke involuntarily. His mouth also shed blood. Yang You silently looked at his eyes and revealed the dangers! Because of other opportunities, several soldiers were killed, and one arrow cluster, this man must die.
Yuan Tiangang looked up and saw Zhang Qiwen first one leng, then he was overjoyed. Zhang Qiwen wanted to pursue his position, but when he set his eyes on Yang You, he couldn’t help but be shocked. At this time, Yang You didn’t wear a mask, but his body shape and temperament were very similar.
When Yuan Tiangang was stunned, Yang You said, "Why can’t Yuan Tianshi remember me?"
The sound is very familiar with Yuan Tiangang stare big eyes, "are you? !”
Wu Ke a feet chuai Yuan Tiangang ass "see the positions don’t kneel upon! So bold! "
Yuan Tiangang rushed forward and held out his hand quickly, only to avoid hitting his forehead and stop behind him. He quickly knelt down and said, "Being original, Yuan Tiangang has seen you!"
"Yuan Tiangang you come to chengdu is orders? What’s the secret? " Yang You asked lazily.
Yuan Tiangang’s brain is spinning fast. He doesn’t know why Yang You asked this question, and he doesn’t know how many secrets Yang You has mastered. But one thing is certain: Yang You will never get what he has hidden in the secret room. Because the machine doesn’t have Yu Pei’s gap, the stress will be uneven, which will lead to a fire. It took him a long time to work hard!
All the evidence is in the secret room. There is no evidence. Yuan Tiangang thinks there is still a reason to argue that "being original is just an honest monk. What’s the secret there!"
"Really not?" Yang You asked.
"Absolutely not. If there is deception, let the ancestors of Sanqing strike down and be original!" Yuan Tiangang vowed to say.
Yang You didn’t speak, but went to the table and applauded. With the palm of his hand, a bearded old man was escorted in.
"Burst" an old man knelt down and Yuan Tiangang glanced at his misconduct. "Brother Ziyun!" This old road is the Taoist priest of Qingcheng Guanziyun.
Yang You don’t talk is coldly looking at ziyun long shook his head with a wry smile glassy-eyed.
Yuan Tiangang whispered, "Brother Ziyun, why are you here?" At that time he didn’t react.
Ziyun Taoist shook his head and said, "The whole view of Qingcheng Mountain has been reduced to ashes and my brother has been caught."
Yuan Tiangang gasped, and the leader of Ziyun was an important figure in tang style’s leader, Wen Yang gan lian, and sometimes he was directly under the command of Tai Li Jiancheng. There were letters from Tai Li Jiancheng Ziyun and secret letters from Yuan Tiangang to Ziyun, all of which were very important evidence.
If it falls into the hands of Yang You, both the Ziyun Taoist priest and Yuan Tiangang will die!
Yuan Tiangang looked at the Ziyun Taoist priest’s eyes a little more anxious and anxious, but Ziyun Taoist priest shook his head to show his ability. He didn’t expect that suddenly a group of people said that they would come to Qingcheng Mountain to watch incense. They paid the children who guarded the gate to move their hearts. When the gate was opened, they quickly spread out and took control of the few Taoist priests. Then a secret room found all the evidence!
Chapter 357 The overall situation is set.
The head of Ziyun is pale. He hides the correspondence between Li Jiancheng, the leader of tang style, and Yang Wengan. In addition, there are more than a dozen letters between Yuan Tiangang and Thaksin. One of these letters is enough to push Qingcheng Temple and Sanqing Temple into the abyss. All Taoist priests will be convicted.
Yuan Tiangang’s face turned white when he saw Ziyun Taoist priest. At this time, he left an idea that disciple Li Chunfeng could transfer things out and find a way to send them back to Chang ‘an. Those who were rebelled by himself still had a chance to work for Datang.
In the future, the Tang Dynasty unified Tiantai and ascended the throne, thinking of his benefits and being buried in him, taking care of his wife and children at home, which is enough.
Yuan Tiangang rolled his eyes and didn’t escape Yang You’s eyes. Yang You naturally guessed Yuan Tiangang’s plan because it was his last hope that Yang You laughed. "Li Chunfeng, come in!"
As soon as the door was broken, Yuan Tiangang still had some puzzled expressions. Li Chunfeng came in and said, "I have seen you!"
"ceremony!" Yang You said eyes fixed Yuan Tiangang body that is a kind of confident eyes because everything is in Yang You’s hands!
Yuan Tiangang turned his head and roared, "Li Chunfeng, you traitor!"
Li Chunfeng snorted, "You are the traitor!"
Yuan Tiangang was furious. "You swore in front of the Sanqing statue that if you dare to betray me, you will die a natural death!"
Yang You leisurely sat on the soft couch and watched the mentoring quarrel with tea.
"Hum swear? You old man must not have heard me clearly. I added the words that don’t count! " Li Chunfeng gloated.
Yuan Tiangang was furious that Li Chunfeng had always been clever and called him an old man at this time? He climbed two steps with a cold hum, holding Li Chunfeng in his hand and biting his thigh hard. At this time, he was already white. Since Li Chunfeng had defected, what was in the secret room must have been obtained by Sui Emperor, and he would have no worries.
A big mouth ruthlessly bit Li Chunfeng’s leg. Li Chunfeng shook his thigh desperately, but he couldn’t shake it. He reached out and hit Yuan Tiangang hard on the back. Yuan Tiangang still clenched his teeth and didn’t relax.
"You are a dog, how can you bite people!" Li Chunfeng cursed and endured the pain and looked at Yang You with a bitter face. "Please help me!"
"Separate them!" Yang You see about said.
One side of the imperial soldiers was busy, and one person grabbed Yuan Tiangang. When he knocked on Yuan Tiangang’s neck, he let go of his mouth, but he still danced with his hands. "Li Chunfeng, you bastard, I will bite you to death!"
"Zhangzui!" Yang You said coldly that a soldier reached out and slapped Yuan Tiangang hard, and blood suddenly flowed out of his mouth. He looked at Yang You angrily.
"I will take revenge!" Yuan Tiangang ruthlessly said by corners of the mouth blood flow.
Yang You smiled. It was just madness before he died. He didn’t care. "You don’t have this qualification! Come and drag it to Dali Temple to hear the case! " Yang You did this just to show justice.
He wants Chengdu to be known to the whole Sui army and people, so that he can justify attacking those eyesores and illegal points.
Wu Ke came with a foot in Yuan Tiangang’s chest. "The cow’s nose is impatient!"
Yuan Tiangang Wu wear the chest roll their eyes mouth Zhang greatly body stiff after half ring finally caught his breath.
"Let’s go, don’t pretend to be dead, or death will bring you back to life!" Hou Jun aside sneer at.
When Yuan Tiangang was shaking, he was dragged out by two imperial soldiers. Ziyun Taoist quickly said, "Go by yourself!"
Yang You took his time drinking tea and waiting for Zhang Qiwen Zhang Qiwen to be left in the room. "I know what to do!"
Yang You squinted at him and said, "Let bygones be bygones!"
At the beginning of the third year of the Great Sui Dynasty, Yuan Tianshi, a well-known Chengdu spy, was actually a traitor to the Tang Dynasty. Wei Yunqi of Dali Temple and Li Gang, the ancient imperial doctor, came to the conclusion in two days. Because they had mastered a lot of evidence, Yuan Tiangang and Ziyun were sentenced to death.
The death penalty was executed immediately. Many people in downtown Chengdu witnessed this scene. More than a dozen people were beheaded and their heads were stained with blood.
At the same time, Yuan Tiangang rebelled against officials of all sizes, who were dismissed by the court. All the financial departments confiscated the men and escorted the women serving in the county, and the same was true of other people. Because of the conclusive evidence, Yang You did not slaughter the first offender, which made both officials and the people full of praise for the court’s practice, and Yang You did not say a word to finalize several things.
The first thing is that the Taoist temple is special. Because of this move, the representative of Bashu, Shang Zhang Qiwen, left the court. After a heated debate, half of them passed the bill to reduce the Taoist temple.
According to the bill, Taoist temples, but their scale must be reported to the government for approval, which is equivalent to controlling the lifeline of Taoist temples, and Yang You claims that the scale of Taoist temples determines the number of fields, which is less than that of ordinary people.
Yang You’s meaning is very simple. When the fields of Taoist temples are reduced, no one will think that when people are monks, the people engaged in agricultural production will increase relatively, thus increasing the population and enhancing national strength.
In order to further restrict this bill, it is also stipulated that even Taoist temples should pay taxes to the government regularly!
If the previous restrictions were moderate, then this one met with stronger resistance. Some nobles, including Dou Zhuo and Yao Silian, all said that this was a disrespect for God. When the bill came to this step, Yang You categorically had no reason to retreat. He firmly stated that this condition must be implemented.
Yang You had a fierce confrontation on behalf of the Emperor and the Pavilion. Finally, a letter from Xiao Yu in Jingxiang drew a perfect end to this matter. Xiao Yu also knew very well that Yang You spared the Xiao family in Jiangling and ordered Xiao Chennan County to be the satrap. This was a great kindness. At the right time, he needed to help Yang You.

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