Medicine god belly towards Sun Hao a pretty inch of wood, leaves qi qi turned into handfuls of wooden flying swords qi qi aimed at Sun Hao with shooting.
In the dark clouds, several wood blade, whose green light is shining, rose with the wind like a thousand arrows at Corleone’s frantic blaster.
The momentum is huge and surging.
Maser wood blade is aimed at Sun Hao like a million streams, and every wood blade is extremely fast, so it is necessary to give Sun Hao a million arrows to wear through the heart.
Black wood blade pointed out that the center of all wood blade is a blue Sun Hao.
With a faint disdain, Sun Hao watched these wood blade rushing to himself faster and faster.
At this time, the drug god doesn’t know if he can hurt Sun Hao with this move, but he still controls all his wood blade, forming a powerful and close encirclement to intercept Sun Hao in all possible escape directions and try his best to see if he can shoot Sun Hao into a hedgehog.
Until wood blade rushed to his face and saw that he would annihilate himself, Sun Hao showed his arms.
Flying at the sight of hitting Sun Haomu’s sword suddenly broke away from the control of Yaoshen at this moment.
Shua a wood blade strangely less than a foot from Corleone range qi qi paused.
Wood blade, stop! The wind is still blowing with gusty winds, making Sun Haoshen’s blue shirt ring.
The drug god has no eyes, but he can still perceive such a strange scene outside, which suddenly makes the drug god stay stunned again.
How is it possible? How is it possible that you can’t command these wood blade anymore? Isn’t this all about changing your body? Why don’t you listen to yourself? What a strong and weird opponent!
Corleone sneer at a display of arms again.
Shout! During the day, all wood blade turned their swords around and pointed them at the drug god, who returned to the motherland with thousands of arrows and shot wildly.
Chapter DiErWuSan Crazy abuse rattan acid male
The round body of the drug god barely dodged for a short distance, but hundreds of millions of wood blade, like eyes, wouldn’t let him have a chance to escape.
Is almost instantaneous medicine god body filled with dense wood blade from a distance into a huge wood blade ball.
The pierced Chinese medicine god burst into a piercing scream, and his body suddenly shook and rushed out of the ball to fly away.
But I didn’t escape a few feet. Poop-poop-poop … Another big wooden sword flew up, and it was tied up in an instant and became a huge hedgehog ball.
In the piercing scream, the scattered wood and the sword can’t escape, and they are chased and tied into hedgehogs again …
Repeatedly wounded, the drug god body is once again inhuman and full of holes.
White beard and white hair have also been dyed into his blood color, and a kind of green red is all over him.
Now the drug god is desolate, without a trace of integrity, his eyes are lost, his face is even more sorrowful, and his mouth is slightly open as if he were panting constantly.
At this time, he regretted that he had to make so many wood blade. As a result, these sharp swords actually turned against each other and stabbed himself.
Good pain, more fear, good despair, feeling that your opponent seems to be omnipotent, and your own moves are worthless in front of your opponent. They are all real tricks.
This is a kind of rolling in the deep ability despair!
Screaming and screaming, Chinese medicine gods shed pieces of blood and rain when they fled everywhere.
Sun Hao looked at the call sign, struggled wildly and ran for his life. Contradictory and complicated feelings rose in the heart of the Chinese medicine god. On the one hand, the flesh rose with a burst of great hatred. On the other hand, Sun Hao, a peerless and powerful man, also felt a little pity. After all, it is not easy for the drug god to practice, but it is a bit cruel to be in such a great trouble now.
If you want to return to pity, you will return to pity, but if you talk about it today, Sun Hao can’t have the slightest left hand, and Sun Haozun, the immortal medicine god, will definitely be indignant.
Sun Haozun, the immortal drug god, will also be quite uncomfortable.
There is a kind of complete revenge to destroy the drug god, so that after suffering much less than Awu’s torture, your physical body will be willing, otherwise it will appear that the physical body will make decisions without authorization, which is not beautiful.
Face can freeze the chill of dark clouds, waiting for the last batch of wood blade to disappear in the sky. When the drug god just rushed out of the hedgehog-like wood blade, Sun Hao said coldly, "The drug poisoning operation is not over yet. Don’t forget it."
The words sound just fell and Corleone relentlessly stretched out his hand and grabbed it forward.
The medicine god dodges without being pinched by Sun Hao. Without limbs, he can swing around in vain after being pinched by the neck.
Even if you practice to fit your body, even if you have already finished breathing and cycling, you don’t have to open your mouth and don’t worry about holding your breath. However, after being held by Sun Hao, the drug god was actually squeezed out of his mouth like a mortal, and his tongue hung outside for a long time.
The green light flashed and the agarwood sword cut through the tongue of the drug god.
Medicine god opened his mouth to scream for a long time can’t fold Corleone another hand in a Yang hand in a wooden nail.
Without mercy, Sun Hao slapped a wooden nail into the ear of the drug god with a jerk.
Poof, a wooden nail poured in from the right ear of the drug god and penetrated out from the left ear, which deeply penetrated his head and nailed him to a cross.
Awu was tortured in the past, and Sun Hao retaliated against the drug god one by one. This is called a tooth for a tooth!
With one hand, I grabbed the medicine god’s neck, and Sun Hao’s face couldn’t see the expression. After nailing, Sun Hao threw the medicine god and was thrown high.
Regardless of the willy-nilly, Sun Haofei kicked the drug god body and kicked it far away like a ball.
The round drug god rolled like a projectile and flew away in the distance, and an arc crossed the layers of dark clouds.
Seeing that the drug god flew farther and farther, when he was shooting dark clouds, Sun Hao strode across the middle step and took a step, and his body reappeared. The boundary of the dark clouds blocked the drug god’s way and flew another foot.
The god of medicine is like a ball and is kicked backwards by Sun Hao.
Kicking the ball, Sun Hao kicked a few feet vigorously and turned a drug god dizzy. Like a drug addict, the drug god gradually lost his ability to command his body, but at the same time he could clearly perceive his own pain.
Severely kicked a dozen feet, Sun Hao’s body flashed slightly, and after chasing the drug god again, his hands stretched out like a mosquito, and his hands slammed into the middle.
Sun Hao’s pair of meat palms didn’t change, and the body of the drug god didn’t change. It was very strange that Sun Hao’s pair of meat palms touched the body of the drug god and completely pressed the body of the drug god into the palm.
Snap a Sun Hao’s palms together.
The palm of Yao Shen’s body was quickly made into a thin meat pie that was pressed into Sun Hao’s palm like human skin.
In the darkness, the drug god felt that his whole body bones were shot to pieces, his insides were shot to powder, and his body was turned into a human skin and tightly attached to his opponent’s palm.
Do your best to torture yourself and struggle in the dark
Sun Hao didn’t have the slightest emotional sound coming out of the void. "Don’t do to others what you don’t want me to do to you. Everyone who is refined into medicine by you will suffer a hundred times as much as you do now. Do you know the pain?"
The god of traditional Chinese medicine, who was struggling, gave a ferocious smile to the void. "It’s cool to always enjoy the fine-boned meat of Awu …"

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