"Hey, if it isn’t Teacher Mu Shan," Ding Hammer leaned against a buttonwood tree next to Mu Shan’s booth. "How come it’s like this?"
Mushan didn’t look up and knew who was coming. He smiled. "My wife and children want to join in the fun. Anyway, Daqing has a seven-day break. I got a booth through the back door to eat. It’s my treat. This is my mother’s hometown scones, and I usually can’t eat them if I have money."
At this time, a little girl next to her shouted happily with her little short legs, and her father rushed over and hugged Mu Shan’s leg. His trouser legs rubbed against his greasy mouth.
"Oh, my little girl is so big!" Ham sausage abnormal like children rushed over in their ears picked up MuShan girl just rub up "call elder sister! Buy you food! "
The little girl who came to cry turned to sorrow and joy as soon as she heard that she had something to eat. She even called several sisters to laugh with joy and went out to buy food with her.
Mu Shan looked up and said, "Look at you. My little daughter is so old. Are you going to find one yet?"
The hammer leaned against the tree and grabbed the scones while eating and spraying slag. "Brother Glasses, dare you not talk like this? Isn’t it untimely for me?"
"I don’t know how you are the mayor?" Mu Shan grabbed the hammer cake, smeared it with thick meat sauce and stuffed it back into his hand. "Isn’t ham sausage good?"
"Don’t bother me." Ding Hammer picked up a bottle of mineral water and drank it. "Isn’t it ridiculous that I am so young to get married?"
"I think you should find one, too." I helped Hong Hong wipe my head with sweat. "A friend of mine has a beautiful sister who is twenty-five years old this year. Why don’t I introduce her to you? You must be qualified for this. "
MuShan immediately snow a joy and then tease his daughter-in-law "are you really don’t know or not? The girl around him still needs your introduction? "
"After eating fish, I think that the bear’s paw has taken the bear’s paw and I can’t bear to part with the fish." Ding Hammer sighed. "It’s better to put it in the refrigerator and watch it and know that I have it."
"But you can’t delay the girl."
"I fucking which block … I wish …"
Before the hammer was finished, Mu Shan waved to him. "If you go, someone really wants to hook up with the girl around you. You must dismantle the National People’s Congress and go back and think about it yourself. By the way, won’t you attend the evening celebration?"
"I don’t participate in it is more like it? But can I be late for such a big score? " Fixed hammer stretched himself. "I won’t bother you about the girl, Teacher Mu."
Fixed hammer conveniently picked up another cake. "Is this thing going to be an industry?"
"Formula is very simple eggs, flour, butter, sugar, salt, bean curd residue street to buy meat sauce to eat yourself is ok to sell who buy? Do you think people are stupid? "
Fixed hammer blinked his eyes "so simple? But this is too delicious? "
Mu Shan smiled mysteriously. "I asked my mother the same question. Do you know what she said?"
"Say this smell is home. You can’t buy it in the street. What’s it called, my wife?"
Hong Hong gave a little chuckle, "The palm feels the fragrance."
Chapter 13 Baldness
The sky is getting dark, and the whole of forgotten one is covered with splendid fireworks. Almost every family in forgotten one has bought fireworks in different quantities, which has even formed a trend of comparison. Whoever buys less and buys cheaper means that this family can’t do it. If they don’t work hard at ordinary times, they may be ridiculed in their circle of friends.
Thanks to this face, the fireworks in forgotten one have been constantly making the night brighter than the day.
For the tourists, they can be regarded as feasting their eyes. Before this grand occasion, the fireworks show, let alone the first time in the seventh district, was never more grand in the world.
Ordinary people in those factories and farms almost poured into the streets because of special paid holidays. The original wide roads were immediately covered with people, and roadside snack bars worked overtime and were so busy that they couldn’t even spare time to answer except to collect money and change.
People who have money on hand have never been stingy with the money to improve their lives. Today, although it is said to be forgotten one City Celebration, it looks more like a big construction site. There are shadows in the performance park and drinking water on the roadside is not a dime. There are many government officials hanging red sleeves on both sides of the road to distribute all kinds of gadgets.
Forgotten one International Trade Center, the tallest building in the city center, was just completed last week, but this 400-meter-high skyscraper immediately became a landmark building in the whole seventh district. Today, its roof sightseeing platform is also released to the public, and it has also become a popular place for young people to propose marriage.
Of course, it’s unfortunate … If the hammer dies, it will poke this place and sit alone in the corner watching fireworks and lovers kissing …
"I’ll burn your mother when I bring gasoline." The hammer wiped his nose. "It’s fucking."
In the com, Bai Fei kept calling for Ding Hammer to hurry back to the World Expo site … Now there is only one hour left before the curtain is ordered, and there is very little makeup.
"Feather makeup" fixed hammer disdained to vomit a cigarette. "I can’t see how beautiful this virtue is."
Then he looked around and said strangely, "Do you think it’s strange that I have such a good temperament … why didn’t a girl come to talk to me?"
Bai Fei ouch. "Do me a favor. I’ve been planning this for so long. Don’t be so cynical. I’ll chat you up when it’s over, okay? Hey! "
"How boring!" The hammer cut "I’ll definitely be there when there’s no curtain."
After that, he cut off the communicator, stretched his hands back and held the railing backwards for 400 meters. It felt beautiful to see the lights in the city.
"hey! It’s dangerous. "Suddenly, I grabbed the hammer tie with one hand and pulled him back." Come back! "
Hammer suddenly dragged a stumble after huanguo to god only to find that a girl in her early twenties is frowning and looking at him with a serious face. "What’s the matter with you? It’s more than 400 meters above the ground. Are you an adult? You are half outside. There are so many people here. Do you know how dangerous it is if you touch it? "
Fixed hammer blinked and looked around and found that the girl was wearing a staff system … to still be full of interest and plan to wait for the strike up a conversation, and fixed hammer suddenly languished.
"Alas …" The hammer bowed its head and sighed deeply.
And the girl will obviously be wrong. What troubles did she encounter with Dinghammer? Then she sat down beside Dinghammer and asked softly, "Do you want to commit suicide?"
"Ang?" Fixed hammer inexplicably raised his head. "Why do you say that?"
"I see you’ve been sitting here for a long time talking to yourself with a sad face. I’ve been staring at you since just now. You’re very dangerous." The girl nodded seriously and felt that her analysis was 100% correct. "Did you break up with your girlfriend?"
Fixed hammer scratching his head "this …"
"It’s nothing. I was particularly desperate to jump off a building after being dumped by my boyfriend last year." The girl sighed. "Later, I ran here to find a job in a fit of pique. I went to a nightclub to completely degenerate myself, but people said that I didn’t have a diploma … I could be a tour guide here without recording me, but I found it was not bad here. You don’t lose heart when I met my current boyfriend."
"That …" Fixed hammer rubbed his head. "I think …"
Was about to speak not far from their place suddenly going up that younger sister hurriedly got up and watched for a few eyes and then held down the hammer shoulder "you wait for me! Wait till I get back! Don’t think about it! "
After that, she hurried over and whistled and shouted, "You mustn’t fight! No fighting! I will report to the inspection office if I fight again! "

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