After two hours, at this time, Wu Tian got the melting pot 4, and the pheasant had woken up, and he was already impatient.
"Little girl, let me help you move the boat a little!" Green pheasant said that he would freeze some seawater without waiting for cocoa to reply.
The Coconut is in an upside-down mountain, and the river keeps running. After the pheasant freezes a part of the sea surface, it is like diverting the river. The running river carries the Coconut and moves slowly.
Cocoa didn’t want to, and even didn’t say what he was saying. He put Doudou in a chair and jumped up with a huge lollipop. The huge lollipop was smashed against two pheasants, making ice pieces instantly broken and swept away by the sea.
"I dare to pick a fight to see how my aunt can tidy up you before I finish my words." But Coco is still angry when I smashed the ice. He is getting more and more angry. He mumbles about Coco with a lollipop and smashed it towards the pheasant.
The "ice saber" pulled an ice saber out of the air and blocked the cocoa lollipop, but the cocoa was so powerful that the ice saber in the hand of the pheasant was also released.
It can be seen that the blow was blocked and then the lollipop was waved again. This time, the pheasant did not stop the whole person from being smashed into a pool of ice slag.
"Hum! Vulnerable "cocoa rubbed his Xiaoyao nose light said to turn around and step on the waves and ready to return to the coconut number.
At this time, a somewhat flat voice came from behind Coco. "It’s not good for a little girl to look down on others!"
That’s right, it’s the green pheasant sound. Now his face is black and blue. He is very angry and a little surprised because he knows that the little girl across the street will definitely not be domineering, but even so, he can actually hurt himself, and the elementalization has not caused all the damage.
"It’s very bad to look down on you and please come. Coco feels ashamed to fight with you," Coco sneered.
But Coco doesn’t think so in his heart. Coco has just done his best. Although the ending is not too hard to accept, it seems that he has caused some skin injuries to the other side by himself, and everyone will be under pressure.
However, cocoa taunts the pheasant to cheer himself up, and of course it does not rule out that cocoa has a poisonous tongue.
"Ice Spears at Two Poles" Green pheasant said with an expression, and then dozens of ice spears appeared, falling towards cocoa.
Passing 18-wheeler, I just heard the swish ice spear break in a flash, but I couldn’t see the ice spear.
Cocoa fell all over the sky, and the ice spear rushed left and right in the rain. When the ice spear rain ended, the blood on Cocoa’s right arm said that she had been tricked.
"Huhuhu ~" Coco gasped and looked up at the direction of the pheasant, but seeing something made her pupils shrink.
I didn’t see anything, which means that the other party’s attack is not over yet. At this moment, she felt someone appear beside her, and the lollipop seal was huge, and the lollipop syrup wrapped cocoa until it finally became a sugar man. Of course, Coco didn’t forget to make a boat with sugar man’s feet.
"Demon fruit ability? It’s funny. "Green pheasant looked at Coco, a sugar man, and said such a sentence with a smile.
Later, the green pheasant took the cocoa in one hand and turned it into a "frozen moment" for the sugar man.
A thin layer of ice wrapped cocoa very quickly, and then the pheasant took out a worm.
"Moses, Moses, I am a pheasant," said the pheasant to the chatterbox.
And there was a huge wave at the other end of the worm. "Hi, General Green Pheasant, Komodo will be with you at any time."
Komodo is the vice captain of the green pheasant, and the green pheasant ship has not been out of the military port for ten years because of his lazy character.
"I turned the mountain upside down. There is a girl here who needs to be brought back to the Admiralty. I think she will make an excellent navy. If she doesn’t want to, Bergabonk will understand because she is something special."
Chapter 12 ravage
"It’s the general’s cabinet that will arrive as soon as possible." Komodo made a respectful ceremony. Although the pheasant can’t see it, naval etiquette has become his habit
The word "Bug Gada" was hung up. Komodo ordered the crew to return to their posts quickly and sail towards the upside-down mountain.
It is estimated that we can reach our destination in five hours by supplying Alabastan and adding various facilities to the navy near Komodo and Qingtan ship.
When Komodo set sail, he met an unexpected person who appeared in front of him. Although this person was rude, Komodo could not be disrespectful.
After the pheasant hangs up, he also thinks about fighting before the cocoa is frozen. He is very afraid that cocoa has no domineering and can only hurt himself by physical attacks.
He is afraid that Cocoa’s mouth will dominate everything because Cocoa is too young, even though she has a good figure, but she feels like a teenager.
He is afraid of the master, and there are many such people. He wants to kill the master on the Coconut, but he is afraid to go. He is afraid. Yes, the pheasant has tasted it for decades.
The boat pheasant was afraid that something unexpected would happen. The fact is that he was afraid that the boat would not go with cocoa, but his heart would never allow him to escape before the war, so he hesitated and stayed in the frozen sea for ten minutes, and then he was a lazy navy. He fell asleep on the ice again.
Qing pheasant slept soundly this time, perhaps because of a battle just now! Anyway, four hours passed in a blink of an eye.
At this time, the pheasant didn’t wake up, but Wu Tian had appeared on the deck. He was holding a unique stick in his hand and wearing a suit of armor with a sense of science fiction, giving people a sense of battlemage.
Wu day didn’t come out after finishing all the things to be done in the cabin. He felt that Cocoa had been away from Cocoa for several hours. You know, Cocoa is a world that is close to family, and Cocoa is loyal to Wu day. There is no doubt that Wu day thinks that something has happened to Cocoa.
He hastily produced a bionic robot, which was specially customized by adding more magic. The armor defense of this bionic robot is the most in the world.
Mimicry robot is an indispensable fighting force for various empires in the Galaxy. Mimicry is not a simple transformation or a change of color camouflage, but a complete transformation into something else, such as starship, cosmic gate, large space-based weapons and all kinds of logistics equipment for large and small wars, which can be said to be the upgrade of Transformers.
Wu Tianyi walked out of the deck and saw Doudou crawling towards the railing. Wu Tianlai was going to stop Doudou from climbing. He walked beside Doudou. When he was about to pick up naughty Doudou, he saw cocoa.
Although it is frozen, Wu day can recognize cocoa trick at a glance, because this trick is not only to kill Shroff, but also to pass cocoa, and this ability has sent many uninvited guests to the sea. Wu day also knows this ability in two ways.
One is to turn the enemy into a sugar man, and the result is self-evident. The other is to turn yourself into a sugar man in exchange for super-high defense, but there is a disadvantage that once you don’t lift it for more than an hour, you will become a sugar man forever.
Now Wu Tian thinks that when Coco disappeared from the ship, it was a four-hour wall. What does this mean? It means that more than an hour has passed, which means Coco is dead.
Wu Tian’s eyes gradually oozed with tears, and eventually tears flowed into the river. Wu Tian was able to see that there was a theory in front of his eyes about when to eat lollipops and cocoa. He saw that even though he didn’t have much respect for Wu Tianyou on the surface, he was very respectful. Coco saw the captain who was ordered to salute him seriously.
Sorrow, pain, and regret. Why didn’t you come out earlier? After regret, it was anger, because Wu Tian had already seen the pheasant. He wanted this person to die more painfully than death, but then Wu Tian was stunned.
Wu Tian froze, but then he smiled. He laughed at himself. He was stupid. He forgot what he had in his hand. This is a powerful treasure. The melting pot of everything is aimed at cocoa, and a silk thread is drawn into the melting pot of everything. Then the ice and sugar of cocoa disappear like snow melting.
Anger and hatred This time, it was not Wu Tian’s anger and hatred, but Coco. Although Coco’s death ending was reversed, Coco’s memory was not less. She was very angry with this person who defeated her, especially Wu Tian, who saved herself. Although it was normal to be saved by the master, Coco still felt ashamed, so she hated Qingluo.
"Ah, it’s amazing that you broke free, little girl." Qing pheasant woke up after feeling malicious, and just woke up and saw Coco who had survived, so he made fun of it. Maybe the navy generals are very conceited!
Wu day listened to the instantaneous heart, although he was unwilling to come. Wu day narrowed his eyes and looked at the pheasant combatively, and then said to Coco, "Coco will beat him. I believe you."
Wu said with his right hand, the melting pot of everything pointed to the green pheasant.
"Is the master! I will stick a lollipop in my hand. "Coco smell speech seems to have beaten chicken blood. At the same time, her face flashed with fanaticism.
But then cocoa words let Wu day kuangpen a mouthful of old blood "dominate me, right? There is a paragraph in that newspaper that says so."
Wu Tianwen absolutely turned out to be a newspaper novel and I died. This cargo is not like this!
Then it’s time to perform real skills.
Wu day encourages Cocoa to throw a lollipop at the pheasant. The pheasant is worthy of being agile and sideways quickly. If the battle continues like this, the pheasant can definitely avoid cocoa attacks.
However, when a silk thread was pulled away by the melting pot of everything in Wu Tian’s hand, it returned to 2 seconds because of the pheasant, and the cocoa lollipop was right in the middle of the red heart.
Right in the heart, please note that this is not an arm, this is not a metaphor because the nose of the pheasant is red.
The fight that followed made people see what is called vegetable abuse. Because Wu Tianshen can fight against the green pheasant, but the theory of green pheasant is that everything will be seized by the melting pot of Wu Tian, which makes the world of green pheasant like a pause, ravaged by a fixed cocoa.
Chapter 13 The Princess and the Dog
The pheasant action proved what a general is. Although he didn’t move, he still did one thing. He proved that a general is worthy of being a general. This is a general!
Although it has something to do with cocoa weapons being lollipops, the excellent physique of the pheasant itself is also an indispensable factor?
These are all thoughts that flashed through Wu’s mind, but even though Wu tried his best to praise Qingluo in his heart, he still managed to hide the fact that he helped Coco beat Qingluo to a dead dog.
"Whew ~ whew ~ whew ~" The pheasant was beaten into a dead dog. When Coco was preparing to turn pheasant into a sugar man like Shroff, several solid shells flew in with violent bursts.
When the "duangduangduang" shell hit the Coconut, it made a muffled sound and then slipped into the sea, causing no harm to the Coconut.
A golden light flashed in front of cocoa, and the pheasant had disappeared. A warship appeared in the distance. It was the warship that shelled the Coconut. When Wu Tian raised his hand in the melting pot of everything and extracted the experience of the warship with great power again.

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