All the war boats, Yuan Ying Zhen Jun, cheer up and pay close attention to the development of the war situation.
Whether you can enter the burial day market has a great influence on the ranking of Zongmen
Whether you can enter the burial day market also means the development potential of your younger brother.
Although it is dangerous to bury the Tianxu, many younger brothers broke the doorpost when they came back.
At this moment, the doubt about the qualifying of then is affecting everyone’s heart.
After a ripple, the hero symbol and the return to one occasion generated the first battle scene. When the hero symbol Jin Guang lit up, two light spots quickly flew to Li Min and Kozo the One-eyed.
One-eyed Hiroshi said with a wry smile, "I give up."
The friar who came here to participate in the qualifying battle of then didn’t do enough homework. One-eyed Kozo naturally knew that Li Min knew that he was no match at all, and that the goal of One-eyed Kozo was not to throw in the towel before qualifying, but to ensure the strength of the fifth to tenth qualifying. Prepare for the war.
Dust-removing man smiled and nodded, and pointed his hand at the hero.
Hero Fu Limin’s name leapt to the other side and advanced to the top five in South China, and he was qualified to enter the burial day market.
Although I knew I could get into the top five and qualify, Li Min, who has always been arrogant at this moment, is also shaking slightly, and his mood is a little agitated, a little happy and excited after years of wishes.
Took a deep breath and Li Min went behind the dust collector.
The dustman smiles and drives the hero symbol again.
In the second scene, two light spots were quickly generated and fired at Dujiu and Yunyew respectively.
Dujiu woman.she glanced at Yunyew and flew in to the hero.
Yun yew looked at Sun Haoyin’s delicate and charming teeth and flew into the hero.
After more than half an hour, Yunyew was repelled from the battlefield. At this time, Yunyew’s eyes were closed and her body was bleeding from many wounds.
After coming out, I couldn’t help falling to dust. The human eyes swept away the dust, and the cloud yew flew to Sun Hao.
Sun Hao reached out a recruit to catch the cloud yew, and the white light flashed on the cloud yew’s charming body.
Yunyew was hurt so badly that it was a bit unexpected for Sun Hao, and I don’t know what happened inside. It is reasonable that Dujiu shouldn’t be heavy-handed.
After a wick of incense, only nine people appeared in a mess. As soon as the hero came out, he pointed to Sun Hao and swore, "Sun Chenxiang, how did you get out of such a crazy old woman at Qingyun Gate? Don’t let me see her grandmother lose a lot and almost get killed …"
Sun Hao is ridiculous.
It’s Ma Bai. Come here.
It is very likely that Yunyew will turn into Luo Cha after going in and storm desperately, but it is estimated that the day will not be so easy if she looks at her face slightly. It is very likely that in the end, she will kill the fire and directly stun Yunyew, shatter Yunyew waist’ re, and will be expelled.
Dujiu’s name flashed into one page and also advanced into the top five.
Because the battle with Yunyew cost a lot, I was happy to return to the team and sat cross-legged and began to recover.
Then there is also a qualifying battle in the top five. Although the ranking order is not very important, it is also very difficult to rank in the fifth place. We must hurry to restore our combat effectiveness.
Generation of the third battlefield
Luo Peng and Huang Daoyuan entered the battlefield.
The strength difference between this pair of materials is also the biggest suspense. Of course, if Luo Peng fails, he can still enter the burial day market, but he can’t participate in the top five qualifying battles.
Many monks, including Huang Daozong himself, believe that Huang Daoyuan will try his best in this state, but Luo Peng’s desire to win will not be too strong. Perhaps Huang Daoyuan will win in the end.
The battlefield is closed and you can’t see what’s going on inside.
But perhaps it was because the two men were evenly matched that the battle lasted for two whole days and two nights before the winner was decided.
The result of the battle was a bit unexpected.
Luo Peng faltered and appeared a hero.
Then the hero Fu Luopeng’s name Jin Guangda symbolizes that Luo Peng has proudly advanced into the top five.
And Huang Daoyuan, the genius brother of Huang Daozong, and the strength brother of Zhenjun have actually fallen, and they will never get out of the battlefield again.
The Zodiac Zongyuan Baby Zhenjun rushed up with a stunning momentum and looked at Luo Peng with a deep sigh after a half ring.
Dust-free face is not particularly happy. With a long sigh, Luo Peng said, "Tucki, you should also start to recover. Don’t be so hard."
Luo Peng’s blood-red light in his eyes passed, and he bowed his head and said, "I don’t know if my brother is at ease, but I have to."
To dust people nodded slightly.
Always note that Luo Peng Sun Hao accurately caught the lotus flower in his eyes.
Luo Peng was able to kill Huang Daoyuan and advance into the top five. Many monks looked at Luo Peng with a little fear in their eyes.
Huang Daoyuan is the first brother to fall into the top strength.
The fall of Huang Daoyuan truly reflects that the qualifying battle of then is cruel and bloody, and many monks are also concerned.
Corleone’s heart is increasingly suspicious of Luo Peng.
He is really the incarnation of the ancient demon, isn’t he?
What if it’s really him and he can join the family again?
And you can enter the core layer of the same family?
To belong to such a clan, there must be a set of occult techniques to exclude dissidents and judge demons. It is reasonable to say that it is quite unlikely that they will really be mixed in.
But Luo Peng’s situation really makes Sun Hao feel uncertain.
No matter how unwilling Brother Huang Daozong is to fall, he will fall.
The qualifying battle continues.
In the fourth battle, the sword was forged against the pocket
Although Wan Jianzong and Qi Tianzong got on well with each other, they didn’t want to make it possible to enter the market for burial days.
After a day and a night of fighting in the battlefield, the two men lost in the pocket and were expelled from the battlefield.
Sword forging proudly advanced into the top five
Four people have returned to the top five.
The last top five generals were Sun Hao and Kangle.
And strength is very close to a pair of opponents.
Both of them are then real Yuan Ying’s fighting power.
According to the dust collector, it is likely that Sun Hao’s strength is better, but from the blood level, his recreation is higher than Sun Hao’s.
Heroes have been mysterious for many years, but some laws of their bodies are still gradually explored by monks.
Yuan Ying Zhen Jun mostly knows that the battlefield of hero symbol generation seems random, but usually the battle scene of hero symbol generation will add value to monks with high blood level and suppress monks with low blood level.
The greater the difference in blood levels, the greater the blessing of the scene to the higher blood monks.
Kangle obviously knew such information before, and the golden light shone on his front and said to Sun Haowei with a smile, "Aquilaria sinensis will not leave his hand if he is careful."
Corleone nodded and smiled indifferently. "You, Kang Xiong, although bring it on."
The light came, and the two men looked at each other and passed into the battlefield.
Xuanyuan Yaqin, a Qingyun warship, stood up and looked into the battlefield with expectation and anxiety.
At this time, he hopes that Sun Hao can advance into the top five, but he hopes that Sun Hao can get well.
Chapter one hundred The sun is shining brightly.
The sun is like fire, and the sun is bright.
There is not a cloud, and there is no wind in the hot sun overhead. The sun seems to be cooking people, and the plants and trees are listless and generally can’t stand the scorching sun and hang their heads 2.
Sun Hao’s eyes narrowed slightly and he saw that it seemed to be scorched by the sun, and his heart could not help but move slightly.
Kangle has a white Yu Di and a pair of white gloves.
Gloves emit white light, which is very similar to the present environment.
Or such an extreme sunny environment should be very conducive to recreation and strength, right?
Recreation stands still, and his face ripples with laughter. It is indeed the case. The environment can play an extremely powerful role, and how much can Sun Haosun Aquilaria have?

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